Sorry, I cant blog today either...

Since we arrived home friday night, its been all heck in a handbasket.

it snowed over 7 inches and we got into the single digits for temps...

And somebody reminded me that we havent finished their log home yet ...

Im pretty sure now that in SE Montana you need at least 20 grounding rods to make a fence hot in snow.

at least he knocked.

on the new windows that the fire insurance covered.

even my poor survival roses thought they had more time this year.

this is the oddest year of my life.


 And someones cow/calf pair are living in the creek down below and are skittery enough that we cant see their brand to call up their owners...

cows can run, did you know that? 

like in a seabisquit-type run.

i got dizzy trying to keep up with binoculars on their behinds. 

And mr. foresterman has gone gunslinger 
and has a soul patch for 'movember...

Its his fault 
I cant get anything done 
 im too busy giggling and flitting my eyelashes like a schooler girl at him ...

I got me some issues .



  1. well, congrats on the new bovines! finder's keepers. :)

    as for baby knocking to come in? well... good luck with that. he's such a beauty, i'd probably say okay. just don't break the tile with those hooves.

  2. Baby its cold outside you better get that there barn built. You certainly are not a boring couple.
    I hope you get things done I know it is going to make for more challenges but you two are getting so good at those. (unfortunately) HUGS B

  3. Oh my!

    Can you put a slow soaker bucket (5 gal bucket with hole drilled in bottom) next to one of the grounding rods?

  4. I think you need to come and watch the Sunrise from my porch....your life is non stop excitement.You and Dexter are the only ones I know that can pull off yellow sunglasses.

  5. Fast cows is why we have fast cowhorses.
    Roses in the snow sounds like it should be a Christmas song.
    Like the new look, Mr. F.

  6. Yup that storm found you. The white stuff kinda is a wake-up call that the warm weather is all over. At least there is less danger of range fires now. Sending best wishes to your handling that handbasket full of heck.

  7. There are times when I miss that kind of snow. I spent many a year growing up in North Dakota. Stay Warm!!

  8. seabisquit-type're so funny!

  9. I think I would have jumped out of my shoes if my horse came a knocking on the window! Better get to building!

  10. Hopefully you will get the barn built soon so your pal does not try to get in the house with you. What a sweetheart. How long have the cows been visiting? Hope your issues disappear soon.

  11. I LOVE the pictures of Baby peeking in the windows!! LOL!! Hope ya'll get a break in the weather so you can get the horse house finished!

  12. Snowing here today and cold too. I hope you're able to cozy up to the fire and enjoy some down time soon:)

  13. At least your horse doesn't hang off of the screen door like our cats. That would be a bit much. :)

  14. Your humor and mine are very scarily similar..Find the humor in anything and run with it..(but faster than those cows..)..Love your blog..

  15. I hope Baby gets his house soon, he looked so forlorn standing outside your window. I love to see snow at your place. I didn't know Dexter was 12. Good thing is that Nordic dogs live long lives. I believe it's because they are out in the snow and woods a lot. We had a Siberian Husky/Malamute. She was huge and lived to be 16 or 17. So go Dexter boy, you are such a fine boy.

  16. I so appreciate your humor... hopefully that shelter will be done soon...

  17. Love that your horse was at the door, even if it did mean he was where he wasn't supposed to be. I'd have a hard time getting upset if my horses met me at the door, except that we live so close to a trafficy road now. That would make me worry a bit. And I agree. It has been a strange year, a hard one, and I'm not going to be sorry to kiss 2012 goodbye. I've never had a lucky number but I'm hoping that 13 turns out to be it. I'm ready for a good, easy year. I bet you are too.

  18. Sounds like you've got Feral Cows! And all that snow! You do have your work cut out for you...

  19. Well, if you need to get "outta Dodge" quickly, your trusty steed will be right there!


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