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A Montana Wedding unplugged; the DRESS!

cabel noteboom photography

A bride needs to have the right dress...

HER dress...


of course 

the right boots.

cabel noteboom photography

Oaktree farm boots! 

arent these great?

Anyhow ~

cabel noteboom photography

Since we work in forestry, we know dresses dont grow on trees...


and when this bride went looking for the right dress

(you can read about that here)

She found the perfect one for her beautiful Brunette tresses, and gorgeous Hazel eyes! 

A Pronovias!

 its a fancy one from Spain!

So fancy that to this day im still trying to pronounce it right! dang!

cabel noteboom photography

And the Bride said 

the best part about the dress was that it was made out of the perfect material.

Crushed silk taffeta.

Because it would hide stains better she said.

the wonderful boutique keeper said that was the first time shes ever heard a bride to be say that -

and shes been in business for a long long time...

but since feralness is hereditary 

I just smiled and nodded my head...

this bride is not only smart but practical...

cabel noteboom photography
definitely her mother's daughter.

why yes, 

that is a perfect cartwheel she is doing in a perfect designer wedding gown 
on her perfect wedding day 
in whats now known as the perfect wedding field...

more on that later-


cabel noteboom photography

The dress was happy to go with the bride

and got along smashingly with the french lace curtains...

(I think even with the language barrier they still got along...)

cabel noteboom photography

And then it was time for the Dress to get ready!

(it definitely liked our steam shower too...)

cabel noteboom photography

It took awhile as this dress certainly was a little fussy, with 

27 buttons 



cabel noteboom photography
Thank Heavens for Kats little fingers! 
Here you can see how the dress is cut on the side; 
asymmetrical with flowing tiers.

And the boutique keeper did a wonderful job with altering 
bustle and all.
The bustle came down for the ceremony and for some fun-
then it could be put back up again for some Dancing!

 isnt Kat lovely?  
Shes the smart lady in waiting to have found the bridesmaid dresses in a cute boutique;
one quick text picture and everyone loved it!
The color, the cut, everything

it was a go!

more posting on that later...

cabel noteboom photography

The other lovely lady in waiting was Brooke
she was just as helpful as Kat, 
especially with her calm and peaceful personality
they were wonderful together!

In this photo you can see the other side of the Brides dress; underneath was a flirty peekaboo accent

to fill out the bottom - it was fitted to just her style!

cabel noteboom photography

and a Brides style is whats important in a 
on her wedding day!


*proVOnoveeas, provoNOviaaas, shoot...prono-...*

cabel noteboom photography

Only 639 more photos to go!




  1. okay, the cartwheel definitely stole the show! loved it!

  2. Love the dress! Ooooo La La. And the boots were PERFECT! You guys sure have style out there.

  3. Only 639 more? The cartwheel is awesome! Everything is just beautiful!

  4. What a gorgeous dress! And those boots!!! I love them!!! Can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Of course she cartwheeled. Because she could. And she's your daughter. What an amazing lovely perfect dress on and amazing lovely perfect bride.

  6. She is a very beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress! Congratulations!

  7. 639 oh I can hardly wait these are beautiful as are the bride and her maidens. The dress is perfect and love those boots. It is obvious to me this girl has her Mothers good taste and style. The photographer is amazing. I love that the dress took on a whole life of its own which is because it feels so free being made of a fabric that will not show stains. Your daughter is very smart. Oh I love the way you showcased this dress, brilliant.
    Oh I truly love the happiness and joy oozing from this post my friend. I look forward to 639 more happy, happy photos and happy happy words.
    Good luck with that fancy wordThe bride is truly beautiful:) Hug B

  8. I guess if I'd had a dress with a fancy name like that, I'd have done a cartwheel too. Love the boots!

  9. Gorgeous dress, gorgeous bride! Bring on the next 639 . . .

  10. Just beautiful! and what a fun picture of the cartwheel! On my weeding day ,one of my horses got out and I was just gathering up my dress to go run after it when my dad laughed and stepped in!A girl has to do what she has to do

  11. Beautiful bride in a beautiful dress. Love the cartwheel!

  12. Boy howdy, that is one purty dress and some mighty fancy boots too! I just love all those little buttons. (sigh)
    The cartwheel is such a fun photograph!! :)

  13. Wherever this beautiful dress lives now, I know it appreciates very much to have its story told. It is so special, so delicate, yet strong; its covered buttons a chore, perhaps, fragile, requiring gentle, patient hands.
    A beautiful dress for a beautiful bride and so many beautiful memories for you.

  14. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. The girl, the dress and I LOVE the boots! I want a pair!!! (I'm in serious boot envy right now). Ohh and the cartwheel....seriously I should have just stopped after my first three words, they said it all! :-)

  15. Your photographer did a beeyootiful job! What a dress, what super cool boots! What a feral and wonderful bride. Love the whole post and looking forward to MORE. (nice work, Mom)

  16. Beautiful dress and bride! Thank you for sharing! I have been negligent in my own blog and reading others has been lax also. I so enjoyed reading yours today! happy New Year

  17. What a wonderfully fun spirit your daughter has- and a beautiful dress and boots- just perfect.

  18. Hehehehe I actually laughed out loud when I read the part about the dress and the French lace curtains getting along despite the language barrier!! Really enjoyed this post and the picture of the cartwheel!! Congratulations to you and your daughter! :)

  19. That's it! My New Year's Resolution...to be able to do a cartwheel by June 30. I'll be 55.
    Great pics...can't wait to see more of them!

    Cindy Bee

  20. Great post ...as usual you made me laugh. I have to say the dress just looked like a dress until your daughter slipped into it. Gorgeous!!!!!!Her and the dress. She made a beautiful bride....you can't miss the stunning resemblance to her mother.I look forward to seeing more of that day.

  21. PS: Please don't take my comment to mean I didn't think the dress was beautiful....I just meant oh crap I can't put it into words....I have discovered rather painfully that I quite often don't say things right.....so if I offended I apologize.

    1. Oh Janice...Its okay ! I know what you mean LOL

  22. i must say, she and the dress are beautiful, and i love those boots!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  23. What a beautiful dress and those boots.....wow!!! I loved your story to go along with the great photos!

  24. Fabulous post and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. The cartwheel was the icing on the cake!

  25. On two totally different subjects: It was interesting to read about the forestry service business you and Mike run. Thanks for the link.

    Then: Samson is running around here full of himself after he read your comment on his breed. He begs to differ about the guard dog stuff and says he was raised by a German Shepherd and one German Shepherd mix, so he thinks he knows a thing or two about guarding. Hopefully, we will never have to find out. We knew his breed worked with the Samoyeds and their reindeer in Siberia, but we didn't know how ancient the breed is. I looked online after I read your comment and found that DNA made on them shows them to be one of the 14 oldest breeds and closely related to the wolf. Thank you so much for all that information. Now I just have to get Samson down form his high perch!

  26. You look absolutely beautiful! Wonderful dress, and hope it was the very happiest of days!

  27. Beautiful pictures ..., I always enjoy all of your pictures...
    Looking forward to see your many beautiful pictures this year also.(^.^)/"""


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