When life gives you logs...

you make log aid...  and a horse shed. We are building a horse shed out of logs, then if that works, a machine shed. and then if that works, a cabin...we gotta lotta logs... and this is why pioneers made these in their spare time because they didnt have the internet. and blogs. 

or a home depot or lots of money to buy planed wood either.

 maybe children. I think they had those lots of children to build these.

but im pretty sure 

they had logs!

we be pioneers!!!

but with internet...


and a blog!

not much money though.

anyone see our insurance check yet?

didnt think so. I think they are waiting to see if the trees will turn green again...

uhmm, no.

 yes Baby, i think it will be safe. oh good question though.. i dont know about fireproof ...

lets ask Mr. Foresterman!

He says it will be a long time before we have a fire like that again - 
you need trees to have a crown fire...

And these are not going to grow back anytime soon.

  He and Dexter have been hard at work ...

 Here Mr. foresterman is using a cant hook to move a log that can weigh hundreds of pounds...

But it CAN - heh heh...get it?  heh...right, cant can heh heh!

okay okay,
ill let it go...

so easy does it!

And then he gets his tractor and MAKES SURE HIS SAFETY BELT IS ON...

i dont have any pictures of him moving logs with the tractor as that can be too exciting to watch with those hills, so all the pictures would be blurry anyhow, and this photographer also would have to take lots of bathroom breaks as its a little stressful to witness so until i get brave enough...  but here is me with my new sunglasses i got today from a special someone - i cant wait to write about it in the next post! We'll let you in on the secret giftgiver when we post on tomez's new pink toes that are arriving slowly! and the wonderful COLORFUL goodies they sent! We need colorful around here...

no, im not colorful enough. really....

 well, now i am!

this was taken on Thursday...can you see lots of green? our house roof in the background doesnt count! 
well this what they call "sterile" soil, after a hot fire like this.

it was really hot.
it burns everything so thoroughly that i need everyone's BS to make soil again... 
so if you know someone who could leave a heapful in the comment section,
I will pick it up later to make some dirt around here...

here is mr. foresterman sharpening a draw blade.

in mocs.

isnt he cute?

a casual log builder!

whats a draw blade you ask?

well, somehow you have to get the bark off of the log so it doesnt make it rot before its time.

a rotting horse shed is not what the pioneers were aiming for.

George would be ashamed of us if we left bark on.

So heres the draw blade in action! 

its kinda scary too, and messy...

but it works!

and hes not only cute but has a vast wardrobe of shoes - when he works with the logs, 
he only wears steel toed boots. 

cute and smart!

Then you brush any sticky parts off with a stiff wire brush!

except you dont use it to brush sticky parts off of Mr. Foresterman!

So see Baby? you'll have a log horse shed in no time!  

Only 37 more logs to go!!


When i am ready, I will write about the night of the fire and my horses. Right now, every time I think of it, i get a little ...i dont know what it is, but it makes me feel funny way deep down inside, and i want to either start drinking copious amounts of tequila, eat lots of bad processed food, or dig a deep deeep hole in the side of the hill and curl up in a ball and make it all go away.

one thing I will share of that night -

Sitting down below in the hayfield, watching it all blow up  - i cant relive that right now - too soon.  But up on top, when I was dipping buckets into the melted containers of water to put out all the fire around the house, i keep yelling BABY, BAAAABY, BABY...

then far away i heard him call. and there he was - backdropped by the flames of the brome field still blazing, and trees dropping lit red cinder, he carefully made his way to me. I dropped the buckets and ran to him.

it was one of those moments in my life I will never forget.





  1. Excellent!

    Have been thinking about you since The Ordeal and wishing you well!

    Here's to that log shed being up in.....well, no time!

    Blessings and smiles!

    The Goat Borrower

  2. Love your casual log builder. Can't wait to see the shed finished.

    My stomach twisted in knots reading the last bit about Baby and the fire though. *cringe*

  3. Oh my friend you have this uncanny ability to make a girl concentrate intently on what you are saying,smile at a photo or a word, then laugh and laugh at a silly sentence and then my dear friend cry, that last sentence had me curled up in a ball for a moment but I am OK now (what is with that?)
    You make my day. It is so nice to see you back writing and smiling and laughing.
    Mr. Forester Man is going to build a fine horse barn I can tell he knows what he is doing anyone that knows what a can't hook is smart (we have them I know that too yeah me) handy little things for moving tremendous gigantic trees even 4'10and a bit girls can do it:)
    It makes me sad to see your bush all gone but I love seeing your new sunglasses they are YOU. Your Baby's pink toes yeah yeah yeah.
    Boy this is turned into a novel not a comment. Talk to you soon:) B

  4. Did I tell you how much I enjoy our conversations. Thank you my friend.Hugs, B

  5. Buttons is right...we are drawn in and can't stop reading. Most of us will never experience what you went through with the fire...hard as it may be to write...and read, thank you for sharing! I'm so glad Baby is fine, and that the rebuilding has begun!

