When life gives you logs...

you make log aid...  and a horse shed. We are building a horse shed out of logs, then if that works, a machine shed. and then if that works, a cabin...we gotta lotta logs... and this is why pioneers made these in their spare time because they didnt have the internet. and blogs. 

or a home depot or lots of money to buy planed wood either.

 maybe children. I think they had those lots of children to build these.

but im pretty sure 

they had logs!

we be pioneers!!!

but with internet...


and a blog!

not much money though.

anyone see our insurance check yet?

didnt think so. I think they are waiting to see if the trees will turn green again...

uhmm, no.

 yes Baby, i think it will be safe. oh good question though.. i dont know about fireproof ...

lets ask Mr. Foresterman!

He says it will be a long time before we have a fire like that again - 
you need trees to have a crown fire...

And these are not going to grow back anytime soon.

  He and Dexter have been hard at work ...

 Here Mr. foresterman is using a cant hook to move a log that can weigh hundreds of pounds...

But it CAN - heh heh...get it?  heh...right, cant can heh heh!

okay okay,
ill let it go...

so easy does it!

And then he gets his tractor and MAKES SURE HIS SAFETY BELT IS ON...

i dont have any pictures of him moving logs with the tractor as that can be too exciting to watch with those hills, so all the pictures would be blurry anyhow, and this photographer also would have to take lots of bathroom breaks as its a little stressful to witness so until i get brave enough...  but here is me with my new sunglasses i got today from a special someone - i cant wait to write about it in the next post! We'll let you in on the secret giftgiver when we post on tomez's new pink toes that are arriving slowly! and the wonderful COLORFUL goodies they sent! We need colorful around here...

no, im not colorful enough. really....

 well, now i am!

this was taken on Thursday...can you see lots of green? our house roof in the background doesnt count! 
well this what they call "sterile" soil, after a hot fire like this.

it was really hot.
it burns everything so thoroughly that i need everyone's BS to make soil again... 
so if you know someone who could leave a heapful in the comment section,
I will pick it up later to make some dirt around here...

here is mr. foresterman sharpening a draw blade.

in mocs.

isnt he cute?

a casual log builder!

whats a draw blade you ask?

well, somehow you have to get the bark off of the log so it doesnt make it rot before its time.

a rotting horse shed is not what the pioneers were aiming for.

George would be ashamed of us if we left bark on.

So heres the draw blade in action! 

its kinda scary too, and messy...

but it works!

and hes not only cute but has a vast wardrobe of shoes - when he works with the logs, 
he only wears steel toed boots. 

cute and smart!

Then you brush any sticky parts off with a stiff wire brush!

except you dont use it to brush sticky parts off of Mr. Foresterman!

So see Baby? you'll have a log horse shed in no time!  

Only 37 more logs to go!!


When i am ready, I will write about the night of the fire and my horses. Right now, every time I think of it, i get a little ...i dont know what it is, but it makes me feel funny way deep down inside, and i want to either start drinking copious amounts of tequila, eat lots of bad processed food, or dig a deep deeep hole in the side of the hill and curl up in a ball and make it all go away.

one thing I will share of that night -

Sitting down below in the hayfield, watching it all blow up  - i cant relive that right now - too soon.  But up on top, when I was dipping buckets into the melted containers of water to put out all the fire around the house, i keep yelling BABY, BAAAABY, BABY...

then far away i heard him call. and there he was - backdropped by the flames of the brome field still blazing, and trees dropping lit red cinder, he carefully made his way to me. I dropped the buckets and ran to him.

it was one of those moments in my life I will never forget.





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