familial fashion over decades.

This is my Great GREAT Aunt Anna, on my Dad's side.
I love her boots.
She is wearing the latest in pioneer logging fashion  
as thats what my Great GREAT Uncle Tony did for a living 
Wisconsin, of all places!
See, its in my blood!
No, not her fashionable attire,

I have stories to tell about them,
but we'll get to that some other day!

No, no, we had no family members in the cast of "Les Miserables".
That is my Dad's father, Leo, my Grandpa on the right 
with his sister, we think.
She has the most gorgeous lace dress on,
and he is wearing a pageboy cap with his wool suit!
Take a look at the battenburg lace curtains in the background too.
this is all kind of sketchy because we recently discovered
we may be of Austrian descent.
Makes sense 
because we all love "Sound of Music"
I can strum the banjo while humming.

Pretty sure we're Austrian...

That is my Dad's mother, Helena, my Grandma, on the right
Out with the neighbor girlfriend strolling.
Single teenage girls in Chicago!
They have got the Gibson girl hair thing going,
the foo foo collars too.
I tried to figure out if the wind blew up my Grandma's collar in back,
or if she designed it that way.
Because she can so rock it either way
She loved to sew clothes, and had her own dedicated to sewing room 
Shes also showing A LOT of ankle there...
That could be dangerous in today's Chicago, you know.

This is my Great Aunt Grace on my Dads side.
She married my Grandmom's Brother, Adam, and they never had kids
Thats why they had fun.
Here she is modeling the latest wool swimming attire...
but i must admit
its kinda risque
because it doesnt have sleeves, and her hair is bobbed,



the most rebellious thing is
she naughtily rolled down her silk stockings around her ankles!

OOOH, she be trouble !

But fun!

This is my mother's mother, Katy.
my grandmother.
By the 1930's you were a rebel if you DIDNT cut your hair.
She is absolutely breathtaking in her bob, pearls, stylish dress 
I get lost in her eyes when i see this.

She was married twice like me.
I didnt get the chance to really know her as I was young, 
but I know from her story she was a woman of courage and strength.

"Ive spoken my peace and counted to three..."

My dad. Raymond.
matching his crystal blue eyes to his baby blue bowtie
to his monogrammed in blue embroidered hankie.

Looking for womenfolk.

and he


~this ~

My beautiful mother, Helen, in her RN uniform.
My dad fell in love with her after WWII
they met in the Veterans Hospital where he was healing, she was working,
fell in love
got married 
started us.

It wasnt until I was in Kindergarten did I realize
that other peoples mothers
did not wear a white uniform 
around the house though.

my dad again.
Another suit, another day in the life of a GQ 1940's man.
Crap, he even matched his shoes.
How many men do you know even match their SOCKS?
How many men do you know who can even 

wow. just wow.

My Uncle Lennie, my Dad's brother, was a long time bachelor and liked to have all the latest things.
Did you know speedo shorts came out in the 1950's?


okey dokey then.

we apoligise - you didnt need to see that.

~moving right along now~

this is my beautiful sister K.
She got to be in weddings because she wore frilly crinoline dresses well.
shes long legged and got that model look, even to this day.
but you can tell 
that she does not like being arranged 
like one of those crocheted toilet paper hider dolls 
that sat on the back of everyones toilet tanks
in the 50's.
You can tell by the look on her face shes thinking WTH
this is why she is a librarian who wears sensible shoes today.

guess whose sitting 
next to my pretty sister N. in her pretty blue going to church dress holding the pretty cute pocket dog?
what was I wearing?
bright red pattern "hid the dirt" shorts and a top that will not stay white for long.

Yep, that is the natural state of my hair always.

Dog's giving me the side eye; you can tell I just was told to not pet the dog.
Im practically squeezing with all of my might not to touch the dog...

chase after the butterfly that just flew by.

yes it was hard being me.

hard being me.


thats okay because I got this.

Yep. great Grandma - Bushia ("buooo-shh-a") again.

wearing her "screw it im wearing the hat with the flower with the pirate buckle belt" outfit

Id pay money if someone could tell me what colors they were too.

I bet she had a field day with her family coming up with this stuff.

I love this woman.

when Im in my 80's I will wear anything I darn well like and will pet all dogs.

Familial Fashion be darned.



  1. This is just sweet...thanks for the wee peek into your familial fashion history!

  2. Oh Oh OH I am so excited you would have thought this was my family I have to say I love your aunt Grace she was a rebel bucking the trends just like your dear Grandma Bushia LOVE this woman.
    Your Mom was beautiful and she looks like amazing in that nursing uniform I wished I had met her. Your Dad WOW handsome devil and reminds me of my Dad always dressing stylish. Katy is stunning. Sister K yup we have to meet, sister N sitting beside that looks like trouble little kid well what can I say she must have been a very patient sister:)
    I love the fancy outfits and I am secretly happy I do not have to put that much thought into getting dressed and looking so good in the morning.
    I have to say LOVE Grandma Bushia a woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to show it just like someone else I know.
    I hope I did not forget anyone. LOVE theses photos, you are so lucky to have them. hug B

  3. That was probably one of the best and most refreshing looks at family history I think I've ever seen. Came to visit through Buttons, by the way, who is a big fan of yours for good reason.