  6. We (my husband and I) enjoy (that may not be the right word) reading your blog. I can't think of the right words to say to you guys--things such as "keep your chin up", "it will be all right," don't even begin to fit your situation. I guess just know there are people out there thinking of you!

  7. Ditto to Buttons . . . . my heart came out of me with the words BABY, BAABBY, BABY . . . and then the tears fell . . .
    I can't imagine . . . holding on to your words and wish I could send a crew of people to help build and buckets of money too . . .

  8. You make us feel anything can be achieved not matter what low point you start from. We pen this with a tear in the eye at your last few sentences. We will every log be finished and all our hope that your shed be up as soon as possible. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. This was such a good look into what goes into rebuilding. I wish I were closer so I could come over and help.

    Like the others, my heart was in my throat reading of you calling out to your Baby. I am so glad you were reunited and both safe. Baby is beautiful!

  10. How great to have Buttons express what I felt too as I read this. The last few lines about Baby had me in tears. It is incredible what you guys have been through. I wish I could be there and give you all a hug. Since I can't, I'm sending a virtual hug to you and your family. Building after a disaster is probably the best thing one can do for one's soul.

    On a different note, several of my readers with dogs, appreciated your suggestion of the frozen water bottle. Our freezers are full, so I tried a small bottle for Samson. He looked at it like, "mommy, I asked for air conditioning and you give me this," but he ended up playing with it, sleeping on it, and licking it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  11. Reading about Baby. How grateful you must have felt to put your arms around your precious friend. He must've felt it too. My heart goes out to you my friend, you have a lot of hard work ahead, but I think the results are gonna be awesome! By the way, here is all my BS for the day,bsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsbsssb, ok so it's a lot, hope it helps the soil!

  12. Love what you both are doing and I hope we can come up the creek soon and see how everything's progressed! As far as bringing fertility back to the sterile soil, it will take time but you can help it along just a little. I dig deep 18" furrows in the garden area in the fall and winter and instead of using the composter, dump my kitchen scraps in those, covering them up with a tarp and then dirt as each area fills up. In spring we sometimes till these in but often I just plant something on top. The plants I put there have amazing growth. Maybe you could start something similar? Landons in Sheridan sells finished compost by the yard, so if you're going to town. And when we do our annual barn mucking, I can let you know and we can load up a pickup or two -- it'll take a year for it to break down and be usable but is awesome for enriching the soil! It will start bouncing back- like the people who chose to live out here, the land is resilient given a little TLC. And from what I know resiliency, love, and care are part of who you are! from down the creek.

  13. That last bit gave me shivers. What an incredible painting that would make of a heart wrenching moment. Love that photo of Ebony, watching the progress of his new barn.
    Your husband is a can-do kind of guy, cant hook and all! The pioneers would be proud of him. I've heard that fire-killed wood is great for building as it is hardened, but it must be tough to get all that sooty bark off- I'm surprised Dexter dog isn't blacker!
    *Ahem* nice sunglasses... give Tomez some lovin' from the crew here...

  14. OMG, I can just see Baby lifting his head, hearing you call and going to you...Mommy...how incredible!!! This tops all the rest of your post, which was amazing!! I love how you are making something positive from all the ashes around you!

  15. i agree with buttons - you take us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. i love your sweet boys. all of them. and your little pony girl, too.

  16. p.s. take susan's bsbsbs and quadruple it!

  17. log Horse shed will be a wonderful place...I am glad to hear about little pink toes!
    But, I got chills and a tensed up stomach at the last bit about Baby... I seriously cannot fathom having to just turn my horse's loose!

  18. That is one motivated man you got yourself! My husband was a carpenter and holy cow do I know how much work he is up against. The part about Baby made my stomach turn....wow

  19. No rush on writing the stories -- when the time is right, they will find their way out without making you sick, or giving you an anxiety attack reliving everything. I am SO happy that Baby heard you, and came to you, and is okay. I think log homes/barns, etc, are more fire resistant than plank wood. We considered building a log home but the expense was huge. See? You're building a designer, fire resistant barn for the cost of sweat and sore muscles (glad he wears steel toed boots).

