A Montana Wedding unplugged: Fantastic Fodder for a Feast!

We all know the real reason 
what makes a good Wedding great...

cabel noteboom photography

Why it's the Food and Drink of course!

But the Groom and Bride come a close second!

Did I mention really really close?


What a  WONDROUS feast we had!

cabel noteboom photography
Yes, I decorated that board the night before the wedding 
being under pressure makes great diamonds if I say so myself, 
repeatedly, procrastinatingly...

 Not only did we have 75 lbs of Smoked Idahoan Steelhead trout 
caught by the Flyfishing Groom himself, 
Black Whitefish Caviar, 
Wisconsin Smoked Sausage(I know! WOW') 
Irish Cheddar & Oregon Organic Cheeses for our appetizers, 

cabel noteboom photography 
 And Lots and lots of Liquids, Doctors orders!

But for the main course, it was all about the Montana grass fed Beef Rib Steaks 
fresh off the grill

 it wouldn't have been a grand feast without 

~this ~

cabel noteboom photography

Yes. with an apple in its mouth. Baked on a spit all night.

The Bride is absolutely tickled.

can't you tell?

cabel noteboom photography

the roasted suckling pig; not as much.

But dang he was GOOD.

Every Bride should have one at her Wedding.


cabel noteboom photography
and lots and lots of liquids!

the most talented and wonderful Montana caterer 
who we can only call her by J.D. 
-as she's a secret caterer who hand selects the Weddings she wants to do yearly - 
"J.D." is the most excellent caterer 
who put on a lavish and wonderful Feast, 
A Feast that filled 110 people up and then some, 

cabel noteboom photography

A Lavish Feast in a mown Hayfield that had no electricity nor running water,



cabel noteboom photography

~We love her, adore her and want all of you to send good thanking thoughts her way ~

cabel noteboom photography

and lots and lots of liquids!

Also to her cohort in gourmet food crime!
(who we will only call "G")
 We Love "G" too!

cabel noteboom photography

And of course, there's a story...
yes, there's always a story with us - and yes, 
we are not lonely by ourselves. 

You see, "G" raises mini dachshunds...
and she didn't want to tell anyone that her girl was going to deliver puppies
but she just had to bring her along...

cabel noteboom photography

somewhere there is a little mini dachy puppy girl 
officially paper named "Annabel" after the Bride
 as she was born in the shade of the catering outfit 
while the Bride was pledging her love to her Groom 
during the Wedding Ceremony...
isn't that romantic?

When we found out after the main course, 
of course, we all thought 
it was absolutely wonderful!
(the puppy being born and all, not being served...what were you thinking?)

cabel noteboom photography

Puppies, Sunshine, Wedding Love, Happy People
A Fantastic FEAST
How much more of a perfect day could it get???

Well, we got only 597 photos left to show you how much!!!!

cabel noteboom photography
(And lots and lots of liquids!)

Stay tuned for more eventually, but here's a recap below for those who need to catch up!


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