  4. Your grandpa's sister looks like she is not very happy about getting her picture taken.... I can sympathize with that....
    My dad had a Speedo swimsuit in the 50's. Turquoise blue. A definite fashion forward kind of guy.
    Your dad is very stylish- love the hair; it's not just the wimmens in your family that can rock style.
    Your great grandma looks like a force to be reckoned with.
    And you look just like your mother.

  5. I am loving all of your pics. I think I have German ancestry and I like the Sound of Music. I wanted to make all of my kids clothes out of curtains after seeing that movie, and I never had kids :-( I did make myself a pioneer dress (to wear in the pioneer village at the fair) out of material that I used for curtains, but that's all another post for another day! I think the collar the one lady is rocking looks kind of like count dracula! Sorry! LOL! Anyway, I think it isn't a collar but maybe a hat...
    Katy is gorgeous! She even looks like a Katy. Makes me want to get my hair bobbed!
    Your parents are gorgeous too. What a love story...just like in the movies.
    Speedos...eeecchhh...why did they invent them?

    Cindy Bee

  6. Seriously... why have I not found you sooner? I was probably off trying to not pet dogs myself, and not paying attention. Wonderful photos! (it will take me a few minutes to get over the speedo thing...) Do you have odd urges to make clothing from your drapes? If you do.... please consider you might be not so much Austrain as a wayward guitar playing Nun. You never know what's lurching way up in the those tangles branches on the famiy tree.... :))))))))) So then, I'll be waiting to meet some more family, to take notes on snappy dressing and such. *tap*tap*tap.... he he

  7. What a wonderful assortment of photos...I mean family! :) I enjoyed you anticdotes about this wild and crazy beautiful family.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful romp through time with your family- All lovely folks! Especially Katy, wow, so pretty! People certainly made an effort back in the day! Even motor boat uncle- his of course! Well the entire post was - just swell and I appreciate it very much.

  9. love 'em all. i was a tow-headed baby w/ curls like yours, too. barefoot, always, and always playing with dog, cats, sandbox, dirt, whatever. :) then on the homemade swings and hammock. then climbing the trees, playing in the creek on the neighbor's property. riding bike and disappearing for hours. ahhh. wisconsin childhood...

  10. This is an awesome post. I love vintage photos, and the fashion of the times. I love to see where people originated. I have always felt like I was born a century to late anyway. Thank you!

  11. What great photos! It's so awesome to have those and look back in the history of your family.
    Love, love your white curls. What a cutie!

  12. Great post! Interesting reading and well written

  13. Love this trip back through time with your gorgeous ancestors!

  14. Amazing photos. So fun to see the changing styles.

  15. I still firmly believe that even if I'd been born in the 1800's, I'd never wear a dress! i'd have been a total pants rebel.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  16. What GREAT photos, I love them all!! My gosh, Katy was movie star gorgeous! Love that picture of little Feral sitting there trying to be sooo good!! :)

  17. This was great fun! Love all the vintage fashions, the beautiful women and handsome men, the sweet little girls and most of all, your commentary! I was falling off my chair! Thanks for the time travel and the great read! :)

  18. Love looking at old family photos...even other peoples.

    I think your grandma Helena might be rockin a ginormous bow in the back of her hair...

    Thanks for bringing back memories of the crocheted toilet paper hider dolls. If I remember correctly, we had them displayed on our beds...not sure what was stuffed in there, probably unmentionables! I still have the crocheted things that looked like hats...from my side of the family and my husbands. Who knew they roamed the universe =o)

  19. Okay, girlfriend. Got a question for you. Just why the heck are you gonna wait until you're 80 to wear what you want? What's wrong with tomorrow, I want to know. Huh??????????????? Hope you and Mr. Foresterman are doing well. Hugs.


  20. WoW, another great entry!! your mom was beautiful in her nursing uniform and cap, back in the day when nurses wore white and caps!!

    you are a cutie pie with a devilish grin, i like that!!

  21. hilarious! that last picture...hee hee.
    loved this post and all the pictures. wow, fashion has sure changed over the years! thanks for sharing some family photos~

  22. While the pictures speak for themselves, your comments are just wonderful. Your mother and grandmother were beautiful, the clothes through time are fabulous, and you, your sister, and the dog are priceless in that photo.

  23. I loved the pictures and your descriptions were perfect. You do have a way with words as well as with photos, those you have acquired and those you take yourself. Enjoyed the trip back in time. Thanks for sharing. - Karen

  24. Great post, you have some gorgeous family members...now I know where those good looks came from. I love seeing fashion from the olden days....pretty cool.

  25. What fun to have all of these amazing photos of your family -- going back as far as they do. I really enjoyed learning about some of the nuts on your family tree. Lol.

  26. I think it is so great that we can post all those wonderful old family photos on the internet now. I have been doing some of mine on my blog called Wonderinwords.blogspot.com

  27. These photos are fabulous, but then you already know that. My old photos are still packed from when I moved here from Atlanta 3 1/2 years ago, but since I'm moving again later this year I will eventually drag them out and scan them. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing yours!

    Nancy in Iowa

  28. Grace looks like a right fast cat..does she not? X

  29. Interesting bunch there feral ... super fun and fab , so that's where you get all that character from!


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