“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


seasons; not years...

Since I am allowed to by my feral nature,

I have decided to forego the Gregorian calendar 
now count seasons instead of years...

like the animals.

 and in case your wondering or worrying or contemplating quitting reading this blog,
theres no expiration date stamped anywhere on me
in fact the latest news is that they cant give me an expiration timetable date yet like a piece of fruit
(you know, like if you put a banana in sun they go faster etc.)
but they did say I am in "above average condition" for a lady of my age...

cabel noteboom photography

Im just finding that counting time is stressful,
I have decided to say "pffft"

its not because im sending out christmas cards in january either.

im the one who buys cards with "seasons greetings" on them 
because at least im thoughtful enough to plan ahead to be late.

 I will still pay my bills, file my work papers,
and fulfill all contracts by their due date
*cough cough*

cabel noteboom photography

Anyway, i digress.

what does this mean for you?

It means that I wish you 



Merry Happy Better Seasons to you and yours!

since i have now alleviated any put-on stress 
from the previous 


Im going to work it kinda like the "redwall series"
 and give the seasons good names, like

bipolar snow season, 
monsoon gumbo season, 
fire to the death season,
happy timber cruising season...

you know, like normal people do in the book.
or was it badgers?
normal badgers?

cabel noteboom photography


I am ready to go into the "blog fruitfully" season.

for reals.

like almost weekly 
(no promises)

So for the next couple of seasonal time periods
(gosh this is going to be harder then i thought)

I have decided to tell the tale of how

we hosted

"an unplugged outdoor Montana wedding"

cabel noteboom photography

here, have a glass and relax while i get the photos...

all 651 of them.

cabel noteboom photography

yep, seasons.

we have all the time in the world!



  1. Looking Foward to Season 651 . . . and when does that begin . . .

  2. Wow only 651 I am Sooooo excited now. That was the biggest event of my life that I was not present at. Don't worry I know my invitation got lost in the mail.:) I really like these new seasons of yours I think you have truly stumbled on to something, every one of us have seen most of those seasons you named but not in the Feral way. Yeah I said it and I do not believe it either you are truly living a one of a kind life. I must say your life is never never boring.
    I look forward to you getting back to Feral "normal" whatever that may be I forget.:)
    My dear friend I will always be here listening and sending good Canadian vibes(I have no idea what that means either things just pop in my head and flow to my fingers) I do know you are the strongest woman I know and I look forward to those 651 and every other season you will be sharing with all of us lucky to know you bloggers. HUGS HUGS HUGS Welcome back Feral.
    YEAH 2013 it is going to be incredible just you wait and see.xxoo B

  3. In a non-time-counting way, I wish you happy and healthy and busy and productive and joyful seasons. And that dress looks "above average" on you.

  4. Happy Seasons to you and your family. May the upcoming seasons we happy, healthy and prosperous.

  5. Replies
    1. messes fertilize the world you know ;)

      wait, that might not be such a good thing in a huge quantity lol

  6. I'm so happy to know you're looking forward to many seasons to come. We should all take note and make the best of the seasons before us. Now, as for that wedding, you know I'm gonna swoon over all that scenery, don't you? And the happy memories? My, my.

  7. Well, you should have taken more pictures of the event that none of were invited to because of time, a nice round number instead of 600 odd- like one million would have been good...I like your season thing- we have two up here- dark- and darker, damp clammy- and soaking, you have the Big Sky! Good choice- one of my most favorite states in nature. Cheers to you for shattering your alarm clock and using your daily planner for - out house reading perhaps? Stay well and wild- and AWESOME!

  8. Happy New Year! or... merry whatever season this is (cold wet sloshy sit by the fire season here).

  9. I hope you both have a great happy healthy new year!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  10. Living life by the Seasons sounds perfectly sensible to me. Hey, wait a minute, isn't that what people did for thousands of years?!?
    Happy Cold Weather Season and I'm looking forward to seeing all 651 pictures! :)

  11. Seasons are good, days are good too. Since I moved to this peaceful place I find it easier to live in the present. I could never do that in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles life. Other than that, I'm all for gumbo season, which is right now in our house. I also looked at your decorations, tree, and Dexter Dog in you previous post and loved it all. I hope this will be a really good year for you and your family.

  12. Looking forward to ALL you have to print in this blog!

  13. Thanks for the vote of confidence and I'll back you if you back me... :)

    No one knows how much time there is left... no one. We're all in this together. xo

  14. Another great post... Your style is unique, that is for sure. Wouldn't you know that I made you cry by posting that piece of music. I love it too. Happy Seasons to you and your family.

  15. Love the Seasons concept! It is the way life is truly measured... Wishing you the very best Seasons ever!

    P.S. RE: your comment on our blog - yes, we do love our Chucky dog just a bit... But he would tell you that we don't play ball enough with him (24 hours a day wouldn't be enough) and that we don't give him enough to eat - kibble or treats. (He lies!)

  16. I know exactly what you mean about all those seasons. Those are much better names for the seasonal time periods here in the Northern Rockies. I'm looking forward to those photos and the tale that goes with them. Happy bipolar snow season to you.

  17. Hey Happy Newish Year (season) to you too! I love that you planned ahead to be late. One of my new years resolutions is to be on time...not be late...but I'm keeping that one to myself! Just in case....

    Cindy Bee

  18. May all your big seasons be filled with little season. So everyday brings a new flavor.

  19. Thank you John - I dont think I could have found another dress that had so much lace, beads, flow-y things on it LOL Im such a magpie when it comes to shiny things...

  20. No better way to start a New Year than featuring the wedding in your own "unplugged" style. Look forward to more. Many blessings~


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