And so this is life in Southeast Montana...

It didnt rain.

the peonies didnt wilt.

                                         And there was no strong winds to knock down 
the centerpieces...

or the signs to the celebration - 

the first wedding ever 
on this humble homestead 
in the high hills of the Custer National forest.

it was a good day.

dad is happy.
mom is happy.



you want to see the bride & groom too?



We invite you to visit Cabel Noteboom's photography facebook page to see his incredible work, 
~Annabel & Chris's incredible day ~

to see some photos taken less then 48 hours ago by Cabel & Kam

a phenomenal Montana Husband and Wife Photography team!

But for me, I need to decide; nap or do 120 dishes, forks, knives, spoons, napkins,goblets, flutes, glasses, tablecloths, tent decor and candle holders....and all the numerous things I hotglued together...
I think Im having hotglue gun withdrawal though - i broke a glass and instantly thought 
"wheres the glue gun?"...

and poor Dexterdog has a leftover steak hangover too...

Special shoutout to our wonderful friends Mike & Dorene (who took the above photos!) You guys rock!!! And to William & Karen, whom the wedding couldnt take place if Uncle Bill didnt show up! And to Denny, Kenny, Ridge for help in setting up the tents, to Jeanne our caterer and wonderful Gina, whose brought her soon to deliver puppies Dachshund - WHO had puppies at the catering outfit, starting at the ceremony - the first puppy is named Annabel LOL!! and shoutout to Anne, Jane, Andrea, Leah, Lindsay, Libby, Larry and Deb And beth and Dan and Andrew and Mark and David and Brooke and Kat and Ashley and Valeri and Abby too for all the things, big and small that they did to help - if i forgot you, please forgive me!

This wouldnt have happened without all your support!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my boots to the top of my grey hairs !!!!!!!!!!!!!





  1. The pictures on the green sofa in the green field are inspired! Lovely, just lovely. Go take a nap. You earned it.

  2. The bride and groom are gorgeous. So is the setting, something they will always remember as very special. Mom looks fabulous, and from the last name I see, I guess dad must be some good old Swede? I'm so happy all went well, not a drop of rain or anything to spoil it.

  3. OMG, woman!!! What a beautiful wedding that turned out to be. That setting is straight out of a fairy tale. Your photographers are indeed some talented folks. I LOVE that tractor shot. And the mom and dad of the bride ain't to shabby either!! Now, catch your breath and rest a bit.

  4. Congrats! You did everything... even putting in your bid for nice weather!
    Thanks for all of the posts about your work to make this event a wedding to remember. I feel like I was part of it! Such fun!

  5. You look FABULOUS my dear and Mr. Foresterman is very handsome. I am just going out to bale hay (drat) I will check the rest of the photos when I get back. I am so happy for your blessed weather weekend. Be back in about two hours to chat more. Did Mickey and Minnie make it? Hug B

  6. Oh my gosh your photographers captured the moments everyone loves to see. Your baby is beautiful and your Son in Law is handsome also yes you are right this was a perfect place to have the wedding. Nowhere could you have pulled off this much nature and wedding bliss.
    Love the couch photo.
    You did real good Feral and after the dishes you may take a nap for a few days. Take care my friend the day was worth all that planning and to have beautiful weather was the icing on the cake.To the happy couple all the best your Mom/Mom in law, is awesome. B

  7. Congrats on pulling it all off! My daughter's big day is coming up in August and everything is kind of starting to rush by now....

    I'm happy the weather was sooo cooperative for you and everything looks beautiful! I'm off to sneak a peak at some more pics right now :)


  8. Perfect. Lovely. Beautiful. A day to treasure in your memory and in photos- and those sure are good photos, but I want to see more- you and your husband with the newlyweds, and mother-daughter photos!
    Totally love your dress, and your husband looks very handsome.
    2 days of napping will be required, I'm sure.

  9. You did it!
    LOVE the tractor shot!
    What a beautiful family.

  10. I just want to say again you look stunning in that dress. I'm glad it all went off without a hitch. Your family deserved it. Everything look beautiful. Congratulations.

  11. Wow that looks like a perfect wedding! And a beautiful bride and groom in such a wonderful setting!

  12. All of your hard work and determination paid off! You said you were going to do it and you did!! Lovely lovely photos. The wedding of the year I would say!

  13. The picture on the sofa is incredible! From the pictures it looks like it was absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to both you and your husband. It's OVER!

  14. That Mr. Foresterman is looking hot, and I don't mean sweaty hot! But then you are looking gorgeous! That dress was perfect and you look so happy. Life is good. I can't wait to look at the wedding pics. Thanks for sharing all of this with us and letting us be a part of it. I even wondered how things were going the day of the wedding! Now what you gonna do?

    Cindy Bee

  15. HI Feral Gal, sorry I haven't been by for awhile. Just looked at the wedding photos....WOW !!!!!!

  16. Congrats to the new husband/wife duo and to you and the hub- such special memories for you all!

  17. Fantastic! Looks like everything turned out perfect :-D. Gorgeous photos!

  18. Congratulations to all. It looks like it was a beautiful day. The pictures are great. I love the bridal party on the tractor. And the bride and groom on the couch is very artistic and beautiful.

    The dirty dishes can wait. Tell Mr. Forestman to hide the hot glue gun. Take a well deserved nap. You did good!

  19. The pictures are wonderful! Yay! You look so happy! Yay!

  20. Hope you are well my friend Wedding prep withdraw no doubt has you still sleeping. Hugs B

  21. Congratulations. Wishing you all the Very best.
    I enjoy each and every photo. So Beautiful


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