Okay, Leontien, heres the deal...

I dont have any leaves to give you right now.

they kinda be burned up.

so you have to wait to see if any come up in the Spring,

okay friend?

but this is what I do have for you now ~

one elk butt.

the moon. I can give you the moon...

and a blackmail photo of a timbercruiser pulling up her compression sock for the hundredth time in the woods.

and another blackmail photo of a  Forester helping a man in south dakota out of his wetsuit. 
fins, scuba tank, spear and all.

dont ask.

we can also give you low fire danger too.

Mr.Bigfoot in the city...

and lastly, one anatomically correct Smokey the bear.

stick around and we can come up with all sorts of  woodsy things for you!



Since I have no Autumn leaves for Leontien my friend, PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!
please link up with 
Nancy from Rural Journal

so Leontien can dive into a pile of leaves for some good healing fun !



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