santa's delayed helper...

and then someone 


to take down the Christmas tree

in one night.






  1. Hi! Hope you had a nice Christmas. Very beautiful Christmas tree you have.
    We didn´t have one this year..
    Very nice picture in your header.

  2. Beautiful tree . . . and decorated beautifully . . . Oh my, hope this isn't true! Any breakage?

    I like your Peacock feather and the ornament . . . and your new header photo is very, very nice.

    Wishing you a healthy, happy and fire free new year!

  3. Uh oh ;-). Beautiful tree. How far did you have to go to find it?

  4. Your ornaments are beautiful! I lost all my beautiful and very old (belonged to my MIL when she was a child) ornaments along with all the ornaments I had collected through the years in a fire ten years ago. I still miss them every Christmas.

  5. I hope nothing got broken! I can so relate though ... as it has happened to me; but mine wasn't from a cat it was from rambuncious kids about 20 years ago. Your tree was beautiful!

  6. What a gorgeous tree. Did it really get taken down? Your header shot is so spectacular! Happy New Year!

  7. That photo of your tree is so full of light it hurt my eyes. Beautiful!

    When our cats were kittens we used to have to tie our tree to the wall. Hope you didn't have much breakage.

    And love the header photo, so amazing.

  8. My dear Feral Woman and Mr Foresterman that is one beautiful tree I love it. It was worth the permit and the time. It is very nice that Tomez volunteered to take it down Can I borrow him? Christmas was good for you I know it.
    Happy New Year the 2013 is going to be spectacular.
    Your header is magnificent.
    Yes I had fun my girls are gone home now and life on the farm with a ton of snow is back to NORMAL whatever that may bring:) #20 (yeah) likes the snow. xxoo Hug B

  9. Well, I'm glad you got pictures before somecat decided to "help!" The tree is lovely and I really like all your bird ornaments, especially the peacock with the real feather! :)

  10. Beautiful tree, and Tomez, you naughty kitty! Can tell he's feeling a lot better if he's helping you take down the tree. hehe

  11. He just had to test it to see what improvements could be made for next year. Aren't you glad to have such helpfulness? Your tree is gorgeous, incidentally.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with lots of good things.

  12. Gorgeous tree! Wow! And can you blame kitty. That's like feline heaven---a tree in a warm place filled with sparkles and bangles.

  13. The temptation was just too great for him!

  14. Trees are such a temptation.. our newest kitty could not restrain herself either!

  15. Uh, oh!
    We had a dog that ate all of the salt-dough ornaments within reach... all that we could afford!

  16. Lovely tree, but sounds like a bad kitty!

  17. Beautiful tree, hope Tomez didn't really take it all down

  18. Lovely decorations- hope Tomez didn't break anything!

  19. I have never heard of a tree permit enforce. Does it mean you can help yourself to one?

    1. Well, only after you have given the government $5. for a permit - then you are allowed one tree up to 12 feet tall, and only in the United States Forest designated...otherwise yes then you help yourself to one! ;)

  20. Beautiful tree naughty cat. Hope your Christmas was filled with fun and family. Wishing you guys nothing but the best for 2013.

  21. Mmmm juniper...
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you (and your family) health and happiness for 2013


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