"we interrupt this blog program for an important message. - this is a test and only a torturous test...

(sung to Lampchop's   "the song that doesnt end"  melody - God rest her little soul in sweeter pastures - if they let her in with that song...)

this is the fire that doesnt end

yes, it just goes on and on my friiii-eeeeendddssss;

some people, staaarted poking it 
not knowing what it was

and they'll continue poking it 

forever just because...

 no one will show up.

"if this had been an actual emergency, tough, feral woman. you choose to live out there so deal with it.
This concludes your lifetime fire test...for now. BEEEEEPPPPPPP"


yes. another coal seam fire. 
We took a walk on our private road, and smelled something nasty burning. Walking down the hill we noticed burnt NEW grass at the base of the hill, and then felt our feet get HOT. The soil was soft on top. And yes, i poked around with my meat thermometer, because its useful that way to a feral person. I had to take a picture and pull it out fast as it hit the top within a second and half; it would have burst for sure. 

We made a call. 
havent heard anything yet.
I think we can dig it out... 

no water though.

water + coal seam fire = bad gases - gases kills us, yes they will...

So we had one week of no crisis's (crisis, crisises, crisis's? Aggh! verbal police i need structure!!), 
but hey, it was almost two weeks!

 life is not dull.

For reals I will post happiness and sunshine and Tomez the meercat this weekend, and blog about the sweetest generous bloggers who have the biggest kindest hearts ever who gave me, well, feral like gifts that I absolutely adore and can use...feral-ily....

but now I need to go buy a new pair of boots.

and some flameproof gloves.

and maybe 

a new meat thermometer.



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