Full speed ahead - WEDDING MODE

2012  has been WONDERFUL so FAR! 
I opened this fortune cookie, the last one at the bottom of the cookie jar...

and we felt it was a great summation of whats to come!

As you all know, this is the year of the WEDDING.

Our Youngest and her hubby to be are getting married on our homestead!!!


But first....

In order to get in the mood I must first play the music that I received this Christmas from Mr. Foresterman.
Yes, because of time constraints, we had to shop for each other's Christmas gifts in a Ranch store.
 yes, he really did pick out "Gunfighter's ballads" but I guess that was better then the "Tombstone days" one.
This man knows me well.
at times.

So anyway, we had to put off taking down Christmas too;
not just because Tomez the cat wont let me put away any of the Christmas decor yet
 by sleeping in every storage box...
and then the cat hair needs to be vacuumed out before I can put anything in it.
This cat has game, I tell ya.... 

But because right now, we are in  ~


Our Bride has this wonderful idea of a Rustic Elegant wedding~ 
Gold, Greenery, Chocolate Brown
with the ambiance 
of a 
"Lord of the Rings" 

WARNING- For you ungeeks, read up on your LOTR before preceding....

we'll wait. wikipedia will get you there.

okay, Finished?

At first I thought she meant a Bilbo Baggins Birthday Bash -
 giddily thinking of fireworks, short furry footed happy people and merriment and dragons,

but quickly she corrected me ~

(uhmm, very quickly I might add)

 "Like Lothl√≥rien"

Ahhhh! And then I remembered....

Gold, Greenery, Woods Elegance...

we can do that!

and cant forget the antlers...

but the petals in the pictures - pay no attention to the petals, they have been returned...

although I liked them big time. But  bride "Arwen" axed the idea (hmph!) after my numerous failing attempts and awkward interjections into our phone conversations at abrupt times ~
me - "So how is the new school year going?" while absent mindly playing with a petal... 
"Arwen"  - "yes, i love this new class im taking, its based on a specific case study..."
me - "but are you sure you dont like the watercolor affect of the green petals?"  
"Arwen" - "no. As I was saying, this case study..."
me - "but they are hydrangea petals, you like hydrangeas"
"Arwen" - uhmm. no. not those. As I was REPEATING, this case study..."

So I gave that up. 
I could have pulled weight like Galadriel did when in presence of the ring, but i held back. Just like Galadriel did after her fit with rolling clouds and stuff ...Okay, I threw a fit in the living room with no one around but a cat in a box, but I got over it...like Galadriel...we be queens that way...

Dont want to be a nasty MOB 
(MOB - mother of the bride, not a group of thugs from Chicago...wait, im from Illinois...okay, not like the nasties in a tarentino movie either...I think )

Plus Mr. Foresterman said any petals most likely will be blown into the state of Wyoming.
and if they are left in the hayfield, they wont be tasty in the haybales either.

he has a good point.

Anyway, we did order tents.

Two White Cathedral Tents,
 with round tables
an Oak parquet dance floor...

*beautiful thoughts sigh*


Back to scheming.

With twinkling lights, flowers and feathers...

Sparkling White wine...


Steaks, a Roasted Pig, 
Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

lots of Chocolate..

*Beautiful thoughts sigh*

then i snap to and remember that
my reality today 
looks like this ~ 

 And we got to vacuum some boxes too!

If you are so inclined, 
we are on Pinterest

and you can see more of what we are "scheming" on! 

*Beautiful thoughts sigh*




  1. Glad to hear 2012 is better than 2011!! Sounds like a beautiful wedding to take place there!! Will be watching to see the new schemes.

  2. hurray for montana wedding mode!!! move over elves and hobbits! :)

  3. Oh I am getting really excited now what a great theme I like the petals:)
    Don't you just hate when your kids don't want to talk about OUR stuff?:)
    I am happy to see you have a lot to keep you busy and smiling Feral I think this is just what the Doctor ordered. Big hug from Canada.
    I have no idea what Pinterest is , If is not at the feed store or the Tractor store I get lost. I just figured out how to do Facebook and I lost people whoops.
    Don't work on vacuuming to hard:)B

  4. So glad you are off to a good start.
    OUr daughter got married at our farm and we also had a big brand new white tent with small paned windows. My husband and a friend constructed a beautiful arbor that was placed in the tent with hanging flowers and they were married under it. We did our own flowers (for the tables) in large canning jars...ivory roses (we bought a bucket full) with greens and babies breath. The catering people set up the food in a "country French" style and it was beautiful. Started off with Celtic music before the wedding and had our "house" band after dinner. We have had many parties in our indoor with a variety of bands and this one was our favorite. Gary (father) and Jennifer(bride) danced to "My Girl." How's that for different. You are going to have fun with this project and it will keep you busy! Enjoy!

  5. You are so blessed to involved in planning your daughter's wedding.

    I'm looking forward to reading about it.

    I's going to be a better. I promised you! Take care of yourself.

    >3 :)

    I really need to know how to make my page like yours. :(

  6. I'm betting it will be the most beautiful wedding Montana has ever seen. My monies on Mom winning out with some pretty petals.Can't wait to see more of what you are up to.

  7. SO VERY COOL! I'll watch you on Pinterest as things develop. What fun!

  8. Petals! I vote for petals! So romantic.... Love the Lothlorien theme idea. I'll have to figure out Pintarest .

  9. "I know there are ponies that I cannot ride.There's some of them left , they haven't all died. I 'll bet all my money the man ain't alive , who will stay with old Strawberry when he make shis high dive!"

    Sorry, that is one of my absolute favorites, love Marty Robbins and was blessed to hear my own dear dad sing that song many times as a kid!!
    The wedding will be wonderful!definitely petals !thats my vote if it counts

  10. Good luck with your scheming! I cannot wait to eventually see the finished product!

  11. Congratulations! And I've already snuck over to pinterest and checked everything out! Such fun and fabulous ideas... and I have to tell you. We too are in wedding plan mode... for August! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on my mood) the wedding won't be here at Red Gate Farm but it will be outdoors overlooking the Puget Sound. I can't wait to see everything you all do and I'm sure I'll be borrowing an idea or two :)


  12. Very exciting! My oldest daughter is getting married this year too and she is engulfed in the decoration aspect of the wedding.

    Your ideas and demos look beautiful. I love it all!


  13. These kids...what are we going to do with them?! It's going to be beautiful..

  14. I just got into pinterest. Haven't used it yet, but just saw some cute sheep sheets and almost tried to figure out how to "pin" it...and thought "this might be a slippery slope" ;-).

    Excellent cookie!!!

  15. yay! lots of things to look forward to!

  16. Sounds like fun and alot of work! It'll all be worth it on THE day. So happy for you and your family.

  17. that table setting is gorgeous and if it counts at all, which I know it doesn't, I love the green hydrangea petals! BUT...they would probably end up in Wyoming, or perhaps even Colorado. But her wedding is sounding like a dream. Enchantment on the eastern Montana prairie! Y'all are going to have so much fun putting this together and then enjoying the moment!

  18. Perfect theme for a Montana wedding and I'm so happy you have all this fun to look forward to.

  19. LOVE the Montana Wedding scenario! Looking forward to pics of the event...and I am loving your header. I only get to see your beautiful big sky country through your blog, so, I am grateful you share...

  20. finally I made it back to check up on you. I hope 2012 holds many, many, precious moments with a lifetime of joy in each one.


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