Day one - "you mean we get to swim in it too?"

But first,
before we could go anywhere on our mini geological vacation, 
we had to convince Dexter 
that he could not take tomaz's extra soft bed 
with him to doggy jail 

yes, Dexter sneaks naps on that tiny little bed when Tomaz isnt looking.

here he is trying to tell us to tell Tomaz to get off...

we dont.

AND then just as we were packing for our mini geological vacation,
 it started to rain-
 the first time in TWO MONTHS!!!
look at all those things starting to turn green before it all drops off and dies!!!

  of course this put us in a really great mood!

So in the car we go,
picking up our Daughter Annabel the new Bride and our Son in law Christopher, her handsome Husband in the biggest city in Montana...

and after two and half hours of driving, 
we saw this ~

 why post just one picture of the  Absaroka  mountains when three will overwhelm you?

Absaroka is a Crow Nation word, which means "children of the big beaked bird" ... 
and once it was its own state
peoples actually tried to secede from the United States in the 1930's!
Gotta love those Montanans for their independence!!

so one more mountain picture ~

okey dokey then!

these photos of mine really dont do justice to these majestic mountains in Paradise Valley,
so I suggest all of us go there again and again :)

And what is exactly in Paradise Valley?

Our first night layover, in Pray, Montana!


im sure "Sarah Palin and her blending in with the background bodyguard" here 
were thinking of doing exactly 
after they had told us that they were treating us to a night at

I danced when they told us thats where they were taking us!!!

because i have never been in a hot thermal springs pool EVER!

and since they are supposed to be healing waters,
I wanted to see if I would be healed of this perpetual optimism that I have been cursed with!

more exclamation points !!!

So we followed Sarah and the inconspicuous bodyguard into the resort...

  First thing we noticed was all the cool old stuff they had in the lobby!

i took lots more pictures but because I was so excited they all turned out like fuzzy moving otter pictures...
so i deleted them.


the resort was built in 1900...I know, a long time ago, right?
And the main lodge is exactly like an old western rooming house
all rooms are old timey inside,
and you have to share bathrooms like the olden days!
or like if you had more then one person in your family!

we didnt stay in the main lodge though because its kinda nice having your own bathroom.
So we got a really nice room at the Fisherman's lodge, 
a newer addition above the main lodge!

heres the only picture of our room ~

 the best part of the room ~ "the snack bar" ...

we also heard that the main lodge is haunted by the ghost of  "Percie"
and we since we didnt want to share the bathroom
with strangers let alone spirits from another dimension
it made it extra nice to stay at the Fishermans lodge...

 heres a picture i snuck took of one of the spiritual bathroom in the main lodge...

ok, confession time-
I made my family go into a bathroom with me at night and we turned off the lights.


nope. nothing happened.

 it was time to go into the thermal pool!

and not scald ourselves like we could at Yellowstone!

more exclamation points !!!

 first we read the long set of rules...

okay, not really.

then it was time to get healed and get wet!!!

Yes, its outdoors!
And the water temperature is always at 110 f!

my favorite memory of Chico Hot Springs?

We relaxed in these springs at night,
while blue cold air temperatures
dipped down
to 20 f

floating easily
in the steaming warm mineral water

eyes sleepily focused upward
all the stars 
as they 

the big sky.




  1. Well as soon as I got to the photo of the healing pool I blanked out about anything else you wrote, OK not the mountain (I love the mountains)I sat in the pool and absorbed the healing hot waters sitting beside my friend and talking about what else mountains and rocks. I know the healing worked even in this dream I was having.
    I went back and noticed the beautiful Sarah Palin and her body guard and the snack bar and scrolled down and seen the snack bar. Yup sorry back in the pool.HUGS Will come back later for the rest I missed. AAAAHHH healing water. more hugs B

  2. Well deserved for you, this mountain views, ghostly moments, mineral bath healing, snack bar treats and all the relaxation must have been. Did I say, well deserved!

  3. So glad you got to have that enjoyable trip. I wish I could go somewhere like that. Did I tell you I get to go to Walmart today? :)

  4. Oh, I'm so glad to just "hear" the joy in your voice!!! Sounds like a great experience.

  5. Wonderful, I am so glad you were able to sit in the warm water. I would have done the same thing, floating looking at the stars. The mountains are so beautiful!

  6. What I would give to have been in that healing pool! Gorgeous photos and what sounds like a very happy family.

  7. Oh. my. goodness. That looks fabulous...those mountains and that pool!

  8. Wow. wish I could see those mountains right now..I'm in love! So glad you all had a good time!

  9. Reminds me of being a child and we always headed to Radium Hot Springs in BC, right in the mountains, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as you did :)

  10. Your last comment summed up your post... perfect!

  11. what beautiful photos of the mountains, and how wonderful it must have been in the healing pool. If I ever get a chance at a vacation again this will be one of my top picks.

  12. so much to talk about here....but those mountains, a sight for sore eyes i would imagine!!

    sounds like a beautiful place and a wonderful get-a-way!!

    ps....the snack bar (and room service) are always my favorite part!!

  13. Ahhh hot springs :-) Well, and the mountains were nice too ;-). Glad you had a great trip!!!

  14. What an awesome trip. I pray the healing waters did heal! You are always in my prayers. Loved the adventure. Very BEAUTIFUL, THRILLING, and calming...

  15. Wow, the mountins looks awsome...what a great trip you do...great to relax after what you went through....Hugs from Sweden

  16. Ok I am back I did my comment in point form to make it easy:)

    Dexter and Tomaz lookin' good.

    Yeah rain I asked it and it came for you, yes I am that good:)

    Abrsaroka Mountains cool history really good.

    Snack bar mmmmm good.

    Brave spirit hunter you good(?)

    Loving gift from family and time spent together under the stars dreaming. Good

    No ....Perfect Hugs B

  17. I just found your blog after experiencing the joy of realizing my first follower on my bouncing baby blog (yes, it was you- THANK YOU!).

    I love your blog, simply love it. Your pictures are amazing, and the pictures of the mountains are breathtaking.

    Can't wait to read more!

  18. Those mountains take my breath away. Mike and I dream of moving to Montana one day, and this makes me itch for that day in the worst way...

  19. Hello, this is awesome place, i love hot springs, we have many hot springs in Japan,too.
    Next year i will move back to the states, and someday i would love to visit this place. (^.^)/"
    Thank you for the very nice imformation, and thank you for your sweet comment for my blog,too. (^.^)/"""

  20. I would be in heaven if I could lounge in those hot springs, for say, a week? Gorgeous mountain images -- just love!! xo

  21. Excellent post almost felt like I was there. Beautiful scenery shots. By the way before I forget ....again, thank you for the card and the gift from Ebony's pasture...very interesting.

  22. I hope you never get cured of your perpetual optimism!! (More exclamation points!) ;-)
    The mountains are breathtaking and what a fun place to stay. We actually have some hot springs down here in SE Arizona, who would've thunk it.

  23. Lovely mountains- but even lovelier that you got to go to hot springs! Maybe that will help thromby go away?

  24. Another reason to come to visit America its dramatic huge and has a cool snack bar.

  25. GAWD. i am obsessed with the Absaroka wilderness. I don't know why!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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