conversation with a cat.

Hey tomaz! How did it go this week?
you people keep working and working 
who can get any rest around here with all the comings and going onz?

Well, we have a lot to take care of right now...
Yes you do, like the fact I havent been able to log on to my favorite site
since you didnt figure out that the fire burned up the internet dish outside
until now. 

told you that you should have checked that out right away.



Well,we knew it wasnt working right for awhile 
but didnt have enough sleep to put two and two together...
and HEY i was kinda busy taking care of you, mr. fussypaws- 
Speaking of which, how are yours doing?
Ouch! dont squeeze so hard mom!
Im doing well thank you - but i seem to be growing lots of hair around my new pink pads - 
i think its that stuff called "hello fura"  that you have been putting on my paws...

Uh, no. thats called "Aloe Vera" and its suppose to help the burns on your paws, not grow hair...
Wonderful Shirley from "rideagoodhorse" sent it just for you!

well, tell her it tastes a little funny, but seems to be working...

I told you - you arent suppose to lick it all off!
but maybe you are right-
you are starting to get bristly furred grandpa ears...
I do not have grandpa ears, 
my ear parts fell off so my hair sticks out just a little.
you were there, remember?

Oh gosh yes i remember...
we would find little burned bits of you all over the house...
not funny.
get the internet working again so i can find real humor.
and write a thank you note to Shirley for my plushy blankie too...

whatever you call this wonderful polyester knit blend that has tasteful paws all over.
seriously, it made me heal faster. 
I do believe in your little world they call this a "blankie"

uhm. okay.
and dont forget to thank her for my inspiration plaque too...

uhm, i think that was for me...
no, it wasnt. 
you got the stress away roll-on oil that you inhale every chance you have-

you look like a 6 year old swiping her nose on her sleeve continously by the way...

uhmm, im not sure where the hostility is coming from, Tomaz. I have been under stress this year...
And you got the lavender lip balm. 
I love the lavender lip balm... that why...
that is why it has teeth marks.
especially after I hunt.



Isabel especially likes 
how the lavender scent blends with
eau de mouse...

then we wont tell you when we use the lovely winter guest towels that 
Lovely Janice from Own a Morgan & QH got you.
They are very soft by the way, and I love the winter theme...

and you know the yellow sunglasses Dexter keeps wearing,
and the cool moose sunglasses holder she got you? 
want to hear what a great neck scratcher it  is?
you gotta thank her big time.

This is not right. we all have been traumatized, 
but we are you do not have the right to use something that is not yours.
I think you are playing the victim here, 
and while you are at it, make sure you thank 
Stacey S. for my life abundance snacks and moist kitty food. 
I adore the moist kitty food.
i am addicted.

Jiminy crickets, yes, we will! anyone else?

Inger ,
who beautifully writes Desert Canyon Living

She is a Swedish Goddess in my kittykat world.
I love her.
when you die, i want to go live with her and Samson and the other dog, whatshisface.
just me. 
Isabel and Dexter can go somewhere else...

thats not nice, Tomaz. 

You need to remember why our wonderful blogger friends are helping us out...

 Remember Tomaz?


I remember...

and we cannot forget

We thank you thank you and thank you for brightening our world, helping us rebuild, feeding our critters,
 and for who you are - 
you ALL must have to take off your wings at night to fit under the covers!!


With your generous nature, 
have encourage me
to know
one day I will be passing the same on.




  1. What a beautiful update...and I love your new header shot. You sure have a lot of friends looking out for you and your critters...because you deserve to be taken care of after all you have been through. Hope all is well with the ponies too.

  2. Oh Tomaz you make me laugh just like your Mom. You are lookin' good I must say.
    I do believe bloggerland is full of the nicest people in the world at least that has been my experience.
    I do hope you will share once in awhile Tomaz it is a good thing you know, I know you have been through quite a bit but you know everyone in the house has too. They need a little pampering also.
    Tell your Mom I will be calling someday soon to see how she is doing and we can laugh about you (not really that would be mean).
    You make me laugh Feral and all the people you mentioned are totally AWESOME I have had the pleasure of knowing most of them for awhile and some I have recently come to know. Awesome is not a big enough word.
    Keep healing all of you and Tomaz quit hogging the goodies:) hugs B

  3. tomaz (and your mommy) are both getting your spunk back. and we are so grateful to see that. love the header photo of feral and dexter dog. and hooray for a new timbercruising season!!!

    i do so think blogland is a wonderful place to live. :)

  4. Wonderful recovery Tomaz thanks to your Momma and all her friends! You look marvelous darling! I love the header photo too. It's awesome! So, so glad the healing is going on.

    PS I love blogland too. It's where our real friends are! I'm very thankful for them.

  5. Great post!! Tomez looks beautiful after all what happend with him.
    Very nice picture in you header....
    Dont work to hard, have time for relaxing too.

  6. You have such beautiful babies. I'm so glad to see Tomaz looking so much better. He's such a pretty baby. (Don't tell him I said that!)

  7. The new header made me smile- you and Dexter are smiling in it too!
    Tell Tomaz that I made sure to get the best tasting Aloe Vera because I knew he would lick it, and it's good for his innards too- and, he looks good on green! The kitty paws are healing nicely, but I bet they will be tender for some time.
    Lol at Isabelle- she looks a little put out at all the attention Tomez is getting!

  8. Delightfful thank you . . . sounding like happier days are arriving.

    Love your new header . . .

  9. Glad to see Tomaz is looking better, love those sweet blue eyes.

  10. so glad that Tomaz is doing better!

  11. Wonderful and thoughtful gifts from some wonderful and thoughtful folks! SO glad Tomaz is on the mend

  12. Thanks for the update Tomaz! Blogging buddies are the BEST!!
    Great new header too! :)

  13. Love the new Header. Tomaz you're looking good. Those sunglasses and holder were for a laugh and I sure got one seeing you and Dexter wearing them...the really scary part is they really suit Dexter.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Wow! I can't remember how I found your blog but in the last 2 days I've read ALL your posts. You are an amazing inspirational woman! So glad you are all healing after all (ALL!) that you've been through.

    Much love from South Africa xox

  16. So nice to see Tomaz has healed so well. I really like the new header picture too.

  17. Yay Tomaz :-D And yes, you do have some great friends :-).

  18. Dear sweet Tomaz, I'm only now getting around to reading this. I'm so happy you are doing better, I wish I could be there and pet you softly. But don't worry, there will never be a need for you to move. Your mommy is feral you know. That means she can handle anything that comes here way. Sometimes it may take her a while, but she's very strong and will be there for you always.


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