There are those times....

when you have an epiphany; those times you thought nobody could ever understand you...
 but then you get a biiiggg surprise...

I had one of those recently.

My kindest brotherinlaw who is my basically my big brother in spirit but has been spared the  "lets be different!" genetic pool that swims around in our family (which is good for my sister because she is married to him) took it upon himself to catalog all of my sister's and I's family photos we inherited after my dad died. 
So thank you Mr. Bill for all your hard work!!!  
These are something to behold as there are A LOT of photos - he be busy!!

Theres so many wonderful photos from early 1900's that I am going to just have to share with you! 

I got the discs a couple of weeks ago.

Its something to be re-introduced to your family pool. 
I have been an orphan now for almost 2 years (oh quit, I can be one even if I am 50, feral rulebook says so)
and havent seen these photos in years. Some I have never seen. 

Faces stare at me and I ask my sister, "whose this? whose that?" and she knows who they are, sometimes with help from the small handwriting on the back of the photo, or in some cases on the front, and some from memory.  Since I was a late in life baby (my mother was 36 years old, a nurse, and would sometimes casually mention "oh my 30's?  Those were my valium and smoking years - back then we didnt think anything crossed the placenta"...uhmm. okay. that explains a lot. thanks mom.) I didnt have the opportunity to know some of the greats - the aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, as they passed on when I was young, or in some cases before I was even born. 

But I knew their faces because my parents didnt want me to forget.  

And so when i saw this photo, I instantly knew it was my Great Grandmom, Bushia! 
outside their small farm in ...North Chicago (yes that Chicago....really. before sidewalks.)

but how could i ever tell if I never met this woman that she was my own great grandmom?


-look again-

Good Lord!!


I laughed and laughed, because feral is as feral does.
aint no age, no sidewalks, no nosy neighbors going to stop her!
And shes yanking on a wagon with my Young Uncle Eddie sittin' tight.
Shes tough!
my fathers grandmom. 

and i hope I am as

beautifully feral 

as she was when I am that age...

I feel family-loved all over again.



I want to know, 

is there anyone in your family past that you found out you shared something in common?


If so

doesnt it make you feel just a little giddy
to know

youre not the only one?




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