“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


You know you are Feral when...

this sign makes total sense.

and your friends and family can totally vouch that sounds about right in describing your housekeeping skills.

"but the barn aisle and trailer are always swept and kept clear!" she doth protests...


On another note,

"Mr. Foresterman brings home the fatted Christmas tree"

This event however was totally  unlike last year.
because only 3 feet had to be chopped off this time to fit the ceiling. 
And it wasnt dragged by dog and pony, but by a F150.
and the screen doors werent ripped apart in the process.

*sigh* I dont know...

hopefully Christmas wont be ruined this year by things going so smoothly ~

but Im sure we can count on Tomez the cat's redecorating ways...
"payback time, MOM..."

And then theres Dexter...

"but Im the good one, right mom?"

  "yep, Christmas snacks for me, the good one.."





  1. You crack me up! AND you deserve things to go well, you've already been through enough. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Far Gal, what a nice surprise having a visit from you ....... I see your since of hummer in as sharp as always...LOL George liked your idea, about the collar.
    How you feeling, you sound like your old self, "no emphases on the old" ;)))
    I'll be that tree smells good. Talk to you soon............. Sam

  3. as soon as i saw that tree, i remember your monster one last year! ha!

    hi, sweet dexter dog!!! we've missed your sweet face!!!

  4. Bigger is always better to a Forester-man. Just chop it to fit!
    Your handsome Dexter reminds me of our beloved Samoyed, Sam.. sigh.

    be well n happy,
    Pam i am :)

  5. I agree with your wild gang!~~just about perfect!! Bigger is always better!!? haha! glad you sound so chipper!!

  6. Cute pictures of cat and dog - love the one of the cat's back side...is that just fluff?? Blessings from Wisconsin.

  7. Tomez and Dexter are adorable in their holiday antlers.

    Housework is over rated. If it gets too cold to live outside, then just put your feet up and delegate. Tomez and Dexter look like they would do a great job of dusting the furniture. They are so fluffy and cute.

  8. I so remember last years post that is what got me hooked on your blog. You still got it girl. You crack me up. Tomez and Dexter are so darn cool. I wish only the best of your getting ready for the holidays specials. Take care girl.Thinking good thoughts everyday for you. B

  9. You sure do get me laughing girl! I checked out last years Christmas tree....too funny!..and I didn't know you were a Wisconsinite. I'm assuming you're still Packer fans??
    The cat and dog (and the captions) are too cute. Laughter is GOOD medicine...and hey live outside -- to heck with housework!I'm still praying for your good health Feral Women.

  10. Christmas trees never look that big until you get them home. But you know how to meet the challenge!

  11. Who has to decorate that big tree? It's going to take a whole lot of lights and decorations!

    I see you have Tomez and Dexter in the Christmas mood too!

    It's nice to have you make me laugh again!


  12. Wow ! that is quite the tree! and love the Santas helpers too!

  13. have fun decorating that huge tree!!..your furkids are so cute and accomodating too!!

  14. I love your house. What kind of tree is that?
    Dexter makes me smile, cute photos.

  15. Hey there glad to hear from you.I can't wait to see that tree all decked out. It looks like you have a whole troupe of helpers.Yes doesn't my Kali have the... fall in love with me thing down pat...I get sucked into those eyes all day long.

  16. Does Dexter have discoid lupus on his nose? Angel does and gets homeopathic meds from Natural Canine. Hers was terrible, blood all over, but with this she is doing great. Just in case, I thought I'd let you know. I seem to remember your tree from last year. I hope you will have a nice and peaceful holiday season that will help you heal and make you feel better.

  17. Love your babies! Hope you are feeling better. I've been following and didn't know what to say but said some prayers for you that everything would come out good and you'd be BETTER than new when it was all over with. xoxo

  18. Hmmm, if you brought that tree into our house, we'd have to sit in the kitchen... our living room would be full of tree...
    Have a wonderful Christmas prelude!

  19. Love your tree... love your house! and your critters, ofcourse.

  20. OMG, I need that sign:) Love the kitty and dog too!

  21. ...now that tree is truly "bringing the outside in!"... and I can't believe your cat even allowed the horns on his head! ha.


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