Im in a pickle...

well, okay, not literally...i like pickles, especially polish dill...
anyways, I am finding that surgical menopause going on its second year is not the picnic I thought it would be, pickles and all.  
I am having these brain issues where it seems like I am getting things done, 
only to look behind me and say 
"oh, i thought i did that already". 
Needless to say Im leaving piles everywhere, and yes that is exactly as it sounds...

so help me.

we have been having whirlwinds of wonderful things happening, i take pictures, and darn it if another wonderful thing is sneaking up on us waiting to have its picture taken too. i dont know where to start. its like opening up that closet to get a pair of boots and then you notice that there is a tag left on the new sandals you bought next to them so you go and look for the scissors to cut that off and when you go to the scissor drawer you notice that the cabinet to the sink is open but thats because there is too much cleaning stuff under there so then you take some cleaning stuff out to the laundry room cabinet but then you look and see that you forgot to sort that laundry to start so you start but the dog is barking at something outside and so you open the door to tell him to shush but then notice that the bird feeder is empty and you have birdseed...but then  notice you dont have any boots me.

So please, pick one of the following for me to do a post on. Seriously. 

The number that gets the most numbers?! 
(its okay, i understood what I wrote, thats all that matters sometimes...) 
will have its very own post on Thursday. 

lets begin, shall we?
help me.

"the western photographers secret - first, get a horse..."

"how close is too close to watch Polo?"

"i spent the night in another mans bed..."

"this what 50 looks like"
"i now know the meaning of "crepey" in crepey eyelids"

"special" gifts you have received"

"wyoming has guardrails unlike some states cough california cough"

Please help me.



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