the have to's!


i got sidetracked this past week!

I have to start blogging again!

I have to!

Because I have to tell you about the buffalo bones we found in the creek...!

 And about that simmering coal seam fire thats killing trees underground on our hill!!

 And I have to tell you about the neighborhood coal seam fire that went 
beyond simmering at the neighbors!!!

Speaking of neighborhoods, I for sure have to tell you about the log cabins that we are "visiting" 
so we can learn how to put these things together! Just like lincoln logs, but on a greater scale,

I have to!

and I have to tell you how im trying to get my cool sunglasses back from Dexter !!!

and I have to tell you who got us all colorful here too!!!

Oh Boy, and I have to tell you about all of Tomaz's gifts that are making him concentrate on growing paws to open treats, he wants to!

and I have to tell about another miracle too, that of my roses!

Jiminy Crickets, I also have to tell you about my intense scrapbooking of the wedding in an intense two album series! TWO!
  (photo by Cabel Noteboom!)

and then I have to tell you about the mules  I met who work for the forest service in the Bighorn Mountains... !

Because we had to go on a field day trip to the mountains for fun and greenery!

and i have to tell you about the baby killer ducks too we saw when we stopped for a picnic!

and then I have to tell you about mr. bullwinkle too that we saw afterwards!!

I just have to!

  and then I have to tell you about the cowboy and his pup who we helped push cows along up in the mountains with our truck!!!

it was fun!

And most of all,

I especially have to tell you that we got hired for some

TIMBER CRUISING in the next month!!!


we have to!


See you soon!




  1. Hi! Sweden calling :-) Great to see the progress to normal situation. Nice to see trees green, and ducklings wagging around. But I really like the picture of the moose. My favourite model.
    But 8th of Oct the hunt starts here in the south of Sweden on them. We have to otherwise they be to many...
    Take care and have a nice weekend.

  2. Oh Yeah for Feral everything is starting to come back, the rose, Tomez, and most importantly to me YOU.
    Buffalo bones now I really have to come and dig around:)
    Tomez looks great and you are so smart to use the old cabin to learn how to build your barn, those people were very smart and extremely strong just like you and Mr. Foresterman. They came through probably the same thing as you but much worse because they could not see beautiful wedding photos and BLOG:) bringing this world closer and feeling the love of people who share love and have never met you.
    Yeah job yeah Moose (awesome)
    Take care my dear dear Feral. Love B Hugs

  3. I cannot believe I forgot Dexter I am sorry Dexter.You look so cool dude.:) Hug B

  4. And we have to tell you we loved this post and your new header pic. Have a great Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. ..and now we're all waiting to hear! Ack!

    I'm so curious about the bones.

  6. That new header shot speaks to me. How sweet it is to see some green...and there's a great message in that rose. Things are lookin' up.

  7. Cool dinosaur bones, bad coal seam fire, neat old log cabin, way cool Dexter, sweet Tomaz, beautiful rose, lovely wedding picture, hard working mules, beautiful mountain view, cute ducklings, impressive moose, fun cattle drive and TOTALLY AWESOME for the job!! Just had to tell ya'!! :)

  8. I have to tell you that I totally like hearing and seeing about what you have to tell us about . . . seeing "little paws" healing the most, although snippets of the wedding and a big old moose . . . pretty fun too . . .

  9. You sound so incredibly enthusiastic and happy! Hooray! After fire there is rebirth....

  10. the rose is wonderful! glad tomaz is trying! he's looking better! dex is definitely ready to get back to work!

    i know those coal seam fires have got to worry you, though. i hope they are controlled before you start working... ugh!

  11. I just had to stop at your header photo and look at it for a while and smile... it speaks volumes....
    Buffalo bones! be great if you found the skull too. Not so great about the underground fire.
    Don't you wish that old log cabins could tell you the stories of those who built them and lived there? But I guess they do, if you look at all the details.
    Dexter looks way too cool, and Tomez looks good on green.
    The roses are like you- disaster can't keep a good rose down!
    I love the happy wedding photo, and I bet the scrapbooks are beautiful.
    Sounds like your day trip was just the thing to get lots of positive things happening in your life, and yay for getting some work!

  12. Oh, I'm SO glad things are looking up. And I'm delighted that you made a field trip for some FUN. It's way past time for something enjoyable in your life. Hugs and more Hugs coming your way. And a couple for Mr. Foresterman, too.

  13. I "have to" tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Am so glad things are looking up for you. wish you could get the coal seam fires taken care of.


  14. Love the Header.Dexter is too coooool!!!Nice to see Tomez doing so well. Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous...the whole crew does.Good plan to check out the old cabins. I'm glad you got away for a trip. Work is always good.That Rose is awesome.... hmm reminds me of someone.

  15. So glad you "had" to tell how things are going. Glad you got away for awhile and got a job! Happy days are coming back!

  16. You have a new happier tone to your writing- I am glad. You deserve some joy!

  17. All so exciting! cant wait to read more

  18. Feral,
    I'm so happy to see a glimmer of your "former" self. Stay blessed & keep your spirits up :o)

  19. Sounds like things are going well. I'm glad to hear it. Dexter certainly has "the look"- you know, the movie star look. Fun post- lots to see. Have a good week!

  20. What about the bones? Love the scrapbooking and your roses!

  21. nice to see that things might be getting back to normal. Love seeing the kitty getting better, he's a beauty.

  22. It's kind of sad to see the bones of the buffalo in your dried up creek, and the simmering coals killing your trees, and hard working men still having to put out the fire. But I LOVED seeing your dog with your sunglasses! He should keep them and you get another pair. LOL! Your wonderful cat is delightful with his treats. I dearly loved the miracle of your roses and the TWO scrapbooking adventures. This will be fun putting together of some wonderful memories! I loved the working mules and the awesome scenery of the beautiful green mountains and the lovely baby ducks and the giant moose!!! The cattle drive looked to be a great adventure and I'm sure it was great fun!!! I'm not really sure what Timber Cruising is, but you seem to be very excited about it, so it makes me happy that you were chosen. I am also happy that you shared this time with us.

  23. What a fun post!

    I'm still cracking up over the baby killer duck statement.

    I will be chuckling over that all night!

    Love all your pictures.

    What a richly diverse place you live!

  24. So many things happening with you, and more good than bad, that's great. I'm not sure if I like the moose or the killer duckling best. Great series.

  25. Hey there, A blogger friend I was talking to asked me how you were doing and I said, "well, she hasn't posted in awhile and the last I knew the fires were still burning around her, but I think she's hanging in there." So, thought I'd just come by and check on you. YOu ok? Busy scrapbooking that wedding? Felling trees? Putting out fires? Taking care of Dexter & Tomez and that forresterman of yours? Whadup girl?

    Cindy Bee


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