My life is not boring. ever.

Okay. I am not sleeping, or resting after this wedding. I am finally hooked to the internet via satellite and generator today to update you and my family.

'you think you have issues, lady, I havent even grown in all my pin feathers yet and now its fire season!"

And at least this didnt happen the weekend of the wedding. seriously. I might have gotten a little upset.

tomez does not feel we are in danger
110,000 acres and burning,  0 percent contained. Bridges burned out on Hwy 212 . No power in the town of Ashland (as it burned up)  & Broadus & the rest of us out in the high hills. FEMA has been called into the area. 

cold romantic dinners abound...

We are just  24 miles south of this Ash Creek fire in Montana - now considered one of the fastest growing disaster fires in Montana history. We have no power since Tuesday, no phone since yesterday, and now they are saying we will have nothing until maybe tomorrow or this weekend - if we are lucky. 

But we are lucky - 
the wind hasnt switched to us yet 
(although the ash and smoke make us keep our windows closed - even when its 91 like it was today). 

two weeks ago this was the site of the wedding... this was taken at 4:30 pm.

Pray and send good wishes to our friends who have lost their homes and livestock . 

So we ARE the lucky ones.

"excuse me, I know Im a guest here since my moms on her honeymoon,
but  exactly what do you mean by "rationing out kitty food ?"

I will post soon again, but we have been helping neighbors water animals and keep their freezers cold.

call us the "traveling generators" :) as long as the gas holds out :) 

but really, the most important thing is this ~

 at least I got the dishes and the wedding linen all done before!


and I have plenty of candles, lanterns and chandeliers!

double yay!

and leftover wedding food goodies to eat!

triple yay!





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