A Montana Wedding unplugged: Fantastic Fodder for a Feast!

We all know the real reason 
what makes a good Wedding great...

cabel noteboom photography

Why it's the Food and Drink of course!

But the Groom and Bride come a close second!

Did I mention really really close?


What a  WONDROUS feast we had!

cabel noteboom photography
Yes, I decorated that board the night before the wedding 
being under pressure makes great diamonds if I say so myself, 
repeatedly, procrastinatingly...

 Not only did we have 75 lbs of Smoked Idahoan Steelhead trout 
caught by the Flyfishing Groom himself, 
Black Whitefish Caviar, 
Wisconsin Smoked Sausage(I know! WOW') 
Irish Cheddar & Oregon Organic Cheeses for our appetizers, 

cabel noteboom photography 
 And Lots and lots of Liquids, Doctors orders!

But for the main course, it was all about the Montana grass fed Beef Rib Steaks 
fresh off the grill

 it wouldn't have been a grand feast without 

~this ~

cabel noteboom photography

Yes. with an apple in its mouth. Baked on a spit all night.

The Bride is absolutely tickled.

can't you tell?

cabel noteboom photography

the roasted suckling pig; not as much.

But dang he was GOOD.

Every Bride should have one at her Wedding.


cabel noteboom photography
and lots and lots of liquids!

the most talented and wonderful Montana caterer 
who we can only call her by J.D. 
-as she's a secret caterer who hand selects the Weddings she wants to do yearly - 
"J.D." is the most excellent caterer 
who put on a lavish and wonderful Feast, 
A Feast that filled 110 people up and then some, 

cabel noteboom photography

A Lavish Feast in a mown Hayfield that had no electricity nor running water,



cabel noteboom photography

~We love her, adore her and want all of you to send good thanking thoughts her way ~

cabel noteboom photography

and lots and lots of liquids!

Also to her cohort in gourmet food crime!
(who we will only call "G")
 We Love "G" too!

cabel noteboom photography

And of course, there's a story...
yes, there's always a story with us - and yes, 
we are not lonely by ourselves. 

You see, "G" raises mini dachshunds...
and she didn't want to tell anyone that her girl was going to deliver puppies
but she just had to bring her along...

cabel noteboom photography

somewhere there is a little mini dachy puppy girl 
officially paper named "Annabel" after the Bride
 as she was born in the shade of the catering outfit 
while the Bride was pledging her love to her Groom 
during the Wedding Ceremony...
isn't that romantic?

When we found out after the main course, 
of course, we all thought 
it was absolutely wonderful!
(the puppy being born and all, not being served...what were you thinking?)

cabel noteboom photography

Puppies, Sunshine, Wedding Love, Happy People
A Fantastic FEAST
How much more of a perfect day could it get???

Well, we got only 597 photos left to show you how much!!!!

cabel noteboom photography
(And lots and lots of liquids!)

Stay tuned for more eventually, but here's a recap below for those who need to catch up!


  1. Puppies at a wedding... why not? :)

  2. What fun and good feasting! I'd like a plateful of that pig...and a picture of that puppy too!

  3. JD and G performed a miracle! I wanted to LOL at that pig but I'm in bed on my phone, blog reading, and My Shug is quietly snoozing. This is the best wedding EVER! I hope someone in your family got one of those pups. I had a mini-dach for 15 years. Loved him to pieces.
    Can't wait for the next wedding post....think i'll Have pulled pork for lunch today!

    Cindy Bee

  4. Oh Feral you always have me guessing I expected food well maybe not that fancy selection of food. I expected drinks but maybe not that much variety, I expected grass fed beef (personal reasons) but never would have expected the pig. I expected different because it was you but never expected perfect timing puppy birth. I expected beautiful and fun but, NO buts it was amazing, I was blown away my friend. Hug B

  5. Beautiful wedding and puppies to boot! The pig was perfect, I'll bet tasty too.

  6. That all sounds so good! I'm glad everything went well - puppy and all!

  7. It really was a perfect wedding, wasn't it? Thanks in no small part to all the hard work you put into it. And all the liquids, of course. Can I have the steak and huckleberry salad, and a plate of roast pork to go please? oh, and a glass of the Beringer.
    That dress was absolutely perfect for you. I hope you get to wear it again.

  8. How wonderful to get a peek at your wondrous wedding wining and dining event.

  9. I'm loving this wedding Journal... you and your daughter look beautious!!!! and then some.

  10. too cute on the delivery during ceremony. the feast sounds delish!!!

  11. I am pretty sure you knew I would be back here after the chores. The photos are stunning as are the beautiful people. I know this wedding will stick in everyone's mind forever. I am so happy we are lucky enough to get to share in the beauty and Love.
    I still think my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. Darn Border:)
    Great post are you down to the 500 pics yet?:) Hug B

  12. What a beautiful event...the menu, the guests, the decorations, the bride, the mother-of-the-bride, the setting, and newborn pups. You do everything so well!!

  13. Wow- J.D. knows how to put on a feed! Sounds like a spectacular good time for everyone!@

  14. An event that will live a life of its own as the best and most unique and amazing wedding ever in Montana (and probably Idaho too). People of the Northern Rockies are survivors who know how to tough out the challenges and party in between. Thanks so much for letting us bask in the glow of the day!

  15. Sending wondrous good thanking thoughts to J.D. and G., what a feast! That is a great picture of the bride eyeing the roast suckling pig! LOL!! AND a puppy birth, how fun and special! Can't wait for the next installment. :)

  16. oh how beautiful.... and lovely weather what a blessing! We have a summer wedding coming in August with the ceremony being held outside at a lake lot.... we have our fingers crossed for lovely weather! Cute story about the puppy!

  17. Bet every guest at the ceremony felt they were at the best place ever . . . What beauty, what a feast and a birth too . . . hope we get to see the puppy?

  18. I actually had pulled pork for lunch because of this post!

    Cindy Bee

  19. Oh man that sounds so good!!!! And how cool to have a puppy born at the wedding too.

  20. Lovely pictures from the wedding.
    Beautiful header picture!

  21. Great post...beautiful wedding in a beautiful location.

  22. I will be back tomorrow to read this post, I just wanted to thank you so much for the information and the link for the food. And it is reassuring to hear that Dexter has problems too and that something can be done about it. Not that I wish for him to have problems, but you know what I mean. I talked to the vet yesterday and he told me that they have grain free chicken dry food at Costco, so I will try that first. If that doesn't work, I'll check yours out. Right now Samson is on some anti-acid pills that I can also get much cheaper at Costco. And he is only getting canned food, a special diet from the vet until he gets better. We still have a lot left of that $70.00 bag of dry food we got from the vet but that is just too expensive. Thank you again and I hope all is well with you and your family and all the critters.

  23. Such gorgeous photos of a lovely and very special wedding. You were such a proud mom, it's fun to see you so happy. I checked on the food you recommended and they have it here in town. Our community is very much into dogs, dog rescues,and it has a couple of great shops for pets, even though the town isn't that large. I will stop by and check it out soon. Thanks again.

  24. I love a good wedding....I especially love all those things that can AND DO. Go wrong......... So funny x


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