A Montana Wedding unplugged: special vows for special people - Handfesta!

cabel noteboom photography
~ One Year ago today ~

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Happy 1st Anniversary to Annabel & Chris!

cabel noteboom photography
Youve heard of "tying the knot", 
"giving their hand in marriage" 

cabel noteboom photography
Well, those phrases actually come from the ancient tradition of 
"Hand-festa" ! 

It comes from the Old Norse Viking days -
 it means to "strike a pledge by joining hands" 

and we hear it translated today as

Since the Bride and Groom both have Nordic heritage,
its the perfect tradition!

cabel noteboom photography
The ancient Celts then also added in the tradition of  "tying the knot" 
in which they used ribbons or cords to bind the Groom and Bride together. 

(btw we got some Celtic heritage going on there too...we be diverse!)

The Bride gets to chose how many ribbons to use and what color. 
The ribbon's colors have symbolic meaning, 
so Annabel chose

Green for prosperity, charity, health, and fertility
Gold for wealth, intelligence and longevity
Brown for home, grounding, and communication

Excellent choices, dont you think?

cabel noteboom photography
Not only do the Maid of Honor and Best man emotionally support the Bride and Groom, 
but in a traditional Handfesta, 
they also are the witnesses - the ones to bind them together...
"joining their hands in marriage"!

cabel noteboom photography
   After the ceremony, when they again step forward,
they remove the ribbons from the Bride and Groom in a such a way
that a permanent knot is formed... 
"tying the knot"!

cabel noteboom photography
Now its time for the Bride to say her pledge to the Groom...

cabel noteboom photography
   with ribbons on!  

cabel noteboom photography
And cant forget that newer American symbolic tradition, 
the wedding ring! 

cabel noteboom photography
Now its the Groom's turn...

cabel noteboom photography
Uh-oh, whats he thinking?

cabel noteboom photography
He speaks words from his heart...

cabel noteboom photography
Slips on her ring and makes us all Cry!

cabel noteboom photography
Time to go in for the final, best tradition... 

cabel noteboom photography

cabel noteboom photography
its a DONE DEAL!


Only 521 pictures left to go!

Before the next wedding! 


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