Would you be disgusted...?

Would you eat at this table settting? 

Its our prototype - tomorrow we meet with the caterer again for the last go through...

and yes, I know -

Theres a crinkled tablecloth, We are missing salad forks, and the goblets havent come in yet - 

Emily Post would spit at me.

But there will be matching salad bowls at the salad buffet 
ivory ramekins and matching soup spoons at the soup buffet,

deal with it, ooo-kay Emily

Is there such a thing as etiquette TMJ ?

I think I got it.


Theres going to be 2 bottles of sparkling pear cider, and two bottles of sparkling muscato on each table...

and a mother of the bride with two in each hand if she can get away with it...

i made the poor bride put on welding gloves and put together over 100 napkin rings...
I wanted her to bedazzle these too but then she reminded me about my wedding dress when i married mr. Foresterman.
It basically looked like I walked into a Michaels craft store and glue every shiny thing to me...

we decided

less is more 
on the napkin rings.

Ive been buying a lot of vintage ebay salt and peppers...
late night perusing and sniping...
I be one of THOSE ebayers now...
the ones with a bent index finger permanently hovering over their imaginary mouse in their dreams, 
"just 2 more seconds, 2 more seconds..."

And I know. 

Its the antlers, right? 

Are you wondering where the rest of the deer is?

Are you wondering why theres antlers under the flowers?

Are you wondering if those antlers were santized in a dishwasher?


are you wondering if the mother of the bride will put down those two bottles shes carrying/waving around thats soaking her antler induced nerves?

"so...the antlers arent creeping you out, are they? because I can take those off the table-"

Im not quite sure about all this...the bride has already hogtied me twice 
because I was thinking maybe I should take it all apart and start over...

And shes not even breaking a sweat -

shes so cool about marrying her man.

Here she is graduating last week with a 
major in Political Science and a minor in International studies
two peace corp certificates.

Shes very qualified to hogtie me now.

or become secretary of state.

                                                                          photo by D. Hellekson
here we all are happy...beaming...squinting...

and I dont think it was because of the high altitude in Missoula...

Thats my "im gonna climb the stairs to oblivion because im a restless squirrel person" photoshot.

There was no tom brokaw giving the commencement speech this year so my pretend attention deficient issue took over.

* ooh, looky, stairs!!!!  I can do them now!!!*


 heres a buffalo bone Mr. foresterman found recently...

and heres a pretty lady who we know who can identify that bone if she ever wanted to
because she also graduated last week,
with a major in Anthropology.  
She didnt walk because shes too petite to wear those big flowy gowns and floppy caps. 
And because she got a job right away because she is in high demand.
Shes real smart....

 we be sooo proud of her!!!!!!

And speaking of proud, isnt that like the best shirt ever that David has on below???

This heres my favorite picture of David this year so far,
  to congratulate the graduates and to remind me again of a lovely St. Patricks day 
that we relived last weekend again but this time with Mr. Foresterman, our designated husband and driver...

but this time champagne wasnt green.

nor was the sake at the sushi restaurant. 

or the fat tire pitcher of beer at the club...


my blood is very thin now.

Most importantly,

Me and Mr. Foresterman danced every other western swing dance we heard
(i stomped on his feet. a few times. ok, more then a few time. lots. but I didnt lead. too much.) 
and we shot pool better then the young ones (that we remember), 
and we got  to bed in the wee hours of the morning (at the right hotel too!)

And we had FUN!!!! (im pretty sure)

Maybe since we have caught up on our rest finally *cough needed a week cough* we can do this again..

maybe at the wedding because we rented a dance floor too?

minus the shooting pool part though....

Because we're putting in a horseshoe pit instead...

thanks eb for your contribution to the wedding.

you wouldnt happen to know how to handle a hot glue gun,

 would you...?




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