another therapy to recommend... for real Foresters only.

 everyone says i should write a book about what we experienced

but heres a little inkling why


it might not be in everyones best interest that I do that...

well, Mr. Foresterman's.

because we did use ANOTHER

a certain type of unknown probably could be construed as a controversial therapy

to get over a wildfire out of control. 

 no no no,
not that kind...

but it certainly was nice to partake in Swedish Pear Cider
by a Mountain Lake!

 And then theres 

Cleaning therapy,

and we were cleaning up a hecka lot after the fire.

Nope. it wasnt that either though.

Mr. Foresterman had a different therapy for himself
 this therapy was...


  we needed a way to get away from the situation at times.


three weeks after the fire,

we had a field trip of sorts 

living 2 hours away from the Bighorn mountains

gave us respite when we needed to see green.

except we almost saw too much green.

but there were guard rails.

but A LOT of green.

Now normally you would say after a fire it would be good for us to see all this green,

but in a forestry way,

it reminded us of how running crown fires love timber.

And we were now in a lot of timber.

Like on both sides of the road.

All over.


It actually made this guy
a little nervous.

Just a little.

But there is this unknown secret amoung real Foresters

(look Buttons, i used a Canadian "u" in the right place!?)

* I have been corrected by Buttons herself via farmphone - there is no Canadian "u" in the word "amoung".  dang.*

~to repeat ~

But there is this unknown colourful secret among real Foresters

they do spend A LOT of time in the woods,
can interact with all kinds of species...

they were born like this, actually.

Where do real Foresters go
get away from it all?


Deeper into the woods.

where they can...





  baby ducks!  

did you need to ask?

BABY DUCK THERAPY! how cute is that? 

Takes the fear of fire right out of ya'...


  Next up, im movin' on up, back to the east side, of the deluxe Bighorn Mountains in the sky,
(yes, im not done with that place yet...)



  1. LOL. Love that therapy! Love the Big Horns!

  2. (loved your canadian 'u') :)

    baby duck therapy - i'm not sure there's anything cuter. forest therapy? well, i'll leave that to the experts - you!

  3. Baby ducks can cure just about any fear. Cuteness squared! Plus all that water sure looks good...

  4. Of course I would LOVE baby duck therapy--this post made my day!!

  5. Aww- they are cute, and I imagine great stress relievers!

  6. We've all of us got to learn how to use those Canadian "u's properly! Baby duck therapy looks like great fun!

  7. Well my Feral friend among us Canadian farmers we would not put a u there but I do know you are trying. I would blame the surgical menopause or the haying worries or or or I got nothing.:) KEEP TRYING. baby duck therapy is the best and water therapy too. Did you know that Baby Duck is a wine here' more therapy of a different kind. Your photos have a peaceful easy feeling {I know a song} but that is what I am feeling reading this. I need a nap could be the 100 bales I just baled though (NOTICE THE U) Take care yeah back to the cool haunted place. Xoxo B

  8. Nothing better than baby duck therapy. Well, perhaps fly that coming up too? I remember you said that's one thing you would be doing this summer.

    You know, after reading about your fire, your timber fire, I'm so glad, that at 4,100 feet, we live right below the timber line.

  9. Nothing like baby duck therapy. Until mom duck comes along and tells the kids they're getting too close to the humans. That is not ducky at all, for you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  10. Looks like perfect therapy to me

  11. LOL! LOVE that kind of therapy mixed with a little pear cider :)

  12. Hello again I have now finished that much needed nap and want to tell you that I have a hard time figuring out when to drop the "U" s for you all too:) I have a Canadian dictionary beside me at all times since my microsoft word is Canadian and Google is American it can be very confusing with spell check (so many red underlines). I love that you try to find just the right "U" for me:)
    Oh I would love to go to this peaceful place. Happy haying my friend.You all know what healing therapy really means. Hug xo

  13. Sounds like a great therapy to me! Repeat as needed?! lol


  14. Got in a little baby duck therapy myself just the other day. Something about small fuzzy things--except, maybe caterpillars--that just brings on a smile or two. I also get a BIG smile out of your header photo with that snowbank cool-down. I could use a little of that therapy here too.

