#3 "I spent the night in another man's bed"...with ghosts...maybe ?

 to continue on, because this is a menopausal memory test...can I remember something that happened a week and half ago without hurting myself? and if I cant, can i make something real good up?

why of course i can!
 Remember when I was talking about the 
Historic Occidental Hotel in Downtown Buffalo, Wyoming?

(look - its meee on the Wister balconee drinking coffee with boots on to avoid 3rd degree burn-ees!?
Ive lost my mind-ee! Find it pleaseeee...!)

the door to the Owen Wister Suite opens out to the north wing hallway facing west...

 welll, we may have not been the only ones sleeping in the north wing that night!

you see, theres a little girl ghost named Emily...

Since this Hotel is over a 100 years old, it comes with lots of history...

The background history of Emily is that she was the daughter of one of the working ladies at the time when it was a brothel...Emily, like most young children out West during those times, didnt get the best of care because Doctors were scarce and cost money, and antibiotics didnt even exist! Unfortunately for Emily when she became quite ill, she died in the hotel in one of the rooms at the west end of the north wing....and she decided to stay there permanently...

Those that have seen her in person,
say she wears a little girl's white cotton nightgown,
and looks so small and weak with illness...
the backstairwell to the "ladies of Occidental" rooms...see the gouges in the stairtreads?
those are spur marks left long ago by those visiting cowboys!
"with boots on :o !!

 And some have even said that she asks to be held...

But like all little girl ghosts, she does have her naughty moments !

When the staff was getting annoyed by all the fire alarms going off falsely,
They called a "medium" to come in and find out who, because
the fire dept. apparently couldnt find a reason why!

And thats when the staff "gave" her an orange kitty as a happy gift!

Emily's kitty

Once Orange Kitty was left out for Emily in her room, most if not all hijinks have stopped...

emily's room is used as a cozy coffee bar for guests now!

and visiting "alive" Kids of today have left the cutest letters for Emily  too!

this kids' an artist!
the staff  hung up these letters for Emily...

and this kid wanted to make sure the holidays were observed for Emily!

So that Emily wouldnt ever feel alone again...

The Foyer of the Historic Occidental Hotel

When we stayed in our suite,
Emily didnt visit us.

In fact, we slept soundly and restfully.

I had the strangest dream that night.

I dreamt a little boy 
dressed in old fashioned knickers,
took me by the hand gently...


we walked on a dusty wooden sidewalk, 
side by side
along a main street made of dirt and rock


He pointed out to me with happiness
every new brick and stone and wood building there was 
his new sparsely populated town.

He was so proud.

I think Emily has a friend...!


yes, i have a million more photos of this place! next post up, MONDAY!
because I wanna be consistent at age 50!
and I dont want to forget what happened two weeks ago while I can!!
now i gotta go eat some more ice cream!!
see, attention span of a gnat!



  1. OMG, you just might find some thing if you did a little research! I love little stories like that.

    1. I know, right? I have to go back there and do some more "research!"

  2. glad she's not alone at all. :)

  3. Well my Feral friend I now need to go to The Occidental Hotel because I want to leave Emily a note and meet her friend. I just love this place it is so very cool kinda like the ice cream you are slurping down now, drat I had a butter tart not as good but close.

    Love the spur marks on the step I have never even imagined seeing something like that. The closest I have ever gotten to spurs was while sitting two feet from our old B&W TV set on a really cold floor watching Gunsmoke and seeing the bad guys always wearing them. (Jingle jingle) that may be bells:)

    This place is so full of character from a time that has always fascinated me and it is so incredible that it is just as I imagined and it is not a TV set.
    Thank you my friend for sharing.

    See you Monday (I may be a little late it is a holiday you know and I am going to a sale:)) I am looking forward to the next post which is becoming like a regular thing Wow I think 50 is going to be good for you and us.:) Love reading your thoughts and adventures. Hug xo B

    1. happy Canada - our favourite (notice the the use of the letter "u" !!) neighbor to the north!

  4. Great story. I love that the hotel embraced her. I've enjoyed your posts. It looks like a grand place.

  5. Interesting story...you tell it so well.

  6. A fascinating place! It's so cool to see places like that preserved and made available to remind us of the way it was in our not too distant past. Makes me glad that some of that history and big country is still around. Also makes me glad for more doctors and better medicine. Boots up on the balcony and a mind free to wander--great stuff!

  7. p.s. got a smile out of that guy savoring the last of the snow. Hope your-our summer is wetter and less smoky this year.

    1. uhmm. the guy is me, leenie... time for me to start drinking some black cohosh tea and snacking on yam fries...

  8. I really enjoyed visiting the Historic Occidental Hotel with you – it does look like the old west. The story of Emily is sweet, and sad too. I don’t know what part of Montana this is. When I came over from France, decades ago, I went to Montana several times. I just wrote a post on it and found my old slides – I bet it looks just the same.

    photos as usual x

  10. That sounds like a really cool place! I love old history, lol. And that they let you sleep in his bed! is just so neat.

  11. Wonderful post - as always.


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