Because tonight in the bathroom, its all about the queen mother...

I found my dress for our Daughter's wedding...and unfortunately it cost a fortune...but this dress was so much the one...THEE one.

the one that will help me blend in with the tablecloths.


AND then I found it on Ebay at 1/3rd the cost. 

It was my size, worn once, and I took a risk. 

I was so excited when it was delivered that I didnt even bother to take off my jeans...

or workboots...

It was prettier then the original retail picture when I first saw it - 

and it had GLASS BEADS!

Shiny glass BEADs!!

And it was made of SILK -



Even the french lace 
had the shiny glass beads...

and it made my next year 
"OMgosh I will be a half of a century old" be-hind 

look at least 10 years younger!!!

But most importantly, I felt like a queen in it.

a good queen mother...

who will blend in with the tablecloths.

Bride "Arwen" has given approval.


So what do you think?



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