    As for fires, there are eight burning right now in Idaho mostly as a result of lightning from storms last week. Most are burning in the rugged mountains in the center of the state. News says about 17,000 acres are going up in smoke and there are evacuations around Stanley and Challis. I'm a bit worried about a scout troop that are hiking in the back country several miles south of that area.

  15. Awww, how cute. And babies do make you realize that life does go on.

  16. I can SO understand how respite from the burn area would be absolutely necessary for your sanity. And the Big Horns? Well, they're good for everybody's soul! (Unless you're pulling a honking 5th wheel up and over them -- Buffalo to Ten Sleep!) Even then, it is absolutely breathtaking. Looking forward to more insight into your therapy sessions. :)

  17. Awww, baby duck therapy is good for the soul.

    When I took Misty up into the mountains a few weeks ago, I was in awe of the big, green, healthy trees everywhere. It was simply beautiful and smelled so good. I drive through blackened, charred forest every day now and it still smells like a campfire and there are still burnt cars abandoned on the side of the road. And the goo from recent flooding ain't too pretty either. It's icky and sad. And I'm very aware that it could happen again anytime; still lots of forest left to burn. In fact, a week ago, two arson fires were started within minutes of each other in an unburned forested park, but fortunately a hiker called them in quickly.

    We play "table topics" at the dinner table sometimes. One card has this question: "Would you rather live at the beach or in the mountains?" My whole family always says "Beach!" I always choose mountains. I love the forest. But I'd like to vacation on a tropical island now. But I'm afraid to leave my horses and pets behind, in case they have to be evacuated. So no island getaway for me. But I will go back up into the mountains soon.

    Enjoy your green forest, blue lake, baby duck therapy. Schedule frequent sessions. :-)

  18. Occidental again, :), i can't wait! ducklings are the best and despite all the water........ALL that forest could make one a little nervous. glad you got away and enjoyed....pear cider is lovely.

  19. :-) I didn´t know you had Swedish Pear Cider in the US??? Its common here, also apple and from the most common fruits.
    Great post!

  20. Baby duck therapy sounds wonderful, even for big, tough Forestermen! I'm sure it works in lots of different situations and I'll bet Swedish Pear Cider works in lots of different situations too! :)

  21. Definitely good therapy- I'll tell you a secret... Ranchers use the same therapy! And the Bighorns are a magical place that definitely reminds you of the good in the world and how to breath again!

  22. You are right. Baby ducks cure all that ails anyone... everyone!

  23. Baby goose therapy goes on over here on a daily basis. :)

  24. Who knew
    about Canadian U?
    (teehee I made a rhyme) I wonder why they don't spell Canadian like this...Canadioun. hmmm...I wonder if they talk funny those English speaking people that put 'u's where they don't really belong....with that cute accent and all....
    anyway, I totally get the baby duck therapy. Ducks...water. What is it about water and fire? They can be relaxing, healing, or..well...quite the opposite.
    Oh yeah...something else in the bird family. Blue Heron. And even better. Blue Heron Wine! It's a fun, sweet wine in a pretty blue bottle. Great for bottle trees. A kind of tree that would be somewhat safe from fire I think.
    Cindy Bee

  25. LOVED this post! Also, thank you for the correction?? of the Canadian "u". Who knew!

  26. Love the duck therapy! Being in nature with critters helps me tremendously, especially something as cute as a baby duck.

    Love the "U" confusion between you and Buttons! :-)

  27. Seeing the beauty that still out there and especially baby animals certainly must have helped. What a contrast from what you had there and what you area must have looked like.

  28. Baby ducks, blue water, wine, your own true love....... Life goes on......
    Be well Feral woman......

  29. Just found your blog and read the fire entries. Wow amazing story, words fail me.

    On a lighter note I am sending my daughter your "hair comments". She shares your gift for predicting weather although does not see it as an asset. Lol

    Thanks for sharing your story.


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