You know your Feral when...

your husband goes away for the weekend you do this -

there wasnt a tall enough ladder...

maybe now Ill get that scaffolding for my birthday...

heres the other side - it was complicated framing it in, but I did it!

This involved lots of scary math.

and so

thats why Im not left alone... a lot.


heres another scary thing I did!

I walked on the south side of the slope on a beautiful 70 degree day!
can you see the snake?

there we go! 

Its a "green-blue-wish I had a pair of capris in that color" Racer snake!

I could tell he wasnt poisonous because he had round pupils..

rattlesnakes have cat eye pupils...

but it might not be in your best interest to get close enough to tell.

Thats when I realized if Mr. Racer was out, then rattlesnakes would be out too.


so one last shot of the ferns growing in the rocks before I moved on!

Wood violets!
I got me Wood violets!

 And look, its green !!!




and my lilies didnt get killed last year by the fire after all!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the hawk that flew in the house through one of the french doors I left open!!
He tapped on the other french door with his huge sharp beak until I let him out!
wish i had pictures...
It was too exciting at that moment to take pictures...
theyre awfully big...

but hey, speaking of birds -

and the crossbill gang is back!!

and I put out all the new-to-me used won-by-auction feeders (though i bid against myself, again)

Im loaded for bird!



this is what I was supposed to be doing.

So we can eat.

Welcome to Monday...

*hey mr. foresterman, when you leaving next? gosh you look tired...and did you get more gray hair?*



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