You know your Feral when...

your husband goes away for the weekend you do this -

there wasnt a tall enough ladder...

maybe now Ill get that scaffolding for my birthday...

heres the other side - it was complicated framing it in, but I did it!

This involved lots of scary math.

and so

thats why Im not left alone... a lot.


heres another scary thing I did!

I walked on the south side of the slope on a beautiful 70 degree day!
can you see the snake?

there we go! 

Its a "green-blue-wish I had a pair of capris in that color" Racer snake!

I could tell he wasnt poisonous because he had round pupils..

rattlesnakes have cat eye pupils...

but it might not be in your best interest to get close enough to tell.

Thats when I realized if Mr. Racer was out, then rattlesnakes would be out too.


so one last shot of the ferns growing in the rocks before I moved on!

Wood violets!
I got me Wood violets!

 And look, its green !!!




and my lilies didnt get killed last year by the fire after all!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the hawk that flew in the house through one of the french doors I left open!!
He tapped on the other french door with his huge sharp beak until I let him out!
wish i had pictures...
It was too exciting at that moment to take pictures...
theyre awfully big...

but hey, speaking of birds -

and the crossbill gang is back!!

and I put out all the new-to-me used won-by-auction feeders (though i bid against myself, again)

Im loaded for bird!



this is what I was supposed to be doing.

So we can eat.

Welcome to Monday...

*hey mr. foresterman, when you leaving next? gosh you look tired...and did you get more gray hair?*



  1. Wow. I looked at all those amazing pictures, and felt so great about them, and thought, "Maybe I'm feral, too."

    Then I realized the truth: I'm a Bear; of course I'm feral. Feral is so much fun. Right? Right!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  2. Oh, I'm so happy to see green where you are! What a miracle of nature.

    And you can come over here anytime to do my projects when the hubs is out of town.

  3. the step ladder on the fridge just made me CRINGE! girl!

    love your wood violets and your feeder station. so cute!

  4. Oh my those ladders on the fridge look mighty scary to me - and so does that snake eeek.
    I love all of that wonderful greenery so good to see it!!!

  5. I'm totally impressed by that bit of home improvement. I do understand taking on projects like that when The Guy isn't around to complain about you using your table knife for a screw driver and the hack saw when you should use a wood saw. Pfft!

    Is that a real feline friend up there on the shelf? Good to know about snake eyes. Next time I see one I'll get someone to hold it so I can check. Yellow violets. Somehow that's just weird. Fun to see the crossbills. We had an overload of them here a few years ago.

  6. Phew! Now I feel like I can finally exhale because all winter long I have been hoping that nature would be kind to you and that flowers and green grass would come back. I am so happy to see these pictures! But please don't go and break you neck now after all you have been through!

  7. Yay!! It's green!! ...and don't go climbing up all those ladders when you are home alone. Naughty girl.

  8. Oh you crazy woman! Glad for no mishaps. I've never seen a wood violet before, how pretty! Everything looks wonderful! So glad everything is coming back. Maybe even things that needed a fire to get them going. Awesome! (ok, not saying the fire was good)

  9. OK you are probably not going to like my comment my feral friend. Are you crazy?????? I am thinking you and My Hero would get along nicely you are both dare I say unafraid (that is not exactly the word I was looking for but I will stick with it) I am glad you got it done and I expect "When the cat's away the mice will play" was in the back of your head but this does not look like play:)
    Remember when I said I was going to get my passport and come for a visit and we were both very excited well........Did I tell you I am not a fan of snakes that bite and kill you.You see here in Canada at least my part the worst thing I have is outrunning a crazy cow just saying :) For you I would be "Unafraid" though really i would can they run faster then Canadian girls in Pink Cadillacs?
    I do love the green yeah green oh yeah and get to work I would not want you to not eat. HUGS HUGS glad you are OK still "unafraid" but OK. B

  10. Oh by the way My Hero has a 60 ft ladder now you can borrow it anytime:) "unafraid":) Oh yes and I just remembered I use my frig as a ladder to clean the top of the cupboards too so I may have jumped all over you too soon:) Hugs B

  11. I love all that green!!!! Could you please be careful when your husband is not home?????

  12. lol I always enjoy my moments when my husband has a business trip! I plan lots of stuff to do! lol You and I might be related!

  13. A hawk in your house -- awesome! We've had a lot of interesting birds around here. We've got the raven couple who hang out with my horses and speak in all kinds of different voices. Then there are the vultures, the cardinal, the quail that dart in front of your car and you learn to brake and wait for its mate to cross too because they always travel in pairs. We watched a hawk that was sitting on a fence and debated over whether is was a hawk or falcon. With all those ladders, I'll bet the hawk flew in because he liked the perches you provided for him.

  14. Love it when spring creeps up on you and you get to see amazing sights like capri colored snakes and wood violets and hawks in your house because the French Doors are thrown wide open. Amazing. xx

  15. So glad you've got green!! The project looks great...the snake looks evil, like all snakes do (to me!)...and the wood violet is a wonderful bit of cheeriness!

  16. Seeing all that GREEN and the flowers and the birds and even the snake brought a tear to my eye! I'm so glad to see Mother Nature taking care of everything! Now, about that ladder on top of the fridge young lady...

  17. Giiirrrlll! You and ladders and snakes, oh my! Careful my dear.

  18. Well everyone hit on all the comments.......GREEN is the best all round!!!! and CRAZY is appropriate ........
    Love to see you full of p___ and vinagar !!!!!
    Rain :)

  19. So spring has come alive in your neck of the woods. Doesn't it make you want to go out and climb a mountain. A mountain, not a fridge. The things women will do when alone. Wishing you a wonderful spring. Now go climb a real mountain.

  20. I wouldn't call the Ladder Incident Feral. i'd call it crazy! we already came upon our first rattlesnake riding. eek! at least it was outnumbered by the good snakes I've seen so far.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  21. The homemade scaffolding kinda looks like mine! I do the same crazy things when Rambob is out and about. Hey things gotta get done is what I tell him, hahah

  22. **Sigh** the only thing I don't like about having moved over to Wordpress is that I seem to be missing a lot of posts on the blogs I follow- including this post!
    Well.... it's lovely to see the greening, and the birds, and the you-did-it project with the scary ladder that I would have fallen from and broke a wrist again, and the violet and the peeking lilies- but not so much the snake.
    How are the horses doing?

    Thought you might want to know where that saddle pad came from :)


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