- Sweet Lady i think your doing great!!! Big BIG hugs from Indiana!-

while i was outside, in the fields
many states away
I didnt know
took your very last
breath here on earth with your Bastiaan by your side

while i was staring at the sky
amazed at the wind, the moving clouds
I didnt know
were already there
on the very reaches of the vast unknown heavens

while i was wondering why
why am i still here on earth
I didnt know
were riding on by
 on a new journey stallion made of endless timeless stars

 I will miss your enotes of encouragement
of laughter
of bonding over rebellious bodies 
I dont know why
an old mare like me who has lived already many years, 
and you,
a young woman with so many dreams, your Bastiaan...

why did it happen this way?
I dont know.
it hurts.

But I know this ~
this you would approve ~
I will 

live life

Just like we talked about.
There are no time limits.
It is all ours.

Godspeed, my friend.

 ~ Leontien VandeLaar ~

1980 - 2013



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