"we interrupt this blog program for an important message. - this is a test and only a torturous test...

(sung to Lampchop's   "the song that doesnt end"  melody - God rest her little soul in sweeter pastures - if they let her in with that song...)

this is the fire that doesnt end

yes, it just goes on and on my friiii-eeeeendddssss;

some people, staaarted poking it 
not knowing what it was

and they'll continue poking it 

forever just because...

 no one will show up.

"if this had been an actual emergency, tough, feral woman. you choose to live out there so deal with it.
This concludes your lifetime fire test...for now. BEEEEEPPPPPPP"


yes. another coal seam fire. 
We took a walk on our private road, and smelled something nasty burning. Walking down the hill we noticed burnt NEW grass at the base of the hill, and then felt our feet get HOT. The soil was soft on top. And yes, i poked around with my meat thermometer, because its useful that way to a feral person. I had to take a picture and pull it out fast as it hit the top within a second and half; it would have burst for sure. 

We made a call. 
havent heard anything yet.
I think we can dig it out... 

no water though.

water + coal seam fire = bad gases - gases kills us, yes they will...

So we had one week of no crisis's (crisis, crisises, crisis's? Aggh! verbal police i need structure!!), 
but hey, it was almost two weeks!

 life is not dull.

For reals I will post happiness and sunshine and Tomez the meercat this weekend, and blog about the sweetest generous bloggers who have the biggest kindest hearts ever who gave me, well, feral like gifts that I absolutely adore and can use...feral-ily....

but now I need to go buy a new pair of boots.

and some flameproof gloves.

and maybe 

a new meat thermometer.



  1. i know that is terribly worrisome! i hope you can dig it up/out and get it GONE!

  2. Oh man your life is turning out to be a bad soap opera I wish all the happy stuff would start now please. Darn it just when it seems to be looking like normal(?) what ever that is. I am pretty sure normal is in neither of our dictionary's.
    Hold tight Feral the best is coming I am sure.
    Oh how I wish I lived closer and owned a darn meat thermometer. I would so use it in that stupid hole to keep watch. Then we would skip off hand in hand in the direction of no worries and good chocolate and laugh and laugh. Whoops sorry got a little carried away but you know what I mean. HUGS stay safe please. Hugs again. B

  3. Scary stuff to keep ones mind in worry mode! Hope you can make it GONE . . . and soon. Life for you needs some sweetness and light. Thinking of you and want you to be safe and relaxing!

  4. What can you do to put out the coal seam fire? somther it with dirt? what will happen when it rains / snows? Take care, glad to see Tomez is looking better.

  5. Hope the fire dont will blow up again...great to see Tomez doing ok.
    Take care all of you and hope days are great to you.

  6. Oh my gosh, sending prayers your way today, and hope that it doesn't flare up badly again.

  7. Plural of crisis = crises

    That said, you've had plenty. No more for you!

  8. Oh my word, I hope you get a call back and some kind of action on this stupid thing! Be careful out there and maybe you should get some flameproof boots too!
    Glad to see Tomez the meercat is doing better! :)

  9. I thought it must have been settling down a wee bit for you by now. It is astounding that it is still that hot underground.
    I continue to send you hugs in the hope that they may help. :)

  10. Coal seams are a real problem, there is one here is East Coulee that has been burning for I don't even know how many years (the mine closed way back ing the 50's) and in the evening it looks red on the hill and every once in a while it has smoke, I sure would not climb on that hill, but it has not broken through and the whole area is coal so I imagine it will keep burning forever.

  11. Aren't underground fires a concern of the county?? I'm surprised that you have to take care of it yourselves...

  12. EEeeeeekkkkk, be careful! Please! I hope it can be taken care of. I don't pretend to know exactly what's happening, but I know it can be dangerous.

  13. One more time, girlfriend, here comes a big ole hug for both of you. There's been quite enough of that nasty stuff. Hope there's some sort of good resolution soon.

  14. We are thinking of you and hoping all will continue to get better. Our very best wishes from across the pond. Molly

  15. That would worry me like a rock in my shoe. .I'm so sorry y'all have to keep dealing with that nasty FIRE!

  16. Your humour is astonishing...even while I'm feeling really bad for you guys you can still make me laugh.Maybe you will get a huge rain storm that goes deep into the earth....well one can hope...stay safe guys.

  17. You had me at meat thermometer. Because really, why haven't I been traveling around with a meat thermometer at the ready? That will be rectified immediately.

    Sorry you have to deal with a coal seam fire. As a person who grew up in the same state as Centralia, I know it's dangerous stuff. Take good care of you and yours!

  18. Criminy. I wish all fires would just go away.
    Hug Tomez for me!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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