  20. What Buttons said~ got a lump in my throat...Baby is going to have the best build shed in all of horsey land! She is adorable! I look forward to your updates as well, and think about you all the time!

  21. You are one corageous woman with an amazing Foresterman by your side.
    May you receive all the 'BS and miracles' you need!
    You look MARVELOUS in those yellow spectacles.

  22. You have a great man who is building a new shed , he is doing many dont know how today. About Baby, must felt really heartbraking...lucky you found her.
    You have a lot to do to get settled for a normal life again. But you will do it.
    Dont rush into tell the story...we are not in a hurry.
    Warm hugs from Sweden!

  23. I love how you write. You have a special way with words.
    I'm sure your Foresterman will have that barn up before you know it. It does look like damn hard work though.
    I had a lump in my throat at your last bit about baby.
    Take care and tell your man to be careful!!!

  24. Hey, girl. Nothing I can add to what has already been said, except I think about you and worry about you. Wondering how things are going and wishing for much better times. Hugs to both you and Mr. Foresterman.

  25. Wasn't that nice of Buttons to say what so many of us are feeling! She has such a way with words, just like some Feral Woman we know!
    The log structures will be really nice when finished, can't wait to see pics. I'm sure glad Mr. Foresterman does NOT wear his mocs when working with those logs!!

  26. You and Mr. Foresterman are inspiring. I can't imagine cutting and stripping all of those logs, but I do know how much I love my parents' lodge which was built from the standing dead of a forest fire. Your shed is going to be beautiful.

    The last part of your post had me in happy tears. I'm so glad you had yet another miracle.

  27. Your hubs and mine are so much alike!..both such hard hard workers and take everything in stide (or just do the best you can). I do wish you had a little miniature log peeler though...but you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again! Not for sure that I would have it left in me now..xo

  28. Wow, all that loggin' is lots of work. My heart sank with just what little you mentioned today. I sure am glad Baby came to you! Sooo scary. I fully understand why you can't talk about this much yet. I hope you aren't having nightmares. Or even night stallions.

  29. From laughing to crying... woman you sure know how to slam a person.Can't wait to see the finished product...looks like Ebony is pretty excited about it too.

  30. Pioneer!! I would say so, and a good hardworking man! You two are amazing. And that last piece, you wrote it so well I could see it , and I got chills a lump in my throat and tears all over again

  31. You are both doing wonderfully, with such courage. God bless!

  32. well, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonaid, and when tragedy gives you dead logs, you don't let them go to waste! You guys are an inspiration!

  33. The fire never goes away, does it? Even after one year, and almost losing our farm, the memories are still so vivid.
    Life goes on... but writing about it will help you let go of the fear.
    I'm so glad that your horse is here to build a barn for.
    You and your husband are courageous and looking forward..... That's the right direction.

  34. Sounds like a good use for the trees. My hubby used to run a portable sawmill business. I always thought the cant hooks should be called "can" hooks. It's amazing what can be moved by them.

    Ya got me all teary telling about how you called your baby!Thankfully, he looks okay in the recent picture. I hope your pony is doing well too.

    I look forward to seeing the log horse shed on your blog. That's really clever to use the trees like that.

    Take care! Great glasses!

  35. Oh my, I get more than my share of BS around here! Now I know where I can send it all!! Your story is amazing, you kept me on the edge my seat and at the verge of tears! Baby, Baby I can't tell you how happy I am you are all safe and happy building a new beginning! Best wishes, love and hugs to you all!

  36. I don't think I could have lived thought that and come out as well as you have. So glad you got that beautiful horse back safe. Found your blog and will be back again. Mine is tumblweedcrossing.blogspot.com if you want to visit.
    Good luck with the shed

  37. When fires will not quit, they achieve very high nuisance status. Very high.

    You have survived. Hope nothing sneaks under your house, or something nasty like that. Or under the new place Mr. Foresterman is building for the horse.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  38. Question: when Mr. Foresterman is using his Cant, do you call him the happy hooker? Just wondering.

    He has amazing skills. I wouldn't know how to build a horse house. Especially out of logs.

  39. I'm so glad you're ok. I need to keep on top of my blogs more often, I didn't realize all you'd gone through. You're right, it wasn't on the news here at all. You know, I'm sure something snooki was doing was much more important.

    Anyway, *hugs*, I'm so sorry for what you're going through but I can't think of a stronger woman that could do it.


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