Guess what?

 theres some greenery on the buttes!


And I think Sally is part Shetland pony...

And we think part mountain goat.

and hey, 
guess what?

"listen, at 24 I shoulds have a beard...and it looks likes yous can relate..."

The true signs of spring are popping up!!!

"be nice, Sal - i"ll get to brushing you soon..."

"and dont asks me to fence, i gots me an appt. at the spa fors a brazilian. alls over me. "

Uh. Oh Look, the hayfields are greening up too!

"psst - sal, keep it clean, okay? this is suppose to be a springtime post!'

"I'd like to be clean Sal. do you think I could go with you to have a wash and brazilian all over too ?"

oh...gee, look at all the signs of whats 
to come for spring!


"no. spas times for me because Ims special. Moms mights brush yous if yous roll in the dirts more"


"I have got more then enough to do!!!
dont make it worse!!!"

"does this spot look good to roll in, mom?"




  1. oh, baby and sally have to celebrate the rebirth of the land! what better way that a good mud scrub to loosen up all that hair!

    yay for growth, green and fencing!!!

  2. Things are looking so much better...yey spring and green stuff showin' up. Two gorgeous ponies and I loved seeing a full shot of their log run in. So did they get the spa treatment?

  3. Kids (whoops I mean horses) what can you do with them? Yay for Spring!

  4. Oh, baby girl, spring is a comin'!!!!! And not a day too soon.

    Take those 4 legs to the spa. They deserve to be pampered.

    Happy Easter to you and Mr. Foresterman.

  5. Spring is coming and I can see your sweet ponies like to roll in the dirt! They need some spa time :)

  6. Oh I sure hope you have a post pounder for all those posts. Although the ground there looks a little rocky for pounding.
    It's greening. You can't hold spring back- it will creep up on you and whammo before you know it you'll be surrounded by green lovliness.

  7. I have so been hoping for those first green sprigs of grass for you. Is it called sprigs? What do I know, old Swede me. Anyway, I think the ponies will have their own spa day right there, rolling in the mud. Have a nice Easter Sunday with your Mr. Forestman.

  8. Oh I am so jealous it is green there already and snow free! One day we will be there......I hope........I really hope its soon. And go brush them ponies :)

  9. Mud is definitely for rolling in, how else do you celebrate spa day? Then a nice green salad while you watch the humans redecorate the pasture!
    Hope you have a nice Easter. xo

  10. Yay! Some signs of spring :-).

    Happy Easter to you and yous!

  11. Hi! It looks great to see Life coming back to your Place after all disaster.
    Nature is wonderful....will never give up.
    We still have a lot of snow in our garden....sunny Days but Cold nights is delaying the spring.

  12. its does look like the rebirth is coming along, slow but sure

  13. Love seeing the signs of spring and some greenery for you! Ms. Sally is a hoot and she does look part mountain goat in that first picture!

  14. Hee hee -- lippy kids. Love seeing that there is actually some new growth coming up. It's slow going around here. :)

  15. YEAH GREEN!!!!! Oh you look like you are going to be very very busy with all that brushing building etc etc. Glad I am not there.:) Im on vacation ( by the way cleaning under the frig you told me not to do it) well you and Leenie. :) HUGS B

  16. G'morning Feral Foresterwoman. Those two critters of yours are a handful. I can see it all now. So, I offer my condolences. If the problem were not self-inflicted, I might even feel sorry for you.

    Hope you have a wonderful spring! We're still stuck with lots of snirt here. (For explanation of snirt, see my blog — "D as in Detritus.")

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  17. OK, i reluctantly surrender my favorite winter unto spring. we have THE PUNIEST flowers coming up in the desert - not enough moisture. this is a desert after all, but I'd just as soon see some serious flower action with the new season. glad you have some green coming up there!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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