An open post to our future Son(in-law)

We missed you this past Thanksgiving, Chris. 

But we thank you that you encouraged your bride-to-be to drive 8 hours to spend time with us, along with her sister and the potential son(in-law), David.  Knowing that you had to work thanksgiving weekend (working on becoming a Doctor is important to the world, and you got the guts to do that! We are so proud of you!) it was much appreciated also that David loaned his car to you so that they were able to take Annabel's/your truck to visit us...thanks potential son(in-law) David! Not only did you help Chris out, but all of you took such good care of me -You guys are the cats' meow!

So anyhow,  this is what you missed Christopher ~
I actually made a turkey that was edible!  we did end up with about 2 lbs leftover, which would have been yours we figured...Dexterdog did enjoy some on your behalf. So did Tomezcat. The horses arent carnivores. yet.

Mr. Foresterman had to do surgery without you. He's more confident with a chainsaw. 

Your future sister (in-law) Abby & David took over the kitchen to do cooking duties. Abby made the wonderful whipped potatoes. and the excellent gravy. All over. David made the great Stuffing and he actually made up some tasty whipped cream from scratch! Even though he is a Teacher, I think his culinary skills could take him places...

Like back to our kitchen to rescue more holidays in the future.

then Abby camera-napped my GH-2...
after she washed the excellent gravy off herself.
 I hope.
The rest of these photos she took. she's a candid photographer for sure.

Your Bride-to-be prepared herself to do kitchen duties next.

here she is weaving a spell over the potatoes.  Thats what she put together. 
 red potatoes and water.
I think she's inherited my culinary skills, Chris.
 Prayers, spells, curses, whatever it takes.
and some butter.
but dont worry, we'll buy you guys small kitchen appliances over the years that could alleviate some kitchen like kitchen appliances, right?

here i am making my "why is everything covered in excellent gravy??!" face...

and I dont know what these two were up fact this photo scares me a bit...
be prepared in the future when these two get together and smile like that...
we have to figure out what they are up to...
because they wont tell. 
nope. never.
But now I have your doctor-to-be brain to help me solve some of these "smiley we havent done anything bad" photos...

here me and isabel are looking up pie directions for baking. while resting. with everyone doing everything the whole weekend, I got to rest lots. Thats why Im smiling because I forgot about the kitchen being covered in excellent gravy 
and instead was happy to rest...

by the grace of God I made two pumpkin pies from scratch that turned out actually good. 
We had about 2 lbs of pie leftover in which we figured would have been yours. 
Mr. Foresterman and David helped you out on that poundage though.

here is Dexter waiting for dinner to be served...
                                                                    and here is Dexter waiting again after being put wait.

Actually we got a lot a rest while we all waited for dinner ~ 

at one point we had 4 laptops and their cords to keep track of...and David brought Xbox and was busy killing dragons, wolves and small orcs - I had a lot of fun sitting next to him and asking many many questions about the very complicated game while he played - im pretty sure he was very impressed with how interested I was as i would ask him continually if he could kill this and touch that and use this weapon or whip out that amulet or throw that stone or poke that stabby thing to stop the arrows or open the doors or to kill the scary things that glowed ...I worked pretty hard on asking questions continually so im pretty sure it was a great bonding experience. Or it reminded him of that middle school math class he substituted for once...but really, it certainly was not as good as the awesome eating bonding experience we all had when he made his artichoke crab dip - the man knows his way around a kitchen, i tell ya! 

Since you are an excellent fly fisherman, one day im looking forward to your fresh caught rainbow trout and that artichoke crab dip as an appetizer - now that would be a feast! im getting hungry.... ... ... ...

So anyway, where was i? Oh yes, Thanksgiving! We had an excellent gravy and turkey and carrots and stuffing and yams and potatoes and pumpkin pie and whipped cream -  we wished you were here with us to enjoy your approx 4 to 5 lbs worth!!! 
Next year, okay?


Oh, yes. before I forget - You know how your bride to be and her sister are when they get together...right?
here David is pleading for you to be here next time...

SO here are some photos that I took - a small sampling of a slow holiday fashion degradation between sisters...

it starts out innocent and beautiful...

so sweet!

pretty sisters!

then, you can almost feel the air change in the room as things start to...get a little different.

vintage furs brings out the animals in them, I swear...

and this is why its so hard to do our own family Christmas cards.
I have given up, Chris. 
its like photographing happy excited baby otters, i swear.

But then your Bride-to-be surprised me and gave me this shot ~ 

shes going to be your 110% tough Montana cowgirl*

But I know you know that already!

So with much hugs, best wishes and love to you,

your future Mom-in-law :)


* did she ever tell you about Rodeo, the pony from her childhood? 
A pony is named Rodeo for only one reason, Chris. 
Thats why she uses the phrase, "get back up on the pony" when things get tough!



  1. i know he is sad he missed all that!!! fashion show, tons of food and tons of attitude! next year!!!

  2. what a great letter to your future son in law!..looks like y'all had a great thanksgiving!!

  3. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. My mom could have written that about my sister and I and the men we married. Beautiful photos and thank you for sharing such a beautiful day.

  4. What a lovely letter to your Son in Law to be.

  5. I'm sorry I missed that Thanksgiving! Next year can we ALL come?

    Cindy Bee

  6. How sweet of ya'll to treat Chris and indeed us to some food, furs and photo fun.

    be well n happy :)

  7. What a sweet post. I bet Chris felt like he had been there - all of the photos are so inviting. I love the girls with their furs.. and wild looks!

  8. Glad you had a fantastic holiday! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wish I was related, you are so much fun! That photo of your daughter with the cowboy hat is downright sexy! Both your daughters are so beautiful!!! I'm betting your future son-in-law enjoyed this letter to him!

    You are so awesome!

  10. That was an excelelnt post for your futire son in law!

    Sure looked like a good thanksgiving for eeryone (well maybe except Dexter when he was put outside)

  11. What a fun family Chris is marrying into. Glad your pies turned out well and that you enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving. I hope some of that gravy got on the potatoes too. Your pictures and description of the day made me smile and "get back up on the pony" cracked me up. Do tell us more about Rodeo pony.

  12. That was a great post to your future son in law...he must be pretty special. Your daughters are beautiful....well how could they not be...look at Mom.I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.....what are your plans for Christmas cause that last act is gonna be tough to follow. That Dexter cracks me up...he looked a little worried when he was outside ....waiting.

  13. Looks like such a great family time and nice of you to direct this at your future sil.

  14. Adorable photos...and girls! thanks for letting us peak inside! Keep up the good livin'!!!

  15. You have such a unique style of writing; I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Your daughters are beautiful, and your future sons in law are two lucky men.

  16. Well I was reading this and feeling so sorry for your poor Dr. to be /son in law to be, then I kind of drifted off in to feeling sorry for myself about not being there even though I was clearly not invited. I am sure that was just an over sight I know you have been a little busy with resting with your feet up and all.
    I am sorry I missed your beautiful daughters and that lovely meal with the homemade pies and the potatoes and the bird,the fashion show etc. etc.
    I am so happy that you all had a great time and I am truly waiting for my invitation for next year. OK just drooling a little here:)I am not really a party crasher.
    Seriously folks way to make your Mom/wife happy, I am sure the Son in laws to be know they are truly lucky to be joining this awesome family. Take care my friend. I am so happy you are happy Feral. Your family Rocks. HUGs B

  17. Cowgirl Up! :-)
    I feel like I'm evesdropping into a family moment...but looks like ya'll had a wonderful holiday! And how great & lucky is the new son (in-law) gonna be!

  18. Your daughters are funny and gorgeous! The two dog photos cracked me up!


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