my life has become a western psychological horror film...

remember the 1980's horror movie  "the shining"?
my feral version is set in the west ....

i see twins.



I have my own portal to Hell coal seam fire.

bet you dont have one.


we dig up bones for "date night"...

doesnt everyone?


our cat walks like Quasimodo...or eyegor.

depends on how old you are and which version you watched as a kid.

Then theres

 blue tongued deer.
a terrible disease that deer get from midge flies,
especially when theres drought.
this is sad and horrible.
right in our creek.
whats left of the creek.

but maybe not as sad and horrible

sharpening sharp blades for "date night".

and then 

theres big loud bomber airplanes flying overhead 
bombing with water and chemicals.


 theres a new fire that just started yesterday 3 miles away.

and you wonder why i blog late at night...


 has burned over 4000 acres in less then 24 hours.


it is still growing.


its made it to the last live trees we have around here.


soon there will be no trees left to burn in the coming years.


the end.

I have taken to singing Faith Hill's
"Where are you Christmas?"
except with colorful adjectives added in....




(now I am truly finished and will be peeking out the window again. and again. 
and again at the pink haze in the night sky....)



  1. I feel so sorry about wild fire.
    Hope it will stop as soon as possible.
    Other pictures are sooooo dramatic and beautiful nature...
    I love two sheep and your cat. (^.^)"""

  2. Praying for peace in the midst of it all x

  3. (words deleted to protect the innocents) :-(

  4. Oh Feral Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow (In Montana). This is my wish for you, I don't want it yet but I truly hope you get it. It is a big frost miles from here last night so winter is coming at least here in Northern Canada.
    I truly wish I could help you. I love seeing your header it is a beautiful yet ugly shot. Beautiful for the dramatic art it is but ugly because of the reason it looks like that.
    My dear Feral you are going to be OK, Keep looking out the window and I will keep praying for your snow.
    We will talk soon my dear friend.Keep using that special humour of yours, it will get you through this.
    Date night and bones sounds perfect to me. Be careful with that big knife Mr Foresterman Feral has enough to worry about :)
    I am glad Tomez is doing better.
    Hold on Feral snow is coming I put in a good word for you:) HUGS HUGS HUGS Be safe. B

  5. We are saddened to read your blog today. We say a prayer for you to have snow. Take care.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. I never did understand the Shining...I can't believe you have another fire going! There is going to nothing left in Montana pretty soon. Hope you are feeling well these days...xo

  7. I was excited to see your post, then devastated by "more fire" and loss. You a

  8. As I was saying when blogger played a trick on me . . .
    You are teaching me to care about a suffering I hadn't fathomed until recently. Truly, my prayers . . . that rain . . . or/and snow arrive in Montana . . . near you. Very, very soon . . . please.

  9. Please God let it snow. In 2006 when the fires were raging around us it rained/snowed on Sept. 21--let's hope for sooner this year!

  10. God in heaven, please help Montana and our friend, Feral...

  11. O I hope and pray that they get this new fire OUT before it consumes what is left of the rangeland. Lord, have mercy! Send torrential rain!
    I hope the aloe is helping Tomez's paws, does he let you put it on?

  12. H r t t p w i e I a d i g t e
    a d o y e h l m o n h

    rain dance for you!

    In my prayers!

  13. Dear Feral,
    I have followed your blog for a while. I forwarded it to friends to let them see the wild fires devastation & impact first hand. I remember the old saying, "You can't fight Mother Nature". It's true. Sadly. But then....the earth always renews itself. It will. You will. Prayers your way.

  14. Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I will remember you in my prayers. Keep watch ok?

  15. Feral, the land WILL renew itself over time. That's what we hang our hope and faith on. We just have to work to be around as it happens. Meanwhile, I'm so sorry to hear of the new fire so close. Stay safe. Hugs to both of you.

  16. I was so looking forward to your post. I am sorry to hear there is yet another fire and that close. I had a lot to say but changed my mind...I'm sure you are already thinking it anyway. Please stay safe!!!!!

  17. Not good! My heart dropped with your header pic, i thought no, not again!
    I pray for soft gentle soaking rains (you DO NOT need gully washer rains to happen right now!)

  18. Enough! When will you guys get to relax and know it's over. When I saw the smoke in your header pix I teared up. You must truly feel like you're in a horror movie. I wish I could send you snow- and lots of it! All I can do is pray and I will. Be safe.

  19. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry that this is happening again. Prayers.

  20. So sorry to hear of this fire and especially how close it is. You're in my prayers. Next spring though ~ it will be renewed and so alive again:) I know it's a ways off; but good does come to those who wait. In the meantime; stay safe and know that there are many who are praying for your much needed relief in this weather.

  21. So frightening! Continued prayers sent

  22. For Pete's sake! Enough already!!
    My heart is breaking for you! Stay safe and know that we are all thinking of you, Mr. Foresterman and all your critters and praying for relief. {{HUGS}}

  23. Its not true!!! Fire again?? Hope they can stop hade your share already. Hope you can be strong and we all think of you.
    Hugs from Sweden!

  24. I saw the wildfires on the news and thought of you immediately. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this again.

  25. My heart and soul cries so hard for you and your neighbors (if you have any neighbors). You are in my prayers most definitely. I ask for God's mercies and control of the fires. Although you show us the tragedy, I LOVE that you put a little humor in at The END. I pray for your safety and I also pray for you...SNOW!

  26. OK let's do have your health, so that's good. Tomez is healing, so that's good. The land will renew itself. I know this because our back yard, in town, is full of trees from neglect. We HAD all of these gardens and our yard looked like a park, but now it looks like a forest. And we can all send you flower seeds and you can just walk around and sprinkle them everywhere you go...would that help? Girl, I'm just trying to stay positive in the midst of all of this, not trying to be a smart alec. I read the other comments and feel the same. Hang in there kid!

    Cindy Bee

  27. Holy Frig....I'm a gasp as read...please take care!
    Sophie's Dad Ron


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