Random facts that are totally random.

Since Ingrid, from Desert Canyon Living, likes my digress's (digresses, digressions? plural police, help!) I thought I would link up with Nancy (who recently DID NOT have a terrible tropical hurricanish storm named after her, lucky gal - thats Andrea from Rural Revival - menopausal moment brought to you by my synapsistic rogue brain cells) from A Rural Journal - for her "random 5 friday " linkup (links links they're everywhere!  but you too can join in!) where you write 5 random facts about yourself and kin and critters and things (was this not the longest run on sentence yet? no? let me try again...). really. I also want to do this because my mind is a writers blank right now and this gives me good excuse to prod it into submission because my mind has a tendency to wander at random and Im not sure if this is an effect left over from the DVT or the castlemans but if I ever go to the doctor again Ill ask but I dont want to go anymore because it seems now they want me to do time in the catscan machine for 3 more years before they tell me im in remission but i say screw that I'd validate myself and say I am because i live in my own body and I feel fine. phew. there is a reason why they call it a run-on sentence instead of a plodding-on. well...unless your reading it...

Enough! let us begin! 

*clap clap like the king in the King and I!!*

fact #1

i have clouds that drop out of the sky and look scary during storms. 
But since this is the wild West, scary is good because it teaches you to respect nature. 
since I have the personality of a buffalo I need this.
but unfortunately i dont have a basement to hide in,
I eat chocolate while sitting on the floor in the pantry under the stairs.
even if there isnt a storm.
sometimes its not even chocolate it can be doritos
I love cool ranch doritos.
but i digress...

*my wandering wandering brain, slap me I cant Stop!*

fact #2

I have only just recently in my life started to feed wild birds in the wild.
I dont know what this is, but he's colorful and I like that.
sometimes I look in the bird book but most times 
I just take pictures of them because its nice to have bird mysteries.
I have found they are much better then human disease mysteries.
i dont like those, but they can be colorful too.
dont worry, i wont take pictures of those
AND show you them.

*wheres my camera?  wandering brain!!! STOP!*

 fact #3
i like rocks.
i make mr. foresterman carry them.
a lot.
then at the end of the day, he'll empty his pockets and ask me if 
I want this certain rock.

"no" as i casually look over at it.

Hes learning to ask me at the moment now when I hand him a rock if I want it.
you can teach old Foresters new tricks...

*heh heh...SLAP*

 fact #4
it is becoming apparent that I am a blonde non threatening snake whisperer.
This is a rattlesnake.
he slept in the sun while I took pictures of him.
i think he's smiling in this one.

fact #5
i like plants.

 and I like to have gardens.
Once when i was living in Wisconsin, the three little neighbor girls down the street
came to visit me as i was clipping herbs in the garden by my goldfish pond, 
the same pond were my fish knew my voice and I could call them out of the depths for the girls.

"are you a witch?"
the youngest one asked.
Her oldest sister gave her a huge nudge and whispered scolding.

I just laughed and laughed.

its always best to keep them thinking....

 ; )

bonus fact

I am finding broken artifacts at the top of the burn in the old homestead.
I am now thinking of digging it up, but i have to use a shovel, which is time consuming and messy.

wheres a backhoe when you need one?
is this why we DONT have one?

that sneaky smart mr. foresterman...

payback time for the rock incidences.

 extra bonus fact
this is a vintage glass bonsai tree that I bought for 5 dollars at the last auction, 
where I only bid against myself once that time.

tomorrow Im going to another auction.

They have horses there.

:o !



  1. I loved your facts - and your photos. It jollied up my day - thanks. In fact, I was so engrossed I kept putting my hand in the bowl of cherry pits instead of the bowl of cherries - slick and cold.

  2. Stopping by on R5F via A Rural Journal. Nice pics, esp of the snake.

  3. uh oh. i see a companion for baby in the works! i wondered about that...

  4. (and didn't you mean andrea at rural revival had a storm named after her instead of nancy at a rural journal?)

    1. well i stand corrected! I think they should name at least a thunderstorm after Nancy, dont you think?? ;)

      and now im pretty sure that the DVT has affected me in more ways then one ;P

  5. When I come I am bringing my backhoe and yes I know how to use it:) Love your facts most I knew except the Doritos:) Hug B

  6. I am also a rock collector, only I have to carry my own. Sometimes I have my son carry them, but then they become his.

  7. You're braver than I...but then I knew that anyway. After all, you survived a forest fire!! But I don't know that I'd get so close to a rattler. I must admit, he is a little bit handsome. :) Have fun at your auction tomorrow!

  8. The Mr is pretty well trained if you can make him carry rocks for you. :)
    And you were two feet too close to that bad snake!

  9. Amazing photographs! And the Mr...he rocks! At the snake picture, I would have inserted a shovel to the head because I have a sick and twisted thought that the only good snake is a dead one or several miles from me. LOL

  10. Love the photo of the pulsatilla ... at least, I think that's what it is!

  11. Random 5 Facts was designed with you in mind, my dear. Great post! xo

  12. To let you loose on a Nancy's Friday Random 5 Facts is like letting a bull run free in a china shop! And that's a compliment!

  13. Everyone should have a storm named after them. Shouldn't they? : )

    Happy Weekend!

  14. What a great collection of randomness!! I can't wait till next week!

  15. I love doritos.

    You have a point in the comment you left me about horse people!!

  16. Ooohhh...I LIKE that pretty rock!
    We have scary looking clouds like that here when it storms too. Maybe we will actually GET a storm sometime in the next month or so. (sigh)
    I do have to agree with Momma Fargo about the snake.
    You, my dear, are the master of the run-on sentence! LOL!!

  17. Hmmmm....I believe I have bid against myself once! lol I have found bits of artifacts on our old farmette. Love finding that history. If you dig anything up, take some pics!

  18. I too love how well you digress. I won't spoil your bird mystery. Love the bonsai tree. Waiting for auction news.

  19. I hate when I miss your posts. Hate it. But now I am caught up! I would not recommend a backhoe for relic digging. You would end up with relic crumbs. Very nice pix of the bird and snake. You mean, you're not getting Baby her own goat-companion? Smart woman.


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