yesterdays good moments...

we got snow! lots of it! and i cant shovel, YAY! 
You see, i read an article a few years back that said once your man turns 50 you shouldnt let him shovel as that kills them right there in the driveway...So I would buck up and shovel and get muscular and everything and tell Mr. Foresterman, "look, im saving your life!" this year, since I cant lift anything heavier then 10 lbs for a while, I got to dress up and take photos instead! Yay!

here are some bird tracks; looks like that bird was contemplating something....

and how ironic - heres Tomez's cat tracks contemplating something too...

heres baby contemplating getting his first hay of the winter season; 
since we got over 6 inches we thought it was  time to roll out a round bale... 
lets have a big ba-le of fun!! cue the accordian, Stanley!!

Here they are, watching as Mr. Foresterman sets it up - dont they look like two kids who are about to get the christmas package of their dreams?

Sally's first around the gate; being small has its advantages...

then comes Ebony; he only has eyes for the bale...

a picture of a very content horse.

"look eb, them peoples are gonna keep us around, they gave us "buffet hay"!

Although the haybale is about 1100 lbs, Eb still has to make sure that Sally doesnt get all the good stuff first...

So soon I got bored taking photos of them munching and maybe moving 2 feet at the most sideways, 
so i decide to look for other photo opportunities!

Look! a man with a chainsaw!

Mr. Foresterman is cutting up old fenceposts for firewood - he tells me that I shouldnt publish this because although he has his  kevlar chaps on, he doesnt have his hardhat..hes such a stickler for details, but thats probably why I have lived as long as i have...anyhow, this is how we keep warm! By watching him and praying he doesnt get bonked in the head! Soon my blood pressure cant handle it anymore so we go look for other things...

I round the corner of the house to peek on the birdfeeders...

but theres no birds though because its stinkin' cold out...and I havent filled the feeders yet...

Even the pinecones look cold...

and the sky can be described as "ice cube glacier blue"

even the icicles look menacing...

as in real menacing death by icicle head impalement...wheres the hardhats? 

How cold is it?

uhmm, cold enough !

Thank you for taking my first photography walk with me since I was put under the knife and drugs and things!

I hope to do it again, real soon!



  1. I love seeing these. So did my husband. He is in the market for a new camera and he is agonizing over what to buy. He loves you horses by the fence and wants to know what kind of camera set up you have. Do you mind sharing? So glad you are out and about! Been sending you good thoughts! Sandra

  2. Oh you got some awesome shots there. Wonderful, but it looks really really cold. Brrrr keep warm.

  3. Such beautiful light in that last photo. Who says you can't eat yellow snow?
    That's pretty cold. Bet you the birds are wishing you'd fill that feeder.
    Love the photo with Ebony in the background of the hay; there's just something about a black horse galloping through the snow...
    Stay safe and warm!

  4. she's back outside!!! hurray!!! feral woman is back in her element! :) LOVE seeing ebony and sally living the good life! and the light in some of these photos was so gorgeous! just wonderful to have you back!!!

    (and 10x wonderful to see you commenting again!!!)

  5. Amazing pics! Everything looks so crisp and pretty! Such a great post:@)

  6. Ebony and Sally are an adorable pair. Beautiful snow pictures. Glad you had a nice photo walk. Stay warm! That's a lot of snow and brrrr, that temp is really low. You must be dropping quite a bit below zero during the night. How fast will Ebony and Sally go through a round bale keepin' their belly fires a burnin'?

  7. Holy cow, those are just spectacular photos!!! Somehow, you make it look so beautiful that is doesn't look all THAT cold...right! Your horses are beautiful....the hubby...not so much! Safety glasses!
    Post more soon, please...what lovely country.

  8. lovely! love the horse eating shot! love them all really! i love the smell of snow and clean fresh air!

    God bless~

  9. nice to see you got to head outside and enjoy the beautiful winter day!!..gorgeous photos!!

  10. You actually made the cold look beautiful. I didn't think that was possible.

  11. You actually made the cold look beautiful. I didn't think that was possible.

  12. It's wonderful to see you out and about, thanks for the tour.Thanks for stopping by my place it was good to see you there.Great photos ....yes what is that camera.

