I've got obstacles, even on a cloudy day...(sung to "My Girl")

and when its cold outside, 

Ive got my ooooowwwn personal valet....

I guess 

youd say,

                                                          What can really stop my day?

them elk...

   them elk, 

Talkin' bout

 them elk...


 "OOO  ooooooo  OOOOO  ooooo"
 (everybody snap yo fingers now!)

AND we've got so much moissturrre,

that Texas envies ussssssss...


 And we've got waaater,

Right up to our Buuuuuttttttttttssss....

(wink-wink to you, tex-wisgirl! ya Im snappin my fingers now!)

I'd guess, you'd say,

why didnt we just stay home today???

uh-oh,     uh-oh,        UH- OHHHH,

 Talkin' bout  UH OH



So we take a 4 hour Drivvvvve,

Because the creeks have gone berserrrrrrkkkk,

And though theres telephone poles,

Our *&%#$ cell phones wont even woooorrrrkkkk...

I guess, you'd say,

What can make us drive this way?


Talkin' bout Montana!

So how can i be terrified about tomorrow's tests** and catscan when every day here in February 
feels like we've escaped death...and thats just going to town!


But I wouldnt change a thing...!!!


(psst - maybe they should run some **mental tests too, what cha think?)


And a shout-out to all of you who posted on that last post - thank you for making me feel beautiful on the inside...sometimes thats hard for me to to do, as I am a lowly timber cruiser you know who sometimes forgets to brush her hair in the morning ( "what?! and waste time while the world awaits to do new things???") .  The last two weeks have been very busy with forestry paperwork stuff, and trying to keep my mind off of things - I wish had time to respond to you like polite people do...SOOOOooo my goal this week is to respond/message to each one of you who comments on this post- ON THE SAME DAY- yes i know, but Im the one under medical care, remember?!!! So even if I comment to you on what I ate today and it has nothing to do with your comment, please be kind as I am trying to learn how to be more of a social butterfly rather then a bottom feeder pillbug  ...oh heck, you are already generous if you took the time out to read this post...and I am also pledging to try to read your blogs and leave a comment too, even if I have to do it at midnight so I dont go over my bandwidth....  Okay, im rambling now,  time for me to sign off, and let the challenge begin!!!



PS And a heartfelt apology to Smokey...Smokey Robinson, not Smokey you know who...


  1. Well at least you were heading out to something important--I had a sinking quick thought you had a craving for Mickey D's!!!! Phew....seriously though that little stream in the road might have done me in!! But the elk-good grief-was Santa out recruiting for next years team! Loved the pics-thanks and so glad I didn't have to take it! Good thoughts and prayers for tomorrow....

  2. Oh My Dear Feral friend I love seeing you in my computer when you have the time to emerge from your world. I love seeing your world, your wet snowy full of critters world.
    I never remember to brush my hair either, I cut it off to two inches everywhere now I don't have to. wink wink.
    I am keeping you in my heart and in my prayers you are going to be fine I know this for a fact because "whatever Buttons wants Buttons gets." OK maybe not all the time, (I never did get a pony when I was nine) but, I am sure of this one.You certainly have myself and about a million of our wonderful blogger family with you. You are awesome my friend and I wish I could be there to hold your hand and give you a hug. I will be there in spirit you can be sure of that.
    Don't worry about writing me back I know how it is and we seem to think a lot like you and I so we will know what each other is thinking.
    Awesome shots. You are right Tex is going to love these photos. Love B

  3. I'm kind of new at blogging, but already have my "favorites". So I check each day to see if you've posted another of yours... great photos, stories and thoughts.... Good vibes coming your way for your health issues.

  4. Soooooo, Feral Woman.....tell us how you REALLY feel!!! Hope the tests are what they should be, positive or negative....gorgeous country that. Why you live there, yes?

  5. What a crazy ride!! ....I was singing along, laughing my head off. Feral Women....don't overdue it with your new goal, we are all still out here reading your blog wheather you mention our comments or not. We just want you to get better! Praying the tests are good news.

  6. How in the world do you think up this stuff? You always make me laugh. Thank you for that! Your pictures are awesome! I loved the Elk. And truthfully, I think Smokey would love what you did to his song.
    Good luck with the doctor and stuff! I'm thinking of you!


    PS: Can't wait till Tex reads this! She'll love it!

  7. Loved your post, such crazy weather there...but I am so proud that you tackled it anyway. Beautiful photographs,,,beautiful Montana. Loved the lyrics!

    Good luck with the docs.

  8. looks like you are getting the winter the rest of us are wondering about

  9. Wow that is a lot of elk! And now I know what is gonna be in my head the rest of the day, lol.

  10. Uh, oh.... you are gonna have a ton of typing to do if you respond to everyone, visit everyone, etc.

    I ADORED this post. My Girl is one of my favorite songs... not so much the content, but the tune. So, I really enjoyed singing along to your beautiful pictures. It almost reminded me of those old film strips in school. You may not be old enough to remember them! You know, the ones that show a picture, say something and then go, "Beep". That's how I felt, singing along!

    Good luck on your tests. (((Hugs))) and prayers coming your way!

  11. Praying for good test results!
    I loved this post, you have the best sense of humor EVER.
    The scenery is so beautiful, it matches your spirit.

  12. shitburgers! that's a lot of water!!! send 'er down!!! ;)

    sweet girl, i do hope these test results bring a FLOOD of good news. SO good to hear from you again.

    don't know how long it's been since you've been by, but stop in and be sure to enter my Feb drawing giveaway if you haven't already! always have fingers crossed that you win one of these times! us Wis gals gotta stick together! :)

  13. In spite of the scary looking weather...beautiful place....I think I know why you live there. I've been wondering about you and hoping things are OK....even just a hello out into the cyber realm would be good...that way we know you are still kick'n up a storm somewhere....just bugging you a bit. I miss your sense of humour when there is such long gaps.hoping for great test results...oh and by the way I'm not sure to be mad at you or glad....that song is going to be circling around my feeble brain all day:)

  14. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to live in Montana, dreamed about living in Montana. Your posts and these photos just more firmly cement that goal.

