Our Christmas play about sharing (not really)

Once upon a time in a far away remote out in the wilderness state, there lived a pony...

pssst, sally, this way...this WAY,  SALLY!

Ahem.  As we were saying,
 Once upon a time in a far away remote out in the wilderness state, there lived a pony named Sally. 

And even though Sally was going to be 24 years old, 

she liked to kick up her heels once in awhile,

And pretend she was a great Princess Warrior pony,

protecting the lands and attacking great white woofs of the North...

thank you Dexterdog for your dramatization! 
you can go back to eating those "horse snacks" laying in the field now...


Back to the story then -

dun dun dun...

(no, shes a blonde sorrel! )
I did? I do? I gots a dilemma? 
Can you take a paste for that?

No, Sally, this is my story! its make pretend!
let me tell it, please?

Anyhow, as I was saying, She had a DILEMMA!

Her dilemma was that there was not one but TWO men in her life...

One was very devoted to her. 
He was handsome, courageous -

and as strong as a....

hey, how'd that picture get in there?!
you playing with the laptop again you bad cat?
heh heh, you two kinda have the same shape, Ebony!

hey, hey, I was joking!!!!


lets do the handsome part again, okay?

No, lower your head, Eb! 
Sally, can you please stop messing around back there?
will you please hold still so I can get the shot??!

oh for petes sake...stop it!


Okay then...MOVING on to the STORYYYeee

*glares at Ebony*

Behind Ebony's back, there was another man in Sally's life...

It was plain and simple - this man took care of her pedicare and treat needs that Ebony could not meet...

and so she followed the man whenever he came to visit...

basking in the glow of his attentiveness.

But Ebony soon found out and got jealous... 

He got into a terrible jealous rage!

a terrible horrible jealous RAGE!

a huge humongous RAGE!

psst, eb, youre suppose to project anger here!!!

whats a jealous rage? uhmm, you know like when she gets treats after you got treats 
and you think you should have her treats too?


So he flew!...




To finally confront this man who dare show up in his pasture...


AND he confronted the man.

he CONFRONTED the man...


gosh darn it, what are you two doing? 

what do you mean "its his fault"?


I dont care whose at fault!
Stop wrestling like otters! 
Youre both suppose to look fierce and confrontational!!!!!



NO NO NO !!!
No you cannot have treats now!!!
Intermission is not for you!!!!


Unfortunately your narrator/director has taken ill and must rest a bit...

so thus concludes this year's Christmas play with the statement,

'They lived happily ever after.'

yea right, after they all ate their treats.
thats it. no more plays...

and they want me to direct the Christmas Story next year...

Isabel wants to be Mary.

Tomez wants to be Baby Jesus.

I dont think so.



  1. I think this could be the beginning of a wonderful career in directing for you.

  2. Great pics! Merry Christmas Week-enjoy:@)

  3. LOL! Sometimes I pretend I'm a great warrior princess too!
    Beautiful horses.
    I think Tomez and Isabel are doing a better job of acting than Eb and Sally!

    Merry Christmas
    Cindy Bee

  4. How sweet is this post! Loved the photos...two beautiful ponies for sure. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying the Holiday Season!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  5. I teach children's theatre for a living. It's EXACTLY like this! (um....with adults, too!)

    Love, love, LOVED this!

    More, please.

    Blessed Yule...to you and yours........


  6. I believe you had a lot of fun with this play, and I was quite entertained! Very fun post!

  7. I'm ROFLMAO, loved the photos.

  8. I love the new header I hope Santa finds you.

  9. I love it I love it I love it you my dear friend have a screen writer in you. I would so go to see this movie on the big screen. Now who would play Mr. Forester man? Maybe Brad Pitt but I am thinking Mr. Foresterman is more handsome (oh darn did I say that out loud?:) It would be very cool in 3D your photos show the real magic. Boy I am rambling now aren't I. OK back to the movie. Could I have Sally, Ebony, Dexter dog, Tomez and Isabel's autograph/ paw/ hoof print before they are famous?
    You make me laugh have a Merry Christmas and get writing that would certainly be a hit. HUGS B

  10. I am hoping you had as much fun planning, story booking, photographing and writing this play as I had reading it!
    Thanks for the merriment!
    I hope you are doing well, despite the 'cast' exhausting you with their poor skills in following the script!

  11. enjoyed this, even if your cast was less than cooperative and forgot their lines! :)

  12. Cute! Merry Christmas. Blessings for the New Year:)

  13. Hehehe! You made my day with this post. Lovely photos, adorable "actors!"

  14. You just crack me up! Love, love the play, especially the part when the Forestman and Ebony are blaming each other. Thank you so much for the laugh and smile. And if it's you that has taken ill, get well soon!!!!
    You're awesome!


  15. Totally enjoyed the play :-) I used to have a pony named Peach, that looked much like your Sally. She never was famous though....

  16. Love your horse pics, absolutely stunning scenery - and better luck next time with the story tellin.

  17. Great story but your pictures are just awesome. Makes me wants to be there!

  18. Oh, too funny!!!! I loved it, but your actors sure didn't want to cooperate for you, did they? :)

    Hope you are feeling well enough to really enjoy the upcoming holidays. Merry Christmas and God bless you and Mr Foresterman in the New Year.

  19. I laughed so hard at that short legged little pony all out. What a shot! Thanks for a good laugh. Merry Christmas.

  20. Love it,Ebony is a handsome tall, dark and husky guy, lol...

    I nominated you for a blog award, details are over on my blog,

  21. I just love coming over here to see what you have come up with next ;) I love the story it was awesome with such good actors/actresses even if they were not playing the parts, well except the cats (and that is rare)

  22. I think there is an Oscar in the wings. Best Play Best Director.Not to sure about Best Acting......but those cats might get a nomination. Mr Foresterman could be up for Best Supporting Actor......great post loved it.Rest yes...Christmas is close and can be such a tiring day.Take care Janice

  23. This was so much fun to read! Looking forward to more stories.

  24. That is very funny, such a cute pony, I just want to hug him! All the rest of the critters not to mention the hunky guy are pretty hugable too! Thanks for sharing that, and best wishes.
    Im sure Santa will find you, hes magic!

  25. funniest play I have ever seen! The actors always think they have the hard job, but we all know that isn't true :) Merry Christmas.

  26. Actors!! :::sigh:::...what's a mother to do?? It was pretty cute though!

  27. Tomez can be a wooly sheep maybe! They are all beautiful!

  28. A delightful tale! (forgive the pun:) I did enjoy your play, pics and especially the cast and crew who made it all possible.
    Rest and be well. Merriest of Christmas wishes to you Dear Heart.
    Hugs and smiles across the miles,
    Pam i am :)

  29. Well that's one of the best Christmas stories I've read this week! Loved it ~ the photos, the commentaries ... all of it. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas!

  30. Fun tale with beautiful animals!!! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  31. You haven't lost an ounce of your creativity!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas~

  32. Happy New Year! Post so we know you're doing okay- oops-"say please"-please:)

  33. That is the most adorable pony (don't tell Ebony!)
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and you know we all worry about you when you disappear for a week or so. Just sayin'.

  34. Bravo! Wonderful play, grrreat pictures...but the question remains...Did Santa find you out there?

  35. Hey lady, long time, no see! Love these photos and happy to see you appear to be doing so well! Happy New Year!

  36. Baahahahahahaaaaaa! You have such a gift my darling!

  37. Found you through TexWisGirl. You have beautiful fur children! These are some gorgeous pics! Is Sally really almost 23 years old?


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