#3 "i spent the night in another man's bed"

what better Birthday gift for a feral woman to get from her husband
but a real special night in another man's bed?

*wait - dont answer that - i already have the weirdest word searches that ends up finding my blog*

As Buttons from "Buttons Thoughts" would say - "its a G-rated Blog!"

So we be safe!

for now...

 forgive me - the following was filmed after an afternoon of 
watching closeup Polo and drinking Champagne like a bad Gatsby...
well that safe thang' didnt last very long did it?

it all started on an early summers night...

with my cute boots taking a "rest" too...

Ohh naughty ! in bed by 7:30 PM?

And with the right music playing...

a nice relaxing soak...

a big fancy bed with plushy coverings...

next to the perfect man for me...

oh come on now, Im just teasing...!!!

everyone knows Im with you, Mr. Foresterman!!!!!!

right, everyone?




WE both slept in Owen Wister's actual Bed!

no, he didnt know!
that we know of ...errr?

Whose Owen Wister?
He's a famous author who is considered 
the Grandaddy of all
western novelists!
He wrote his first right here in this ROOM!

Which I didnt read!

But like the time when as an 11 year old Mr. Foresterman 
got his daddy a slingshot for his birthday
Mr. Foresterman LOVES western novels,
this was kinda history repeating itself,
But in a good way!!!

Owen Wister wrote "The Virginian, 
his first novel 
published in 1902,


and he sat

 oh, by the way, it was also a historic brothel balcony too...cough

and he got burns on his stocking feet 


that parts is kinda made up - but I put my boots on right after I found out SUN+METAL>HOT=PAIN

And he sat


okay then...moving on

While I was looking at photos, 
I realized I have many more stories and pictures to tell about this place- 

the party we had in the saloon
the saber toothed library
the on the river restaurant
the stuffed orange cat ghost stories!!!

shall I continue?

no mr. foresterman, I am NOT A TEASE!

oh, the balcony picture?  


to be continued with like at least 2 dozen more photos and my what could be considered 
my feral way of trying to communicate with the outside world embellishment of writing,
 of this wonderful place in





why do i feel like every time I end a blog post I need to apoligize for posting?
at least I made the deadline of Thursday!
next post up,
just like almost a real blogger!



  1. i bet you DO get a ton of odd search hits here. :)

  2. Oh my Feral I have been waiting for this and you did not disappoint wondering which story would appear once I clicked your name. I know this was going to be the one because it is the one I wanted a real live (oops dead) famous author who I have never read but am now going to for sure. I love the old handwritten page, he writes much like a doctor hard to cipher much like myself but I would have read every word. I can see why he would be inspired to write in such a great room. Notice I am avoiding writing about the bed and the bath etc because I wonder who will be reading this post with all the hits you will get with the title search:).
    Seriously I am so happy you went and spent your birthday in such a historical site and I know it would inspire. The furnishings are amazing and your video was wonderful just like an old western I wanted to run down to the saloon and talk to Miss Kitty:)

    Buffalo New York would have been great a little closer to me:) Next time.
    I cannot wait to read and see more about this place. Hugs xo B

  3. Well I noticed I called you my Feral that is weird isn't it I skipped the word Feral FRIEND, just wanted to clear that up I have no idea why:) Oh yeah I did notice it but I did not want to delete and write this all over again. You are not only MY FERAL I know that:) B

  4. Great post...love all the history and mystery! Buffalo, New York is only 50 minutes from here...it sure would be fun to meet you some day when you come in THIS direction.

  5. Wow that's neat! I'm glad you enjoyed another man's bed...Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  6. My OH is from Buffalo WY. His mom still lives there. It is only an hour and half away from where I sit right now. Oddly enough I have yet to step foot inside the Occidental Hotel, although I have wanted to for so long. One time I got to cruise through a few of the little shops in downtown Buffalo, and that was kind of cool. It seems that every time we go there it is for a family function and there is never time for sight seeing. Plus, since my OH lived there for so long to him it is just the same old stuff.

    There is lots of cool stuff going on in Buffalo during the summer. Specifically coming up very soon is the Big Horn Mountain Music Festival. Which features my all time favorite Trailer Park Troubadour, Jalan Crossland. (Most amazing guitarist that ever lived) Even more exciting in August, is the "Nowoodstock Music Festival" in Ten Sleep.(just a few miles away) If you have not yet been to Ten Sleep....STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO NOW! (Just kidding) If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

    Whoa! I totally just went off course there.

    I admit to being just a tad envious of your stay in (another man's) very historic room, located in a very historic town with, the man of your dreams. Not that I want to do the same with the man of your dreams, but I would love to do that with the man of my dreams.

    Great Post!!!!

  7. Tell it girl! I love all that history- so cool to be in Wyoming- it's one of our favorite vacation states. Never been here though.

  8. OMG, how I look forward to your posts - no matter how erratic (in posting time, not writing style.) And I KNEW it was not Buffalo, NY because I have been there. What an amazing trip this must have been and I just can.not. wait for the rest!

  9. You never cease to make me SMILE! I enjoyed the read, as always.

  10. Oh, wow! I just heard about the Occidental Hotel and put it on my list of 'must see' things. The next time we are in that part of the state, we plan to stop by! Thanks for the fun post!

  11. Well I got a bit of an Owen Wister education and here I thought I was going to be educated of another sort...by the title!

    Cindy Bee

  12. What a beautiful room! You lucky girl!


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