    Stay beautiful!

  15. I think you are not going to want the results from any mental tests, so I'd skip those - haha ;-).

  16. I just drank massive amounts of coffee - here we gooooooo!

    @Rain ~ I adore Mickey D's Chocolate milkshakes - I think they put crack in there to drive up customers...

    @Buttons ~ Childhood ponies are overrated - parents dont realize they live up to 92 years...

    @Odd essay ~ welcome to our world! Now we hope we dont drive you away with it!!! ;)

    @Phaedra96 ~ Sometimes - but there are days where I like to just sit outside and not have to worry about "what next"...until rattlesnake season...

    @DrMomi ~ I just want to let you all know how much I do care about our blogging "neighbors" - and unfortunately the word "overdo" is not in my mental dictionary ! yet! lol

    @Susan ~ I think it might be from all the times I have fallen off of horses - hitting my "funny" bone *cue trombone noise of Waaa- whaaa"* :D

    @Karen Bates ~ you are so right about the weather here - it changes not hourly, but by minutes...these pictures were taken on the SAME DAY!

    @fernValley01 ~ and you can have your winter weather back now if you like - i think we are done with it...

    @Crystal ~ Im sorry about the song that is in your head; shall I put up a post using the song "achy breaky heart" to get this one out of your head?? ;)

    @Dreaming ~ I went to a catholic school for all of my childhood - we had films that would beep while showing the stations of the cross and we would then have to stop, drop and pray...but then if Father Slats came into the room, we would all have to pop up and stand at attention - it made for a confusing childhood...

    @Shirley ~ my main goal is to get healthy enough to buy one of your colts one day ;)!!!

    @TexWisGirl ~ I tried putting it in a box but the tape wouldnt stick :P...and I think everyone should enter your drawings - they are BEAUTFIUL!!!

    @Janice ~ see the comment I left for Crystal...and sometimes its good that you guys dont hear from me (whine and cheese! LOL)

    @Jenn ~ with that kind of attitude, you'll fit right in :) !

    @thecrazysheeplady ~ if they'd supply cookies and juice, I'd so be there in taking mental tests... Unfortunately they want you to think - and I know I only have so many brain cells to use...

    There - I did it! Thanks for leaving comments everyone - this was FUN! a girl could kinda get used to this ;)

  17. Good luck with the tests. And I LOVE those elk. Nothing finer than to see a herd of wild elk doing their thing (or any other wild animal for that matter).

  18. THose elk are gorgeous! I don't believe I've ever seen them before...evah! I'm sure those tests are going to come out just fine. You just hang in there and think good, positive thoughts. We are. And naaah no need to get yer head examined. We already know your crazy, so save your money honey! I could not like that weather! Heck I was doing errands today in the rain and got tired of it! THen I see your post. I'm such a whiner.

    Cindy Bee

  19. Really beautiful, even if a bit troublesome! I do hope all of your tests are good.

  20. Reminded me of my drive to work. Only to see elk is not as often as it once was. A lion now and again. Great photos. Thanks for sticking that song in my head. Hope all is well health and wedding wise. Take care.

  21. Great song, great new lyrics!
    Best of luck.

  22. Oh how I miss those foothills to the Rocky Mountains. If I had ever seen that many elk at one time, I would never have left. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos - and the song. Just darling. And here's to your health!

  23. Great singing!
    I am soooooooo jealous of that snow (but not the driving in it).
    good luck with your tests!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  24. I very much enjoyed your post with the beautiful and sometimes frightening photos, (all that water), and the Elk was an added bonus! You just blogging, keeps you on top of the world!

  25. Love them elk! Your photos are just the best. We are here with high 70s in Feb! So unusual. All is well tomorrow. Just know it. Later, Sandra

  26. Hey Everybody - IVE GOT GREAT NEWS !!! Lets just put it this way - I am most likely now going to outlive 10 year old dexterdog ;)!!!

    Will post on it soon!

  27. Say, do you really have elk in Montana? Oh, I guess you do.

    Hope you are well!

  28. Wow! Those are gorgeous pictures. My husband would love where you live. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I did.

  29. I enjoy reading your posts. You have an incredible spirit! I will be headed to Montana in the next few months for a visit and I look forward to seeing this beautiful part of the country because I have enjoyed your posts!

  30. The Elk are gorgeous and those driving conditions looked pretty scary. Sounds like things are looking good for you! Could not be happier and look forward to your next post.

  31. Montana is amazing and we are very thankful to be living here now! Hope you are feeling as good and sexy as you looked in your last post. Every time I'm listening to Mighty 790 and they mention your area I think of you ;0) The other day while we were in the hay truck going from one field to the next, I asked if we could possibly whip into a Burger King for a Whopper....bahahhaha! It's only a 2 hour drive, but I wouldn't trade living in this amazing place for anything. Can't wait to hear about your good news!

  32. You don't have to comment back. This is like a get out of jail free card when you play Monopoly!

    I loved your song. I really think they need to put in some traffic lights to get those blasted elk to stop so you can keep going. Talk about traffic jam. Oh- I hope that you don't mind that I stopped snapping my fingers long enough to type this. :)Will continue...

    You'll be in my prayers as you go for your tests. Skip the mental tests.You seem perfectly normal to me. (Insert Far Side comic here.)
    Good to hear from you!
    Let us know when the song comes out on CD or iTunes.


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