and then there are the losses that I will mourn with my last breath...

all 4 photos taken by cabel noteboom photography

back in 1915, we have George McGovern to thank for homesteading this 160 acres in the Custer National Forest - without his patent request, we would never even have had the opportunity to live and work here.

We always thank George..

An older bachelor of age 31, he signed up to fight against the enemy in WWI,  leaving his hard work and horse plowed fields behind in the care of the neighbors who were deemed too old to sign up or were of the female pursuasion who werent allowed to fight  then.

he was part of the 3rd Wyoming Infantry of the 41st division in 1917, later to become the 115th Cavalry
the true originators of the use of as a battle cry

"Powder River, let 'er buck!"

he never came back.

I always think of him when I would walk about, touching those large wood logs, hewned into a makeshift home, such hard work, finding a rusty bucket here, a broken bottle there, as it was later used for animals, thanking George under my breath, in my thoughts, sometimes even in our plans for the land ~

 "what would George have seen? what would he do?"

We always thanked George.

its all gone now.

"Powder River, let 'er buck!"



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