you didnt tell us everything. oh. my.

all you ranch blog people - yes you

you havent been truthful to your peoples.

yes, you tell peoples about your daily ranch events,
take cute pictures of calves,
grass fields,
kid cowboys,
kid cowgirls,
big bovine mommas with big brown eyes


(and its a huge Butt- about 2500 lbs worth, times 4 in our case)

dont you pretend you dont know what I mean - i am calling Bull on you.

 yep, Bull. 

As in the animal. 

lets title this one as,


shall we?

We are doing a student exchange program here at our place...except the exchange is somewhat bovine for winter fodder, and i just happen to be the student who isnt going anywhere but to watch bovines in her hayfields excitedly!! yes, we have the nice neighbor rancher to the north's cows on our place so they can eat the grass and leave behind deposits of gold and and uhmm... Bronze! "goodies" to strengthen the soil because it needs it desperately!! Since we are in forestry, we know how to grow things! really!

 Mr. Foresterman and I the last two months have been building fences to replace fences that burned

~ which is basically all of them ~

doesnt this look like fun?

and maybe if this happens again i will spend a good ordinate amount of time on the internet convincing people that this is a blast and you too can built fences up and down on rock and lengthwise on rock and sideways on rock and then theres more rock...please.

before i start to whimper and do the "dead spider curled up in a ball' again, lets move on, shall we?


just over the weekend the cows were invited on by yours truly! it was kinda like preparing for a wedding but without tents or porta potties...and decorations and a caterer...and a homemade altar, but with fencing tools and me laying down to see if you can fit under the fence if you really wanted to (or was that exhaustive napping?) - except i dont think anyone else does that out here but I digress... ANYWAY, my little innocent brain (even though my major was Animal Science - read this old post on my ongoing innocence issue here) didnt know this one thing that ranch bloggers dont tell you about when cows and calves and bulls are in the neighborhood in the spring...

theres a lot of sexy time going on. 

a lot.

A LOT. as in im thinking someone somewhere should be making little blinders for baby calves so they cant see all this SEXY TIME going in BROAD DAYLIGHT.  there are 4 bulls out there who take this uhmm, job, seriously,  as in "oh look, the momma and baby cows are down by the creek, theyre gamboling! How CUTE is that !!!? and theres the bulll...oh...oh my...okay then, lets look over at the burnt hillside shall we?"  and these cows are like willing participants, in BROAD DAYLIGHT! oh my, the bovine slut shaming that goes on in my brain right now needs to be slapped - i just never pictured (nor do i have to now) that this kind of stuff is happening all over America right now, outside, in BROAD DAYLIGHT. BROAD DAYLIGHT. they dont even wait for the cloak of darkness! or the cloak of dusk!! or dawn!! or find a big rock!! just wow. wow.

I have no pictures of the cows yet, well, because of this issue of sexy time, all the time...but hey,  since we live out in the middle of the nicest part of the west of southeast montana (did you get that?) ever, we were invited to go to a old fashioned community dance with a live western swing band at the local log cabin hall with all our funnest, bestest rancher neighbors...and while there I had opportunity to politely bring up to the nice neighbor rancher to the north about this certain activity of his bovines ... this "issue" of his bulls and his only response was hearty laughter...and then more... i guess this confirms that his bulls are taking their job very seriously and are worth every penny to their 2500 lb frame...thats nice, but what about the baby calves?  who is thinking of the children??? more laughter...okay then, I guess I must get use to the sexytime, but dang, I never thought there would be this much going on...i mean really, when you are driving on your way to somewhere (not the middle of nowhere in the middle of the nicest part of the west of southeast montana) and you casually (not purposely!) drive by a field, most times the bull is just laying down, eyes half closed, lazily enjoying the sun, and those pretty cows are up, and busy cleaning up the grassssss....

that explains a lot now....

guess i never put two and two together out here
  (and I dont have to now, its right there going on in front of my driveway...oh...okay then, lets look at the burnt hillside shall we?)


oh my. look at the time -

I think i gotta make 50 little blinders now...



  1. This is hilarious....and reminds me of the time my grandfather purchased a very amourous but inexperienced young bull.

    Poor thing never recovered.

  2. Too funny.. LOL :)

  3. Oh you are the girl who continues to make me laugh out loud oh yes you have been missing in action for a short time but you are now officially back I know because I have my legs crossed tightly and well you know why. No pictures are necessary my dear Feral friend we have two yes two red haired bulls who jumped the fences and travelled miles and miles to visit our golden haired girls and no I did not invite them. Fences it seems (by the way yours and Mr. Foresterman's are incredibly beautiful and look strong, OH my back aches just looking at them) where was I? Oh yeah fences they never knew that you needed them and wondered why they would run away because they had put them in the barn for a week and thought they calmed down. Yup can you believe it? Anyhow they are very smart and want to be farmers who thought it was no too bad but also thought that they were two heifers(girls) and a steer (no action boy) Wrong wrong wrong.
    I may need some of those binders to catch all the red haired with horns calves that will be dropping around here by April.
    Oh yes don't look the young fellas have no shame. My poor golden haired Bull Thor is at the brothers having no idea what he is missing at home. His services may not be required DRAT...... Close your eyes Loved this post I gotta run:)
    hugs xxoo B

  4. oh, dear! your sacred ground is forever sullied. :)

  5. Yeah, animals (even the ones with the big brown eyes and long eyelashes)have no shame. That's why they're animals. Still, some humans (even the ones with the big brown eyes and long eyelashes) do a lot of stuff in the dark that would embarrass and disgust a lot of animals. We just have to decide where not to look.

  6. The idea of it - the vastness and greatness of it just takes your breath away. I would think there's a market for little calf blinders - right there with chicken saddles. Same kind of thing.

  7. Oh, girl, you slay me!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!! And, uh huh, what they all said.

  8. You are so funny! It's a good way to teach kids about the birds and the bees, too. :)
    On another note...I like your new header picture...I see green! :)

  9. Haha too funny! You remind me of my Mom when she first come out and saw cows jump on other cows! She didnt know what to girl she is, lol. Much happier when the bull comes out :)

  10. Oh so my comment above seems to have a little mistake I thought you said binders not blinders it makes so much more sense to me now :) (in my defense I was focusing on heading to the bush enough said) and those curly red haired calves that will be dropping in April will need BLINDERS because there will be a very handsome blonde haired Bull named Thor coming back to visit and busy making up for the time he lost while he was replaced by trespassing red haired bulls from people who are obviously not farmers. Yikes I think I need Blinders darn red haired trespassing young Bull. :( Hug B

  11. Nice to know someone is getting it on. Sure isn't me! :)

  12. Oh Feral ...this post is so full ... of Bull . hee hee

  13. Today, on this the Swedish National Day, I must say that after reading this, I'm so glad I was born over there, where being naked and sexy is considered a pretty normal and natural thing. Other than that, I am so glad you have grass once again. Enough for bulls and cows to eat. I'm also glad that Montana bulls get to do it the way nature intended. Free ranging is a good thing. Finally, finally, I love it when you digress. One never knows where you mind will take you and that is a very good thing, my friend, a very good thing.

  14. Wait until those amorous bulls take down your new and beautiful and tightly-strung-in-rock-ground fence when they get to fighting over the last few willing cows.... you will be threatening their bully parts with annihilation.... hope it doesn't happen though! Did I ever mention I hate fencing?


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