A poem.

T’was  the week before the wedding

And all through the place,

Not one was brave enough

 To say no to brides mom’s face !

So brides dad hopped in his old tractor

down the driveway boy he flew,

But only to get away from her gun

That one that dripped really hot glue

And even the poor pretty bride,

 with her strong exgymnast’s hands,

Was put to nasty hard work,

to get rid of a faulty stand.

She sawed and she sawed at this big glass card cage

but only to her dismay,

Sawing hard metal with soft metal

 lengthened her already long day!!

But meanwhile upstairs 

there rose such a clatter

The glue Gun! The spray CAN

Was all that really mattered!!

And soon very soon

The nicest stuff started to appear,

It was like magic,

it could be a new career!

But the bride would have noticed

If she wasn’t so sad,

 that stupid *&#$ darn metal glass stand,

was now making her pretty mad!

But fer real the brides mom didn’t notice

instead she brought out brush & can,

She stained 110 pieces,

the handles of the program paddle fans!

And then those poor animals,

were surely not getting any rest,

As everyone was still working

24/7 through this whole entire mess!

And even those lil' rattlesnakes

that slept in the long driveway

Were not even once spared

during those daily store runs each day...


 will it be worth it?

Will it not rain?

Will it be wonderful?

And without all this pain?

So Merry Wedding to all and to all Please stay tuned!



  1. Well this certainly made me laugh out loud. YEAH it is almost the day I am so excited. Everything looks like it is working out well except for the stupid metal thingy:)
    It is going to be a fantastic day and the bride and her handsome groom and the brides Mom and her handsome foresterman are going to be beautiful and happy and live happily ever after. The end. B HUGS

  2. Awesome arrangements! They are just beautiful. Great poem too!

  3. So close to the wedding
    and you take time to write?
    The decorations are gorgeous,
    Looks like you're ready for that night.
    You've attended to each little detail
    You've glued and you've sprayed,
    Happy Wedding to all
    For good weather we'll pray!

  4. All that glueing and spraying will be so worth it- everything looks absolutely lovely- even the bride hacking away! I love that glass birdcage. Praying for a day with exceptional weather.

  5. Oh it's gonna be beautiful! And the bride and her Mom are gonna be so glad when it's all over! I am wishing for you and the bride all the
    blessings you need to get through this.

  6. fingers crossed that weather will cooperate, all guests will arrive safely and have a GREAT time, and you will have time to just breathe deep, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your lovely girl's wedding day!

  7. Loved your post today, and I will send good vibes your way for nice weather.

  8. I'm hoping for great weather for the big day. Loved your poem too. And the sign!

    I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your comment a while back about the white dog hairs on the dark upholstery in the car. What's one to do with dogs like these?? Samson just started to shed his winter coat..... Need I say more?

  9. Yes! Certainly looking forward to the big day... and your post afterwards!!! What a talented family y'all are... but.. what the heck is your daughter working on anyway?

  10. This wedding will be like no other. What a creative family.

  11. Oh my gosh...Deep cleansing breaths!!!! With me now....breathe iiiinnnn....hold it...hold it...hold it.....breathe out...

    Everything looks lovely. And who knew you were this creative. Oh my gosh. It all looks so professionally done. It's going to be beautiful.

    Cindy Bee

  12. It's going to be a beautiful day.I can't wait to see the pics. By the way you could have a career in decorating...lovely.

  13. Love it! and so glad I'm not doing it--but will be wonderful no matter what-and especially so that you are able to be with them at this event! and many more!!

  14. ha, very nice. looks like it will be wonderful!!

  15. Wow those decorations are sp nice!!! Im sure the weather will be good and eating a few of those M & Ms should help relieve stress ;)

  16. It looks like it will be prefect!

  17. I LOVE the arrangements and the theme of her wedding. Congrats!

  18. Holy. Cow. You all did a great job!


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