Random thoughts of traumatic 2011 memories...

Jiminy Crickets, its been hard reading everyone's Happy New Year posts -  not only because I have satellite internet and i get the occasional "web acceleration outage message" from solar flares and other horrific weather patterns such as gerbil sized hail, 120 mph wind gusts or marbled chunks of snow falling from the sky, or that pesky going over our internet limit usage from just downloading a work email that might potentially feed us for a week, but that the fact remains that I basically had an exceptionally crappy year...

 I am still trying to get over the past week let alone the past year.

this week ~

-Sally the actress pony had a bout of colic - after spending an early morning to early afternoon walking/trotting with her, using threatening verbal insults to make her poop, she finally pooped, took a nap, and then pretended that nothing ever happened. Such is the way of aged ponies...but now we are checking on her constantly, stalking her through the curtains, peeking from behind the ponderosa pines. Such is the way of aged owners.

-we delivered Christmas presents to everyone - including one household where they breed little dogs. We said our Merry Christmas's, i climbed into the truck, and asked  "why is my boot wet?".  Then i made the mistake of taking it off to smell, accidentally touching my nose to it. I was a tree to their little dog - that little...dog...PEE'D on my brand new suede boot toe while standing in their hallway, AND I DID NOT EVEN NOTICE. Praise goodness that I keep hand sanitizer in the truck.  however, that might have saved my nose, but not my boots. I didnt even attempt to clean them, because the thought of them is ever entrenched in my mind as the "pissy boots" - I wont ever be able to look at bearpaw boots without thinking  "pissy boots". I am ruined.

-Mr. Foresterman's Jeep Patriot is ready to be picked up. Why is it being picked up? Because a suicidal deer decided to forego the holidays and end it all at his jeep. $5000.00+ dollars later in a far away city its now ready, because there were many holiday depressed deer taking their lives all over the southeastern side of Montana and the auto body shops were busy. downtrodden rejects from Santa's sleigh drive contest? we'll never know....

-which leads to all of our Christmas presents to each other that came from the local farm store due to time constraints. Mr. Foresterman got three lightweight summer western snap shirts, a canister of cashews, a CM Russell calender, and  a "20 best western movies" CD.  I got a backup water tank heater, a pair of leather gloves, a scarf, 3 kitchen towels, an old timey western music cd  and an orange. As Mr. Foresterman put it, its "kind of a socks and underwear Christmas this year isnt it" as we both quietly looked up at each other from our gift wrappings.  Santa Man was practical this year in our house and that will have to be okay.

-then there was the propane truck on Wednesday; on his way to a ranch nearby, he tipped over on our gravel road, blocking everyones access.  The driver was okay. But hopefully this wont deter them in the future from delivery to all of us out here in the hills..otherwise it might not be called "Custer National Forest" anymore - it will be called "Custer National Stumpland"...

and that was just this week.

So after a year of massive illness, accidents, death, fires, and flooding (look at my sidebar posts from 2011, i kid you not), I am on the couch, curtains drawn, only the lights on the tree on- Mr. Foresterman is hiding upstairs quietly in the office... we're hoping 2011 doesnt want to talk to us anymore, but only wishes us a brief farewell and a dismissive wave goodbye... its kind of like when that certain relative friends you on facebook , and you have to friend them back so that you dont hear it from that other relative of why are you so coldhearted do you hate your family??? so you just acknowledge them briefly then hope they move on to the next helpless relative with stories of an embarassing childhood moment that they like to dredge up and attach it to your comment of yes, we finally obtained that contract which will be so good for our business, a comment that shows how professional you can be but now is associated with the time you had to use the backyard as a bathroom after numerous cans of soda pop as you were locked out on purpose and it was in a neighborhood of no trees but you were ten years old so this relative prefaces it with "but ah who cares?" It almost makes me want to cancel a facebook account it does...or get an alias of some sort...

If I take up an alias, will 2011 still find me ?

2012 cant come quick enough!!!! 

whoops, sorry, kinda got carried away there...

So I guess what I was trying to say is Happy NEW Year to all of our friends out there - to the ones who have encouraged me with their words, to the ones who leave comments faithfully to make me laugh/reflect/smile, and to the ones who are too busy laughing to leave comments but keep punish-ily coming back to read :)  

May you never have relatives who dredge up bad childhood memories and attach it to your facebook page,

may goodness and gladness follow you like a lonely weaned calf,

  And may sunshine always find you in the darkest nights
this coming 2012 year!!





  1. It hasn't been a good year for most folks, one can only hope that the new year will bring in less grief.

    Your tree looks nice.

    I'm trying going incognito on FB, gave up my real identity. Reason? Relatives! Know exactly what you mean!

    Have a nice evening.

  2. great post! 2011 has no doubt been a rough year for many people.

    your tree is beautiful...so sorry about your new boots, that totall stinks...hee hee.

    happy new year, love! :)

  3. Damn those deer! Wishing you all the best in 2012-hang on, it's only 6 hours away:@)

  4. a big sigh as 2011 marches out the door. let us take a deep breath and hope 2012 is a kindler, gentler time for most! i do hope you and your foresterman will have better weeks/months/years ahead. i know you have a wedding coming up there. that will be joyful!

