Still working in the woods...

I should be home tomorrow - I love working in the woods! in the snow! Above 6500'! In the 20 f temps!




  1. dexter dog is in his element - as are you. :)

  2. Dexter blends in quite nicely! Camo dog!
    Being back to work after all that has happened this year must feel like a blessing. Enjoy!

  3. Well I must say I am excited that you are having fun in the snow. I think everyone if you know who I mean looks very comfortable and not working at all.
    Can't wait to hear and see more about your time in the hills. Maybe we shall talk unless Sandy takes out my hydro and phone.Can't wait.

    Yeah Feral playing in the woods in the snow and smiling almost back to normal my friend.What a year. HUGS B

  4. Hi! Lovely pictures. We got a little snow last week but no its raining. Middle of Sweden will get
    25 cm this night and that is a lot, warings is made.
    Love your new header..Hugs from uss!

  5. Very lovely working conditions, much nicer than some stuffy old office! :)

  6. I love your new header! It's beautiful.

    As much fun as you're having, I bet it will be nice to be home.

  7. Dexter looks like you tired him out :-)

  8. I imagine that you are having a fantastic time in the woods- it looks a bit chilly, but has to be exhilerating!

  9. What a transition my friend. So happy for you! xo

  10. Brr sounds cold!! But glad you are happy ;)

  11. Love to see you ALL working!!!!!
    Rain :)

  12. Reminds us who we are.

    When I come onto your blog----

    lady, that PHOTO

    wowsa----it just stuns me!

  13. You've got the best office in the world!


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