Hey Pioneer woman...

yes, you, 

you successful blogger woman,

with that "cooking to die for" 

fancy tv picture show

and those 

fancy pants happy Christmas blog posts of yours...


Ill match your pretty Christmas cowboy,


MY  forest-y foresterman...

in KEVLAR chaps...

and I'll raise you 


MY forest-y treeless foresterman

 raising up a log shed... 




hired manly man 

help either...

AND yeah,

one of those ole'

shiny dime store 

Christmas wreaths

thrown in for good measure too...


with jingly bells gosh darn it!



 is for HORSES that 

laughed in the face of 


its not some mamby pamby 

fireproof store bought shed

with a water hydrant.

with pretty siding.



that newfangled electricity thang'...

with switches and lights and stuff.



And hands down

i bet 


cant beat

MY friendly Christmas 

woodsy attire 


yeah, thats right. 









oh.  alright.

I guess my out of whack

 treeless but not logless 

Christmas spirit 

got a little overheated ...

but  I bet shes not getting a homemade log shed for the new...

alright alright...

Ill cut it out...

have you ever tried decorating a dead tree?  the branches keep falling off...


hugs all around!



  1. I'll take the log shed, hands down! Merry Christmas! :)

  2. A hand built log shed for the horses?!? Now THAT'S Pioneer-y! Yeah!!
    It's coming along beautifully, love the shiny wreath to make it festive! I really like the pictures from behind the horse too! :)

  3. I loved this! And your resilience, grit and stick-2-it-ness . . . through a really, really devastating year!

    Wishing you some merry and happy twenty thirteen!

  4. Amazing work on those logs. Feral Woman horses are getting the BEST. Also admiring the view of that tush in the kevlar chaps. PW has a loooong way to go to keep up with FW!

    Lack of snow in your part of the Mountain West too. But it's gotta be a blessing during post-fire recovery. Happy Holidays!

  5. well, since i'm the only 2 1/2 yr blogger that has NEVER once visited pioneer woman's site, i'll just have to take your word for it that you outdid her. :)

    good luck finishing that log barn, ya'all!

  6. I'm not sure I know what you're talking about here, but I do know what I see and what I know. That log shed for your horses is amazing, as is Mr. Forestman. With all you've been through this past year, you are blessed with a strong and stubborn mind, you are blessed with a good man and you both survived a disaster. Merry Christmas to you, your Forestman, Dexter Dog, Tomez, and the rest of the critters. May next year bring a lot of JOY to you home.

  7. What a great job he does. Will be very nice for the horses.
    Have a Merry Christmas you all!

  8. Oh well first off I will take a few of those bear hugs and I must say everything is looking good and I am not just talking about Mr. incredibly handy Mr.Foresterman. The log horse home is going to be magnificent and I cannot wait to see it done and I pretty sure your horses can't either. What does a horse need light switches for anyways, do they read when we are all sleeping?
    Keep laughing and smiling my friend. I am right there with you pitching in OK maybe just in spirit it is much easier on these old bones:) HUGS xxoo Have a nice dinner with friends I will be thinking of you. Merry Christmas Love the wreath it spiffs up the joint:) {{BEAR HUGS}}:) B

  9. OMG, I love it!!!! You go girl!! You and Mr. Foresterman rock.

  10. Nothing is better than the smell of fresh cut wood.

  11. You've done the post we've all dreamed of doing :-D. Fun fun fun!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  12. Not quite sure who you're talking to, but yeah...what you said. Merry Christmas!

  13. Ok I had to go take a look at the Okie Women. You certainly do have her hands down. You go girl. So glad to see you guys making progress on the horse barn. They are going to be so snug in there. I know the work involved. Did an addition on an existing log house. We took the logs from the forest and I peeled them and hubby scribed them. We also used the tractor for putting it together. Ok I did and and never want to have to do it again. Oh you should see my outfits sometimes. People are so surprised to see me when I don't expect anyone. It's rags all the way. Wishing you and your forestman a very blessed Christmas and a happy new year.

  14. LOVE the log shed!! Merry Christmas, and hopes for a wonderful safe new Year

  15. That is gonna be the awesomeist stable around and your horses are gonna feel like the most special horses around! What a guy your man is! And you, you are one awesome strong woman. I hope you enjoy your Christmas!

  16. You made me choke on my coffee...ha ha ha can't stop laughing, you are priceless. Love the new horse digs can't wait to see it finished.Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have a wonderful day with your family and critters. Give Ebony a kiss on the nose for me.

  17. What Janice said, only it was my wine!
    You have just the greatest attitude. I would take that wonderful log horse house in a minute! You better keep that guy.

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year with much fewer sparks and flashes!

  18. Love that handmade, manmade shed... Hoping you and yours have a wonderful day together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas ~ faith, family and friends.

  19. You don't need to compete with PW. You've got her beat hands down in my book.

    Thinking of you on this Christmas and standing in line for some of those bear hugs.

  20. Yay, Feral! You show her what you're made of. Besides, I'm sick of seeing the photos of her husband's butt when he's wearing chaps. What's that all about anyhow? Shouldn't grown ups keep their butts to themselves? !!! I look forward to seeing the shed when it's done. I hope your Christmas was good. I wish you and yours all the best for 2013. You deserve to have a wonderful New Year!

  21. Nice job on the log stable. Everyone needs a new stable for Christmas. I see Baby is supervising.
    Did he eat the wreath?


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