  13. Lovely photos I am happy to see you in your element Feral woman.
    I agree with the "Mountain mama" love the smell of the snow and fresh clean air.

  14. Yeah Yeah Yeah I know you are feeling better now. The photographer funny girl is back. Did I say Yeah?
    Our cows run to the round bales just as fast but I must admit they do not look as adorable as your lovely horses, OK the new calves look adorable.
    My Hero does not wear a helmet and I stop looking just like you.
    I am so excited you are feeling better I cannot think to write I love your photos and you can keep that darn cold down there for a little while I am OK with that.
    MY FRIEND yes someday we will meet for sure. We have much in common you and I. I better get on that passport thingy. Glad your up walking about your beautiful land and sharing with all of us. Keep well you are doing great. Yeah. B

  15. Beautiful pictures, but oh my a little to realistic. It looks cold, really, really cold. Glad you are able to get up and out a visit your beautiful horses. Now get inside and make your self some hot tea!

  16. Another classic. I don't mind the cold as long as the sun is shining. I always feel warm traipsing about the snow. Beautiful place.

  17. Sure loooks pretty with all that snow out there, love the pinecones. I dont mind the snow, but sure dont like it when it gets cold out! So glad to see you out must be a nice change :)

  18. So glad you're outside! Good for you! Your horses are so darn beautiful!!!!

  19. Your pictures are super beautiful!! Glad to see you out and giving us such a pretty treat with your photos.

    Take care..blessings!

  20. Yay, welcome back, out & about! Wow, it's really cold there, I can't even imagine that. But as usual, gorgeous photos :-) Give those horses a big hug!

  21. I'm thrilled to see that you feeling up to getting out and about a bit and taking photos.

    Say Hi, to Foresterman.

    Praying for a speedy recovery and much happiness.
    Hugs and smiles across the miles,
    Pam i am :)

  22. I am so waiting (im)patiently to get a blanket of snow here in southern Idaho! You great pictures will have to suffice till then. I love deciphering tracks in the snow.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  23. It's wonderful to see you enjoying yourself. It is also wonderful to see all the magnificent photos you posted for us all to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  24. You caught the picture I've been trying to get for ages... the first one... the snow sparkles are beautiful. For some reason my camera never 'sees' them.
    I loved my walk with you... inside where it's warm!
    But, it looks like you were bundled up against the cold.

  25. Hi,

    Happened upon your blog during a cozy afternoon surfing horsey sites. I too have a DVT... mine is in my left leg and I am on life long Coumadin treatment. Praying something better is discovered (and accepted by the FDA!) before I am old.

    Just wondered what yours is linked to? Mine was due to postpartum clot UNTIL they ran some tests and was found protein S deficient (I am prone to clotting due to a genetic blood disorder)

    Sorry if I'm bringing up painful issues! Just thought we had a lot in common... come by my blog sometime if you are interested.


  26. Glorious pictures! Now go back in where it's safe n warm!
    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving!

  27. So glad you are up to taking pictures!!! I'm sitting here in KY in the rain and we have the windows open. I sure would like to see that snow up there though!

    And....ahem.......I'm so very glad you got that bale of hay out for Ebony. He was lookin a little ribby and ganted up.......baaahahahahaaa!

  28. So glad you're back!! Beautiful pictures!

  29. Fabulous shots. Your horse and pony are nice to see you out and about...sorry about that temperature tho. Happy Thanksgiving.

  30. Gorgeous, gorgeous shots! It's amazing sometimes the good that comes from the bad...what lovely focus you have.

  31. Your photography is absolutely amazing.. such beautiful country you live in the midst of.. thank you for sharing it with us.

    Wishing you a happy, healthier 2012, and I look forward to your photographic journey there in big sky country.

    Your horses are adorable!.. I have a few too. :-)

  32. The photo of the bird feeders is my favourite!! Just that early morning light, I think!! Glad to hear you are on the mend!! I came here from Buttons Thoughts...


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