Let them eat CAKE!!

But first, 
The Bride and Groom cant decide on a cake!

Help them!!!

and not because im making it, because Im NOT! YAY!

These are their top favorites, but they just cant decide.

please Vote for your favorite in comments, and tell us why you chose it...

in the meanwhile, i just want them all.  

all by myself...

(all photos  - MarthaStewart.com)

Vanilla-buttercream icing,topped without the edible gardenias
#1 A vanilla buttercream dream

So Classic, but instead of brown, it's going to be a minty green!
#2  the classic beauty, but in mint green

. The main cake was a square layered tiramisu decorated with Lady apples dipped in either caramel or chocolate. Other baked delights included (from left) a chocolate sour-cream pound cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache frosting, miniature cupcakes with apricot filling and topping, and a round layered spice cake with cream-cheese frosting. Hand-painted, calligraphed signs listed the names of the desserts.
 #3  tiramisu for me and you!

Mini Fudge Wedding Cakes    Delight guests at a wedding or shower with their own tiered "cake." For these fudge treats, which can be made with white or dark chocolate, cookie cutters form bite-size layers resembling those on a wedding cake. Pink sanding sugar serves as icing, and paper doilies enhance the dainty display.
#4 mini fudge cakes for all!

Symbolism Wedding Cake    The Inspiration: The shimmering backgrounds in Austrian artist Gustav Klimt's figure paintings, early 1900s    Like the artist himself, Kromer's opulent caramel cake is all drama. The textured gold finish was made by pressing rectangles of edible gold leaf onto fondant. Decorative cord anchors each layer; the cake's cut-off corners allude to the artist's love of unconventional geometry.
#5 Klimt's gold leaf inspires

Hydrangea Wedding Cake    This fondant-covered cake decorated with hydrangeas is made of three graduated square tiers.
#6 June's Hydrangea blooms abloom

Stenciled Monogrammed Wedding Cakes
#7 Monogram chocolate classiness

Chocolate Faux Bio Tiered Cake.
#8 chocolate moire, and more...


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