  5. oh dear girl...I thought no one would write a somewhat downer post today except me...though you made yours funny! I had more to say but thought I should leave it while I was behind..lol...2012 has to be better in some respects but it is definitely going to be more of the same dose of reality, I'm afraid. I did FB for two weeks..the most boring thing I ever did. Happy and Healthy New Year my friend!..xoxo..

  6. A happy look ahead to good health and wedding joys. I hope 2012 is as exceptionally good to you and Foresterman.

  7. I'm so ready for 2012, and wishing you the best! (Pretty Christmas tree!)

  8. Hoping and praying for a happier 2012.

  9. You have had a rough year, sometimes it just seems it's one thing after another, no break! You all deserve a break and I hope that life will be better and easier in 2012! Happy New Years kiddo!


  10. Rude dogs, suicidal deer, tumbling propane trucks? Oh Feral Woman, stay on the couch, keep the lights dimmed, don't answer the door until 2012. Just a little bit longer and you can kiss 2011 goodbye. It has indeed been an unkind year to you. I wish you a 2012 full of good health and good happenings.

    I'm so glad Sally pony made it through her colic. I hope Mr. Foresterman enjoys the "20 Best Western Movies" CD. That actually sounds pretty good. I got a DVD set with 2 Tom Selleck westerns I've never heard of. I love that kinda stuff.

    Thank-you for your wonderful sense of humor that fills your posts. You are a wise and feral woman. You've given me another good reason to hold out on joining Facebook.

    Take care and I do wish you a very Happy New Year.

  11. Wishing you happiness , joy, and good health in the New Year!

  12. Oh my dear dear friend your life sucks whoops that just slipped out :0 good thing I don't have facebook. You know it is going to be a wonderful 2012 for you because what is that old saying? You have to hit bottom and in this case it probably really means deer. So that is a good sign. You are now going to be on your way up up up. Yeah.
    I myself will be waiting to hear all that happy news coming out of your Montana home.
    You are going to be laughing looking back in ten years and reading these posts, I know it.
    I truly wish you all the best my friend you certainly deserve it. LOTS OF HUGS from your Canadian side kick.It is going to be a Happy New Year. B

    Oh Yeah love that old house reminds me of my old one. xxoo

  13. Best wishes for a much better 2012. So many people have had a difficult 2011 -- but I think yours was just about the worst. ...and you keep writing funny stuff. Amazing.

  14. Well I'm sure glad you got an orange for Christmas! Feral Women you sure keep me laughing. This has been a trying year for you. How fitting the last week should pile it on at the end. Ugggh!

    May God's blessings fall like refreshing dew on you and Mr Foresterman in 2012.

  15. Well, it seems that you have had the short straw... so, this coming year ought to be fantastic!
    Happy, Happy New Year to you!
    There is now way to look except up!
    Bless you!

  16. Well whats next? only kidding but your life is never dull.;) Happy New year

  17. It's gotta' get better...you will definitely have a better year in 2012! Have a great one!
    And yes, I am one of those, read, laugh, cry and leave commenters!

  18. I just have to say once again that I love you and you are totally awesome..............

  19. I never know what to do with you...I can't help but smile or laugh sometimes at your posts.While I'm laughing my heart aches for you and your family.I truly hope 2012 has better things in store for you....if ever anyone deserves it.....it would be you.Please stay safe and here's hoping for a Happier, Healthier New Year for you and yours.

    PS: Glad Sally pulled through.....some of your deternimation must have rubbed off.

  20. Here's wishing you a better, healthier and happier 2012 :) I'm SURE it will only get better!

  21. Well its the new Year now, so everything should be looking up!! Hope it turns out just like you want :)

  22. Here's what I think....2011 crammed all the bad stuff in that last week that was going to happen, and 2012 is going to be GREAT for you. You've got the bad stuff overwith!

    THank you for the wonderful card you sent me. Focus on the positive. You are growing stronger every day. Lovely picture of you two and it was such a surprise.

    Happy 2012!

    Cindy Bee

  23. Oh good grief. Your boots?!? Love your tree. Wishing you a much better NEW year!!!

  24. Sorry about those boots, but I'm very happy that your pony is ok. Yes, you must be more than ready for a happy new year.

    I wish you and your family all the best.

  25. The tree is beautiful!.. as is your landscape. Happy, Healthier 2012!...

  26. Run. Run very fast and don't look back. 2011 is over and done with. The best is yet to come! Yay!!! That's what I keep telling myself...

  27. I really care about you. I'm glad 2011 is over.

    Was sick for 2 2/1 months and Christmas was a blur. It will be better next year.

    Yup. God bless us every one.


  28. How did I miss this post??? I guess it must have been because I was miserable sick with a chest cold and limited my time on the computer because it made my eyes hurt. I still have the cold, nasty thing.
    Lovely tree, thanks for posting it in all its glory.
    Reason # 1 not to buy a Jeep- they are so expensive to repair!

    Glad miss Sally got over her colic.

    My very best wishes for you and your family for 2012. God bless you all.


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