to say goodbye.

it was the crack of the gunshot that startled me
I knew it was coming
but i still stammered with my hands
as if i was grasping a live snake
instead of the handful of dandelions
to feed to Ebony over the fence
Ebony's head whipped up
he looked to the North,
trotted in that direction
held back by the paddock fence
he then trotted to the loafing shed
peering through the large logs
to the North
I eased my body through the fence rails
and walked up to him
we both stared
through the large logs
towards the North

there was no other shot
His arms hung down by his sides
His pistol in one hand
her pink and white cotton lead rope in another
He stood back, and looked 
and then leaned in closer
one shot to the right spot
like He was told
she didnt even know
so quick, painless
the way it is, supposed to be
guilty relief, then grief, then thankfulness
Straightening up,
He stared to the South
into the Sun
for us

she had been sick
for months
a good old pony
struggling towards an end
the unknown cancer eating her insides
until they revealed themselves outside
the kindly vet
in his honest way
told me i was just maintaining her
"you'll know
when its time"­­­­­

I eased the leather halter
over Ebony's nose
buckled the brass 
and snapped on his lead rope
his ears pricked forward
he bugled once, then twice
and called out once more
she did not call back
there was no her calling back
with a gentle tug and a cluck
we walked on
towards the North
towards them.

towards her.

It was time to say goodbye.



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