“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


Zebra horse, Zebra horse!

please read and hum to the tune of tv series song "Spiderman"...okay?

here we go now!

Zebra-horse, Zebra-horse!

does whatever he wants to of course!

spins a circle, any size!

snatches up grass, attracts those flies!


Here comes Zebra horse!

*psst, smile, Ebony, smile! uh..please?*

is he strong? listen blog!

he's got blood thicker then eggnog!

can he eat more then the average horse?

Consume those treats? 
well, of course!

Hey there!
errr, there goes Zebra Horse...?!?

*whoops, wrong one!...sorry to interrupt- carry on!!*

In the heat of early night
At the sight of the grass,

Like a streak of light 

He arrives to eat en masse ! 

*chord change, tap toes!*

Zebra horse, Zebra horse!
Friendly neighborhood Zebra horse!

*psst...project friendly, not sleepy, ebony!*

Wealth and fame, he's ignored 
lots of pasture is his reward!! 

To him, life is a great big feed up!

so whenever there is grass up, 

You'll find the Zeeeebrrrraaaa Horse!!!!

*second show in two months, after he's lost some of his...poundage...*



  1. Well, he certainly looks handsome in that zebra-striped fly mask!! I did read along to the tune and it worked great!! :)
    We just put fly masks on our horses the other day and the silly mare keeps 'losing' hers; which reminds me...I need to search the pasture and see if I can find it...again!

  2. Love the header shot, love the mask and wow! You have some grass.

  3. He looks quite content. I had to laugh at the shot of the cow you put in there! :)

  4. he's got a mighty slick fly mask! cool shades, dude!

  5. If that is a Zebra horse, he's had a full body transplant (except for this head). That is awesome! But I'll bet it cost you a fortune.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting, Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).

  6. Oh Ebony is indeed handsome in his Zebra mask I am sure he appreciates that.I am sure he is lonely and now that he is all "Duded Up" maybe roaming wild horses will drop by and visit and one will decide to stay if they can stay with the handsome one and get there own cool mask.
    I love your song maybe we could put it to music and get ripped off like poor Roderiquez in Searching for the Sugarman, what I am I talking about you probably already have been.:) Hugs and make sure to rest my friend. Hug B

  7. He is a handsome zebra horse. We've never had a black on- just grays and chestnuts..I've always thought they looked sleek. Cool fly mask too.

  8. Awww... fun post (as always!)

  9. Ebony is Stylin'! And yes, I did read to the tune of Spiderman..... you're bad, it's stuck in my brain now....

  10. Thanks to this post, I have discovered that it is impossible to laugh and hum at the same time.

  11. Very cool fly mask for sure! And who knew you had a zebra horse, lol. I love the wild rose picture too, so pretty

  12. Very stylish. I wonder if they make on in my size? :)

  13. Samson Says: The horse needs to lose weight too! A vegetarian!! Humans worry too much, is what I think.

  14. What every stylish horse is wearing this season(fly season). A superhero disguise with function AND fashion. Plus I'm very impressed with your lyrical post.

  15. Ha ha I read this yesterday and didn't get a chance to respond had an appt to run to ...so driving there I start singing the main tune " Zebra horse Zebra horse watch out for a Zebra horse" . My sis who was with me looked at me with sqinty eyes ...I replied " Um blog related" and we drove on

  16. I think the official name for a zebra/horse is a Zorse. I illustrated a Girbra once. Zebra/Giraffe!

  17. Oh my that is sure one Beautiful Zebra Horse hungry little chap to. Hi I'm Sheila just popped by via Nancy's blog.
    Take care


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