We had all the cats in their carriers - but Tomez escaped from his carrier just as we were fleeing. 
 I didnt  have time to get him. Its hard to relive that moment. 

Most if not all roads are shut off due to fire. We are surrounded and its uncontained. 

My biggest fear - not having access for medical help for my animals.

But by a miracle (your prayers and best wishes?? THANK YOU!!!!!) Dr. Randy (our vet) , because he is one of those kind of western men, came out to the burn area right away for putting animals down - and stopped by our house to see if we were ok - he looked at the horses - eb and sally have some blistering around their mouths and eyes, eb has tender feet and they both have singed hair, but they are eating and drinking - by the grace of God I have one small strip of brome that survived the fire and they are eating that - but I will need hay somehow soon - all of us will ...But tomez 's ears, feet and eyes got burned bad.  I am doctoring him the best way we can - but Dr. Randy thinks he will pull through since he can eat and drink still, and purrs when you touch him lightly. I am looking for miracles in all of this, trying, and they are there.

I love my vet.



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