Let them eat CAKE!!

But first, 
The Bride and Groom cant decide on a cake!

Help them!!!

and not because im making it, because Im NOT! YAY!

These are their top favorites, but they just cant decide.

please Vote for your favorite in comments, and tell us why you chose it...

in the meanwhile, i just want them all.  

all by myself...

(all photos  - MarthaStewart.com)

Vanilla-buttercream icing,topped without the edible gardenias
#1 A vanilla buttercream dream

So Classic, but instead of brown, it's going to be a minty green!
#2  the classic beauty, but in mint green

. The main cake was a square layered tiramisu decorated with Lady apples dipped in either caramel or chocolate. Other baked delights included (from left) a chocolate sour-cream pound cake with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache frosting, miniature cupcakes with apricot filling and topping, and a round layered spice cake with cream-cheese frosting. Hand-painted, calligraphed signs listed the names of the desserts.
 #3  tiramisu for me and you!

Mini Fudge Wedding Cakes    Delight guests at a wedding or shower with their own tiered "cake." For these fudge treats, which can be made with white or dark chocolate, cookie cutters form bite-size layers resembling those on a wedding cake. Pink sanding sugar serves as icing, and paper doilies enhance the dainty display.
#4 mini fudge cakes for all!

Symbolism Wedding Cake    The Inspiration: The shimmering backgrounds in Austrian artist Gustav Klimt's figure paintings, early 1900s    Like the artist himself, Kromer's opulent caramel cake is all drama. The textured gold finish was made by pressing rectangles of edible gold leaf onto fondant. Decorative cord anchors each layer; the cake's cut-off corners allude to the artist's love of unconventional geometry.
#5 Klimt's gold leaf inspires

Hydrangea Wedding Cake    This fondant-covered cake decorated with hydrangeas is made of three graduated square tiers.
#6 June's Hydrangea blooms abloom

Stenciled Monogrammed Wedding Cakes
#7 Monogram chocolate classiness

Chocolate Faux Bio Tiered Cake.
#8 chocolate moire, and more...


  1. Either one or eight. My niece had hydrangas on her wedding cake, and they immediately wilted. Looking forward to hearing more about the wedding.

  2. #1 for classic traditional (and dang good cake!)

    #4 for easy and cute - as long as both vanilla and chocolate are offered.

    i'd shy away from only offering heavy chocolate anything...

  3. I love, simply love #6. It looks Montana-ish. Maybe not the hydrangas, but local flowers.

  4. Absolutely # 1, except lose that top raised stand. And, it would be worth the price just to smell the gardenias!!

  5. 1 and 6! I like Nan's idea of local flowers too.

  6. I'm hungry right now, so they all look good. FEED ME!!!!! I have to say that I like 1 or 6. They are very pretty. I'm fascinated by the little cakes. As a chef who worked for a caterer, I've seen SO many weddings-hence, I've seen so many wedding cakes. I've only ever baked one for my sister. Not a pastry chef, but a devoted sister:) The little cakes are so different. None of that same old, same old. I think they'd be a good choice, plus you could have different flavors.

    #5 looks like something from a brick and block supply store.The gold leaf doesn't show up that well. Boring!

    Okay- you asked. Enjoy the search for cake! Time for me to raid the refrigerator now!

  7. OK, I'm going to change the subject for a minute. I should have asked you for this four weeks ago when John, my sweet (sometimes) hubbs went into respiratory failure and almost died. He still is in the intensive care unit and in just the last three days has been showing improvement.

    Finally, he is off the ventilator!, but he now has a tracheostomy. Could I ask for prayers for him to be rid of the trach, that he gains strength in order to come home to get better? The hospital says May 22. Our goal that we are praying for is May 4th or 5th. May 5th is his grandson's birthday and he wants to be at his party.

    I do praise God for the progress John has made thus far. Thanks much....

  8. I like #1.. a layer of chocolate can always be added between layers.

  9. I fell for number 1. It is a classic beauty in looks and I'm sure it will taste wonderful too.

  10. I like 6 and 1, they seem to match the theme of the wedding. The colors can be adapted in the flowers to please the bride. The rest of the cakes look too stark and modern.

  11. 1 & 6 get my vote! Im not much of a chocolate lover - I love cakes with fruit filling

  12. #8 would be my choice. Dang it looks good! (ah that would be my reason).

  13. #1 and #6, love the flowers. Some of the others are just too plain and boring. Or stark. Or something.

  14. Wow thank you it is 8am Saturday morning and now I want cake for breakfast. mmmm
    I love the thought of eating or tasting all of them and I usually go for chocolate but I must say I am drawn to #1 for some reason maybe its simplicity. Good Luck I could never choose.
    Off to the kitchen for me I am pretty sure we don't have cake though. Darn:) B

  15. I just randomly found your blog, read a few posts, and must say it is a delight. I will be back. My favs on the cakes would be #1, or maybe the mini's. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Our youngest daughter had # 3 at her wedding because it was her favorite.
    Everyone seems to like 1 and 6. At a friend's (daughter's) wedding she purchased 6 pedestal plates from a local potter (I have one) and 6 family friends each made a cake (all different) so people could have a choice. They were knockouts.

  17. I love 3,4 and 8. It sure is hard to decide but chocolate is always good :)))So maybe Im biased.

  18. I like 1 and 6 , a bit more traditional , but they are all lovely . And Nan, I do not know you , but I am sending prayers for your hubby and you , how frightening! hope he is on the mend

  19. I REALLY like #2.

    Something about it just strikes me. Simple yet beautiful.

  20. As i see from all the coments most say 1 or 6 that would be my choice as well, but also a few mini ones to eat on the honeymoon.

  21. OK here goes.MMMMMM cake. I would take # 6 make it round like #1
    ( and the same kind of icing)...steal a few of the flowers from #1 add to # 6 and wah la the perfect cake....but look at all that chocolate.....Mmmmm I like chocolateMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.

  22. the best thing to do here is send me a slice of each, I will do the research, and I will let you know! ; )
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

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  24. I am normally a purist and would say #1, but man, the monogram is classy and #8... Groom's cake?

  25. I am normally a purist and would say #1, but man, the monogram is classy and #8... Groom's cake?

  26. #1 - I guess I lean more toward the traditional, more romantic look.

  27. I know I'm kinda late but read all of the comments and am surprised. I like #4, only because of the simplicity of it that all can have some of their own and no worries about cutting up the whole cake. Just seems easier to me. I also liked #3 too. ;o) Chocolate...mmm.


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