Im sorry...

Im having some difficulty in writing today, after events that have taken place in Arizona.

i need just a little bit of time to regroup.
you see, July 3rd is coming up, 
and I thought by writing these latest posts
it would be a healthy distraction
from last year.

I guess im not over some things yet.

please forgive me.

Please keep them in your thoughts,
their families,
in kindness, compassion, and support.

USFS photo



  1. Vreselijk wat daar gebeurd is.

  2. Arizona is indeed in deep mourning...

  3. I am sorry for the families of these brave men and thankful for their skills that helped so many, their loss is felt around the world.
    I am so sorry you are back there in a world you tried to put out of your mind. I am truly sorry. HUGS lots of hugs.xxoo B

  4. Such a sad, tragic loss. Prayers for their families.

  5. Oh, sweetness. It definitely is not an easy thing to get past. But, one day at a time. And it breaks my heart to see that picture and then know this. Just tragedy all the way around.

  6. My heart breaks with the sadness of this news. Very Tragic indeed.

  7. Hold on Feral. You will make it.

    So so heartbreaking for the families of these very brave wonderful firefighters.


  8. Brett's brother is a firefighter in Arizona - but not, thankfully, in Prescott. So, so sad...beyond words, really. And it does bring back your experience. Breathe.

  9. Such a terrible, terrible loss. You take all the time you need, sweetie pie. It just breaks your heart to know those brave men will not be coming home to their families. My prayers and love go out to their families and friends.

  10. They had it on the Swedish news too....what a terible accident.....

  11. So very difficult. My heart breaks. We owe everything to our brave young men and women who perform these acts of heroism that sometimes leads to tragedy. We honor their lives. xo

  12. The Arizona tragedy touched me deeply. I spent a lot of time last night crying over the whole thing. It just breaks my heart to pieces.

  13. Yes a tragedy. So sad to see any life snuffed out by the wickedness of uncontrolled fire. Also thinking of you and the scorched earth of your homeland. May our part of the world not have to deal with so much devastation and smoke this summer!

  14. Fire is so scary! That was terribly sad what those brave men died for.


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