first off~

Beautiful Nancy from Rural Journal is one of the most compassionate, photographicinessful (yes, its a word.  its in the feral dictionary) and heartfelt peoples I now know, along with that tricksy "call you at all hours of the daytime" graceful and also photographicinessful (see above) Buttons from Buttons Thoughts- both of them did something that even i couldnt have imagined in my wildest dreams - Nancy organized a drive for the Red Cross Montana, in which you raised $300. !!!!!  And then Buttons gave the low down addy info on a stubborn feral woman and then you wonderful bloggers went beyond that and donated money to help Tomez  get back on good bright pink half toe?! tiny victory yay! Hes got 9 toes left to go, well 7 to be truthful, and how do half toes count up? I digress...  anyhow, yes, you generous wonderful beautiful (add more happy adjectives!!!) bloggers raised $271. for us to do that and I cannot thank you enough... money is a little tight right now because there is so much burnt up and falling apart and falling off and just breaking stuff due to the fire and the power outtage surge from the fire...and especially now since Tomez will not take his antibiotic turkey baby food medicine and I have resorted to making scrambled eggs every morning to mix in his medicine and then for dinner mixing his medicine up in the last package of our son in law's caught smoked trout from the wedding, just to get him to take his medicine. this cat still has game i tell ya...your donations made me curl up in a ball next to him and cry for a little bit...i love him so and so do you...

he lost some toes on his back feet unfortunately, and sits like a jack rabbit. 
but his eyes have healed so good!   
I think he looks absolutely beautiful :) and so much better then last weekend.

We have set up the downstairs bathroom just for him, putting a soft blanket on the floor for his weeping feet, a low sided kitty potty box, and a fan to stay cool (we have not had one day under 90 degrees this week :( Nancy also sent one of her beautiful photos for tomez - as an encouragement Im sure, so we set it by his water and food dish...

he likes it.  Thanks Nancy!

and thank you to all of you bloggers out there who donated to the Montana Red Cross and to Tomez's costs

~!!!you are all beyond wonderful, compassionate and giving!!!!~

and now a word from Tomez

"meouw,meow, me-ooow mowl, meow"

(and something to remember -cold porcelain feels good on burnt paws! :)

So im not sure what that means, but I think its either

"for gawd sakes rescue me from her cooking"


thank you.

im pretty sure its thank you.

for always.



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